**RECENTLY WIPED** [UK/EU] [22A] VALHALLA | PvP | High Craft | JH | **

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**RECENTLY WIPED** [UK/EU] [22A] VALHALLA | PvP | High Craft | JH | **

Post by Warwick815 » 11 Jan 2021, 20:43

Welcome to the 22A LIF:YO PvP Server.

This is a pure 24/7 PvP KOS However with a more balanced rule set, which our current community members enjoy .
Check out the discord for more info and join a great community of players.

We hope to see you on the Battlefield.

Sat And Sunday JH 19:00. - 20:30 GMT

We are doing all we can to make this a balanced and fair PvP experience, With constant development.
Check out our discord that is updated with current rules and changes from this post at :


Direct Connect :
Live map : https://livemap.feudal.tools/?livemap_id=7242

--- Server Current Features ---

-Live map
-View online players on the live map
-2 Char, limit
-No regional needed on craft
-Custom Map
-Custom Craft Rate
-Custom Gather Rates
-Custom Animal Spawns
-Custom Weather for crop turn around
-Custom Recipes
-Custom input and outputs for crafting
-Custom Skillcap point Custom Skill - action times
-Custom starter gear for new players (Does not reset if you die so dont loose it)
-Tradepost on center island


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