Slower baking?

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Slower baking?

Post by Merrybike » 31 Aug 2016, 12:27

Im pretty sure the bakers used to be way shorter on time, and even then they were way to slow to be a viable choice... Meat/fishbread was .8 minutes and now it's 1.5... I'm hoping this is a mistake.

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Re: Slower baking?

Post by KarasuTheLazy » 02 Sep 2016, 04:47

Indeed, I beginning to fear that soon my bakers will outnumber my farmers, and I'll still have zero bread reserves

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Re: Slower baking?

Post by JoTheJoker » 07 Sep 2016, 16:03

There`s a little tricks on this..
you build your bakeries far abit from your populated places..
place a barn beside it..the villagers will only get food from the nearest barn..
For example:
You built a town .. with fields around it the yield goes to the 1st barn that is given..
Then you build a far abit small town and starts to build the fields too ! cause you`ll need wheat later on..then you starts to build a barn ..with some bakeries around it..(DO NOT PLACE THE BARN TOO NEAR TO YOUR 1ST TOWN) den u slowly build houses around should do the trick :D
i manage to get 2k bread in storage and have no problem maintain the supplies :)

Hope it helps :D

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