Tanning Suggestion

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Tanning Suggestion

Post by Molsenff » 28 Jun 2018, 04:08

Large capacity tanning building, similar to windmill, would be nice and would help cut down on the number of tanning tubs stacked up by high capacity guilds. As well, it would cut down on server lag since it would reduce the particle generations to just a few tanning tubs.

I see 5 total tiers tanning:
Tier 1 - Tanning Tub (1 item/use) Carpentry
Tier 2 - Tanning tank (5 items/use) Construction
Tier 3 - Small Tannery (20 items/use) Construction
Tier 4 - Tannery (100 items/use) Masonry
Tier 5 - Tanner's Workshop (500 items/use) Architecture

The higher capacity tanning builds could even become more of a resource dump for a guild, requiring charcoal, water, and perhaps even negative preparations to fuel them.

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Re: Tanning Suggestion

Post by Gfarley-perry » 11 Feb 2019, 20:50

A very good idea, 5 types might be excessive but 1 or 2 more soon would help players a lot.
Also to make it less OP they could consume more time or slaves. I would reduce the production to 10, 50, and 100 for the bigger building.
Slave Q influencing Q of product or speed of production.

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