Full Loot

Physics Combat

Free PvP


Skill Cap, Stat Cap

Character Progression Freedom

Persistent Seamless World

Free Terraforming & Building


Proper patching” (c) is here! (

After countless hours of development and QA testing we have finally achieved a stable and fast patching system for LiF:YO. You should notice significant decrease in time when connecting to heavily terraformed worlds. We have extensively tested this system internally, but there will always be rare bugs that slip past the team. We will be glad for any feedback, thank you! Keep in mind that at least one ingame midnight maintenance should pass in your world in order for our patching system to kick in.

Along with this long awaited functionality we have also implemented explosive naphtha in our game. So you can create special naphtha grenades to throw at your enemies or load bigger naphtha barrels to mop up larger areas ;) Keep in mind, that our explosion tracks all fragment trajectories, so it is quite easy to hide from the explosions behind bigger trees, walls and trenches!


Town Crier - Life is Feudal Dev Vlog #3

We discuss what we've been up to, what our plans are for the next few weeks and answer some questions from the Community in our second Community Spotlight!

New ways to speed up decay and health loss (

Dear players! Unfortunately this April patch does not contain all of the initially planned features. We have had to postpone the World loading optimizations feature because it affects very sensitive core program mechanics and we want to spend more time on polishing and testing.

On the brighter side, throwing weaponry and trebuchets are here! Later in May we plan to implement explosive naphtha grenades and explosive trebuchet charges - our first AoE (Area of Effect) weapons!


Your Bugfixing has increased by 3.6 to 89.5! (

Dear players! That patch is dedicated solely to bugfixes and addressing different server and client stability issues. More to go!


Town Crier - Life is Feudal Dev Vlog #2

We've answered a number of questions, given an insight into what the team have been up to, and have introduced our first ever Community Spotlight!