some tips on playing this dead game with mods

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some tips on playing this dead game with mods

Post by Douknowwhathappenswhenuleave » 05 Apr 2021, 08:54

Hey guys, I just wanted to leave some tips here for anyone trying to run this game in its current state. Not all of these are "do nots" so please don't go into this list thinking that this is ONLY limiting you. There are some positive things here too (mostly at the bottom).

Yes all the mods are out of date. Any that show up with a red ! in your modifications tab in the main menu of the game should be unsubscribed from immediately. They WILL at one point or another, break your game. I have tried multiple red mods
and each of them has failed me somewhere along the way.

You can use yellow ! mods. They are generally fine.

Male sure you put your mods in the right order. Some need to be below or above others.

Stay away from complicated game overhaul mods and mods that require a lot of other mods to work. Unfortunately this means all the ones that use coins including the silver mine, astrologer, womans house, pasteler, and the Moneyer among others. There are too many chains and if one thing breaks in one, you can have chain problems.

Stay away from terraforming. I have had multiple crashes while terraforming. It is a mess.

Stick with dirt roads. Yeah i know. I knooow. but there are crashes associated with too many peasants paving at the same time esp on any type of slope. Do not pave huge sections all at once. It will crash your game.

Do not use pit house, clay pit or chalk pit mod at very low elevations. They will flood and become unusable.

Avoid putting buildings or fields on shorelines because if you ever try to deconstrict it, it is likely your builders will ot be able to reach the low areas to finish. your peasants do not like water. You will probably not even be able to terraform around it to deconstruct it after that. its that janky.

If you are using the mod that allows you to smoosh buildings super close together and overlap into each other, make sure the doors are accessible. Your builders will build the whole thing and then you will realize no one can use the building.

You are gonna have crashes. save often and save multiple files.

When saving, pause the game first. Elimimates many problems

Avoid running the game on 10x speed for long periods of time. It is a laggy ass game and 10x strains it to the point of crashing.

Make sure your mods do not conflict with one another ex:2 mods that adjust the number of logs in trees etc.

Use your subscriptions window in steam to your advantage. it tells you when you downloaded a mod. if you have been on a mod it til you break it subscription spree, it can help you narrow down when you down loaded what and what may be conflicting with what.

Most alternative/additional crop mods are totally broken. Save yourself the hassle.

Productive Teens causes unexpected drama and conflicts. avoid.

Avoid any mod that asks you to create folders in the game directory. they will usually be layout and gui files. All of them crash the game. i promise it's not worth it.

Mods that are standalone and do not require special locations in the list or have special dependencies on other mods are good to go.

DO NOT use the fishing dock mod or fish farm. They are both so very broken.

download a few mods, then fire up the game and see if you are still working before downloading more.

do not start a game and the significantly change your mod list and then try to load that game. you will prob permanently break that save file.

DO download the various storage buildings like the Root Cellar, Materials Shack. These are lifesavers and SUPER handy. They work perfectly.

DO download the mods that make small version of expensive things like the Hunter's Campfire, Material Shack, Root Cellar, Woodcutter's Stump, and the Coal Mine. They will let you get going faster with less material input in early game.

DO download EVERY house on the workshop (I have had bad luck with the PIT HOUSE myself, but all others are fine.)

DO download the decorations.

DO download Guards Guards! and other stuff that goes with it.

DO NOT download maps. I haven't gotten ANY to work yet.

If you are crashing frequently at the same point, hop back a few saves and see what you were building at the time. For me, it's USUALLY you're building too many roads at once.

DO download the Herbalist building that allows you to change the weather. NEver deal with the yo yo day/night cycle again! Turn off snow in the winter so you can see!

YES, Cattle, and the windmill blades flicker. Nope, haven't found a way to fix it.

Donkeys are a PITA to use. I have 5 donkeys and I'm apparently too stooopid to figure out how to set a route lol.

The TRADE DOCK is NOT the same thing as the PORT. Don't be me.

The keep is a material dump. It has no practical use. It says it speeds up production etc but I am not seeing that in effect after researching it. I still build it because I'm an idiot with too much stone lol.

Turn LIF: FV to only Update When Launched on Steam. I have found the game likes to "update" while I am playing and crash?? (I realize the game is not recieveing updates HOWEVER, Something is happening because I do get TINY little updates for the game every few days. IDK. Just know i fixed the crashing with turning off that "always keep updated" option.

You will never have enough eggs until you have like 500 chickens. The amt of chickens is ridiculous. Put your chickens near your bakeries.

You will need MANY bakeries. MANY. I have 5 for a village of 150.

Clothes reduce the amt of fireword/charcoal burned and you need them for expeditions. Build 2 weavers and a big ass field of flax and a material shack and you are set.

Build Storage AS CLOSE TO PRODUCTION AS POSSIBLE. Do not make your peasants walk across town or come all the way out of the woods to drop off logs. Foresters lodge + Material Shack = deforestation. Amazing.

ROTATE your Pastures so the open gateway is closest to storage/production areas. Press R to rotate. Saves your villagers from having to walk the long way around.

Sometimes putting roads in front of buildings makes them inaccessible. IDK just delete the road and move on with your life.

When you build a new pasture or Coop, move half the animals from another one into the new one to get the population going.

I am still having a ton of fun with the game despite the limitations. Hopefully this saves someone time.

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