Steam Linking Error

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Steam Linking Error

Post by Furio » 25 Apr 2020, 03:12


I am attempting to link my LiF account here with my Steam account however I am getting a "This social account is already linked to another user" error message. Error Code 010-016.

I'm sure it's possible that I may have linked these accounts in the past, is there a way to see if I did that? Otherwise I need to determine why I am getting this error as I have no other Steam account.

Also, having purchased the game during the crowd funding phase, is premium or anything else granted in the MMO version?


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Re: Steam Linking Error

Post by Arrakis » 26 Apr 2020, 13:02

Hey. You can log in with your Steam account. If it's linked, first make sure to log out and generate password for this account with password reset function. Then log in using email + password and try unlinking the Steam account.

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