[RECRUITING] Lights of Sparksvaard

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[RECRUITING] Lights of Sparksvaard

Post by Raernian » 29 Nov 2019, 21:37

Lights of Sparksvaard is a growing guild, we currently have about 12 members. We recently moved out to the red zone and are building up our new base. Members don't have to play all the time, just at least every couple of days. It's much better to have somebody who sticks with the game than somebody who plays a lot for a short time and never comes back. Everybody is welcome to join, we're happy to help any newcomers to the game and will gladly welcome experienced veterans. Nobody is required to do any particular trade; our members can do whatever they decide and enjoy the game, any help is appreciated. We don't troll or grief (at least unprovoked :angel: ), we want to be a positive force in Godenland. Having Discord is preferred, but it's not a deal-breaker.

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Re: Recruiting for Lights of Sparksvaard

Post by Bwgaming1990 » 03 Dec 2019, 03:09

Bump, We are still looking for more members. Reply here or send us a PM!

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