Smaller Guild Claims / Small Group Claims

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Smaller Guild Claims / Small Group Claims

Post by Ruthlessness36 » 10 Aug 2018, 18:23

Good day, Me and my brother in law started playing a few months ago, We started playing then we stopped, A few weeks ago we started playing again, Is there any way to create a guild claim without being 10 players, Cause we only play with a few friends, Not enough to create a guild, We really want to expand our claim but we are not able to, And we also don't want to add new people to our guild we do not know personally, Maybe you guys can create like a small group claim which consists of a minimum of 5 players. We really don't want to invite non personal friends to our guild, Only people we know. And we also don't want to join a guild we like to play on our own and accomplish things on our own but we like to ally of other guilds / people but not join them. I am sure there are allot of people who have less then 10 players who also wishes / dreams of a bigger claim so you build what you want and not only what you need. Currently it is a struggle to manage to fit everything into our claims. If you can please consider it. Thank you :x

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Re: Smaller Guild Claims / Small Group Claims

Post by Alan.karcich » 10 Oct 2018, 05:17

Hate to admit it but you're never going to be able to succeed at much with two players, even if they allow a guild with fewer members it really is only going to eventually get eaten up by a larger one, if not by force, but probably force an alliance when a local guild is attacked by another large local're the plot that allows the further enemy to place a base to grief and stage quick attacks. Have to admit that is really very natural. that's WHY KINGDOMS NATIONS AND EMPIRES FORMED. your best bet is to still get a ten-person guild and just like real feudalism, swear fealty to a larger local and assist them in battles (doing well and obeying orders will help) and become close and trusted allies. That's really the only way I see it possible in this game. Good luck

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Re: Smaller Guild Claims / Small Group Claims

Post by Gfarley-perry » 11 Feb 2019, 19:00

With the 0,2,0 update, the new map contain 4 large green zones (no PVP) they'll be perfect for a secure village on 4 private claims the wall would suffer degradation on 8 tiles.

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