Suggestion to have Players be workers in Outposts.

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Suggestion to have Players be workers in Outposts.

Post by Sunleader » 15 Aug 2018, 02:39

Simple Suggestion.
Allow Guilds to Deposit some Coins on the Overseer of an Outpost.
And allow Players to Factually Work in that Outpost Producing Goods in it for the Guild to then Collect.

This would be a Great way for Newer Players to earn Money. And it would allow Guilds to actually have more Effective Outposts by allowing New Players to Settle in their Area and Keep them Safe.
Giving them a Reason to Protect new Players and Help them out in exchange for Working in their Outposts.

This could also be Combined with my other Suggestion to have Outpost be a Part of Guilds Influence Zones instead of them being Build on far away Areas.
Because then these Outposts inside a Guilds Influence Zone would in fact become Workplaces for New Players and thus could be the Foundation for True Cities to happen WITHOUT new Players being Required to actually Join a Guild :)

Because rather than being part of that Guild.
They could just be Peasants and Citizens Living under that Guilds Rule.

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Re: Suggestion to have Players be workers in Outposts.

Post by Gfarley-perry » 11 Feb 2019, 19:22

I like the Idea, I guess the character get 1-5 silver per game day but risk dying at work while disconnected. When the money run out the character disconnect securing it.
The outpost manager should be able to kick character also, to put slaves in.
If you die at work, it should respawn at the outpost saying something like you were attacked during your labor you lost:
like dying depending on alignment.
The 10 min penalty wouldn't activate since the player wasn't rushing to combat.

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