Welcome to [PVP] Reminiscence: Arena 14.05.18

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Welcome to [PVP] Reminiscence: Arena 14.05.18

Post by Sts-nk » 19 May 2018, 15:48

Welcome to the server for fight fans.
Server name: [PVP] Reminiscence: Arena 14.05.18 (vk.com/earth_of_wind).
Rules: no rules.
The fight is standard, except for a few moments. Karma is given for killing enemies (+1) but is lost for loot enemies, including bag when stunned (-1). And does not fall below -100.
A character is one per account, you can not delete it. Simplification of some 'peaceful' actions, facilitated landscape work. In general, complete freedom of action.
Day cycle 5 hours.
Skills/Stat multiplier: x100 are artisanal, x50 combat. Battle skill 400.
3 JH per week.
The map is almost standard.
Disabled personal climes.
Disabled 'Pegasus'
Disabled group trips.
Cloning is disabled.
The possibility of destroying the monument through construction during the JH is disabled.

To correctly display the capacity of the warehouses and the functioning of the shop, you need to download to the root folder with the game and install the patch. You can download the patch by link in group VK https://vk.com/earth_of_wind

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