[NA] Empire of Ashes Open recruitment

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[NA] Empire of Ashes Open recruitment

Post by Sauce » 13 Jul 2018, 19:02

[NA] Empire of Ashes -


We are looking to recruit anyone who wishes to join up. A bit of background info as far as how far back our experience goes in game. We have been here for around 4 years or more possibly 5 its been awhile, way back in life your a generic bald dude your own.

Now I'm going to be straight forward here.

Most of us are playing other games currently and probably forgot about this game all together. But with the new patch dropping recently and it having a few interesting features some of us are coming back to test the changes out.

Your experience with us is not going to be "Hardcore" at least for now. We are going to take it easy and really just focus on whatever we feel like. We have the tools to be structured and truly guide a mass of players in one direction if need be. For now it will be a slower paced environment.

We are a perfect group for new players who are just entering the game, and also for returning players who saw the patch notes and wanted to come back, but there clan has completely dispersed.

We have been operating our Fort with a skeleton crew all this time and all our structures and mats are still intact we are T2 with all the basics of a township but still everything needs to be done.

Join today!


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