Sound problems, missing some sound (wild animals, bells)

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Sound problems, missing some sound (wild animals, bells)

Post by Spacepirats » 28 Sep 2018, 11:59

I and my friend have some sound problems in the Steam's LiF:YO (ver. yo_1.4.4.5)
This problem lasts for a long time, I did not find any asnwer in the whole internet, so I decided to create a new topic.

Wild animals (such as wolf, bear and all others) + any bell (tower bell, wooden bell and others) do not have any sound.
Wild animals running, get angry and attacking without any sound, looks like all of them are voiceless (mute, silent) from their birth.
And any bell in the game have any sound too.
Other sounds (human, voices, digging, fire and so on) are working!
Changing languages did not helped.
Previous versions had same problems.

What can it be ? How can we solve this problem ?

Here is my PC:

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