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Region Resources

Post by Zhaded33 » 11 Jan 2019, 02:35

Is there a trick to getting regional ore, or is it just a really stupid game feature?!

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Re: Region Resources

Post by Leaf » 17 Jan 2019, 07:31

I believe you can only get regional ore if you are using the Mining option, which of course takes mining skill. Jewelry and luck bonuses should help, but it's still a low chance to mine regional ore.

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Re: Region Resources

Post by Lionheadtm » 19 Jan 2019, 06:12

I do agree that this is extremely absurd. As I reply to this post, I currently am dumping out my stacks of regular copper because I need stupid REGIONAL COPPER FOR A STUPID KITCHEN!

I have been attempting to mine for this special copper for over two whole days now and went through 4 different pickaxes, only to yield only 10 regional ores (where 20 makes a single bar and I need two bars). I do not agree with this, but unfortunately, I still see posts that are over a year old of the same complaint. This has sucked out way too much of my time and I can completely understand why anyone would look up hacks or mods in order to help them achieve something so ridiculous. I can understand if you needed something 'regional' for a specialty weapon or a ring that gives you a bonus, but for cryin' out loud, it's for a damn kitchen...

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