Spamfilter feature request problem

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Spamfilter feature request problem

Post by Pcfreak9 » 29 Nov 2016, 21:27

After I was typing my suggestion and clicked submit I get this message.
Sorry, but the system detected your content as spam

I have looked to the features and searched for something familiar, but couldnt found a recent thread about this specific topic. So I decided to make a new one and now im here. I will put the whole message and topic below:

The title: Replacement the Shield mastery skill.
In my opinion the shield mastery can have another place in the skill tree.
Since the last update we also can wield spears besides the shield.
It doesnt make any sense to learn first sword mastery first, because there are now enough other weapons to combine the shield with.
I suggest that the shield mastery skill is put directly behind the shield mastery skill.
This would create much more freedom in army creation in the game.

Could it be possible that this feature is requested it alot and blocked by this reason, I can understand it, but since I dont see any topic regarding this subject.(except the old thread about the skill tree before the skill tree update ... skill-tree ) So I wonder did I do something wrong with this request?

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