reimbursed the purchase of life is feudal yo

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reimbursed the purchase of life is feudal yo

Post by Nannick » 21 Mar 2020, 13:27

I would like to be reimbursed for life is feudal yo because you had dropped it for a rotten MMO, therefore reimbursed me. You have published post credentials that you will update LIF YO but you do not do so you are thieves and liars.
I appeal to all players of LIF YO to help me react to these developers who think that the paid subscription of MMO while dropping LIF YO.
It was still LIF YO that helped create the MMO and make you money, so reward all the people who gave you the money needed to create the MMO by buying LIF YO.

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Re: reimbursed the purchase of life is feudal yo

Post by Jedalarcon8 » 22 Mar 2020, 06:18

look buddy i got the game back when it meant something as early as it couldda been and got a free mmo code but my computer isnt good enough to play the MMO but do you see me crying for a lower resolution version of the mmo that can run on a dual-core no you should have your mmo ticket for a free player if you got it when you claim you did

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