[0.2.0][EN] - Vinatta - Everyone is welcome, join now !!

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[0.2.0][EN] - Vinatta - Everyone is welcome, join now !!

Post by Dextram » 12 Feb 2019, 22:38

Ohoy all ! I'm here, with a message for all good men and women on the continent of Godenland. If you’re looking for a safe place among friends, then you may find a home in Vinatta.

Who we are: We’re a group of people who believe in friendships over alliances, drinks over wars, and look forward to the day when mermaids will serve brews in our tavern. There is no leader among us, as we wish to never have to bend the knee to any King or Queen, but we will setup a council that will decide politics and decisions on war. Everyone has a right to say what they think, and have their word on decisions we make. We're a little core group, 5 experienced players, that have been playing from the start of Epleland. Everyone is welcome, be it experienced or new players.

Most of us are in the CET/UTC+1 timezone, and english is spoken among us. Being an international guild, we prefer to communicate by typing, and so we don’t speak vocally. This allows for us to not leave anyone feeling left out, and allows for us all to stay in character easier among ourselves, which is fun. RP is encouraged. At times, we do speak OOC, just to speed some things up.

Our intentions: No meta-gaming. Building a realistic place to live with realistic interactions with other players. No griefing or warmongering (KoS, etc). Hopefully grow into a nice (not necessarily “large”) sized mature community. Watch our place and our guild evolve, set up a successful trading business, see where we end up depending on political or war decisions we make. And yeah, you will be part of it !

If our guild seems to be something you’re looking for, then feel free to PM me, or join the guest channel on our Discord, and ask any questions you may have.

Best of luck on finding a guild that best suits you,

See you soon !


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