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Unable to login to forums

Post by ThorneRazeri » 25 Oct 2016, 21:24

This is a secondary account I have for LIF-YO. My primary account seems to continue to have problems. At the moment I cannot log in at all for that account. For this account I had troubles as well before having success this time.

I have tried three different computers, and multiple browsers. I have cleared the cache, updated browser versions and even wiped out all previously stored passwords.

I have changed the password several times and confirmed the password was changed by logging into the previously MMO client.

I have tried logging in using a tablet and a smartphone.

I have also opened a ticket with the Bitbox support team. Still no luck (ticket is still open).

So, any thoughts? Perhaps some tracing I can turn on? With the next beta wave starting in a few days, I want to be able to post on the forums using my main account. As I said, I can still log into the game client, so I'm not in complete panics-ville.
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Re: Unable to login to forums

Post by Azzerhoden » 23 Nov 2016, 18:14

Thank you Tolik and the rest of the team for resolving my issue!

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