The game only starts once, then keeps on crashing

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The game only starts once, then keeps on crashing

Post by Spam10 » 23 Jul 2019, 06:39


I tried the game and wanted to get a little bit more into it. However, on the second time it didn't start at all. The launcher updates, the locate to server global window appears, then the LiF logo would appear in the taskbar and nothing happens. When I hover it it says "Life is Feudal (not responding)" after some seconds. After many minutes a black window appears but it's nonresponsive. Reinstalling twice didn't help.

After hours of research I convinced myself to install via Steam. It didn't work at first due to steam issues so I deleted the installscript.vdfs for vcredist directx etc... Finally it downloaded all the updates yesterday late at night so I went to sleep.

Today I wante to play the game and same sh*t again: not responding. So I tried the Steam function of validating all files and 5600+ files were corrupt (after a fresh update, never played!). Afterwards I had to manually remove the vdf files again in the steam folder (not LiF folder!?). When I finally attempted to run the game again same trouble...

I don't know what to do any more and I am getting sick of trying.

Antivirus is disabled and it's only LiF that won't start, other games are working fine.


Thanks for any help,

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Re: The game only starts once, then keeps on crashing

Post by Arrakis » 26 Jul 2019, 11:15

Hey there.
In order to investigate your issue, we'd also need game logs and screenshot showing that nonresponsive black window.

As for repair/reinstall, it's best to perform with antivirus/firewall disabled to make sure that it doesn't quarantine any essential game files - some antiviruses are oversensitive.

 - Game logs, where all the essential data from your game client is saved, can be found in \Life is Feudal MMO\game\eu\logs directory, where file name = timestamp indicating the moment of the game launch. If the file is too big to send through discord, compress it with .zip. More detailed instructions about game logs can be found in this article:

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