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Sit down and wait for the MMO Beta …please! (

Hey everyone,

We know we said it last time, but this should hopefully be our last patch in the beta branch before we transfer it to the release branch - phew!

We’ve implemented proper sitting mechanics and animation for all you RP lovers in LiF!

We are still working on some issues in the MMORPG build, which is delaying the start of the first phase of Closed Beta tests, so unfortunately, we are unable to give an ETA at the moment - but we will keep you updated! :(

Patch notes (ver.


Beta branch update #inb4MMO (

Hey everyone,
Firstly, we want to thank you for your patience while we ensure the latest patch is stable. We have one or two little things we need to do but have decided that we can release today under the beta branch - so obviously please keep in mind that it’s still in a WiP state - (check out the link here to find out how to switch to beta) for those who are eager to try it out! 

You will have to start a new server in the beta branch.

Next week we are going to release another small patch, which will enable automatic migration of your existing worlds. 
Once we have ironed out any remaining bugs, and ensured the gameplay is stable and balanced we will apply the current patch on the main branch (so everyone can join in) later on!
Patch notes (ver.

Heraldry, MMO and another MMO

We’re expecting the heraldry patch to drop early next week - expect lots of balancing and gameplay revamping in preparation for the upcoming MMO 
With heraldry, you and your guild can personalize your look, which may prove important when identifying friend or foe during battle! 
Once the patch is out, to enable the changes, you guys will have to switch to ‘beta branch’ on Steam - we’ll be giving you more information, and instructions on how to do this, closer to the time 
On top of this, the internal tests are drawing to a close for our MMO; our alpha testers are on standby to get involved in the closed beta of the MMO commencing the beginning of April (they were the original MMO alpha testers back in 2014 - you can recognise them by their gold usernames on our site forum) - stay tuned for information! 
In other news,

Proper seasons and a herbalist’s garden ( (420))

Before we reveal the contents of the current patch, we’d like to make a short announcement: 
There is no MMO beta test going on at the moment! We will make a separate announcement once we have started the beta test, and once LiF:YO owners are able to join that test. Thank you for your attention! 
Additionally, with the current patch we are releasing Steam trading cards! We hope you will like them! 
This patch contains the art for all four seasons, you can check out some of the visual changes here
One particular problem that many of our players have experienced was the inability to quickly find, and gather, desired herbs for alchemy. This is why we have implemented a herbalist’s garden in this patch. Feel free to experiment with different types of fertilizer to achieve the highest yields. 
Patch notes (ver.

Requiem for a client crashes (

After literally months of bug hunting, debugging and code rewriting, we’ve managed to fix the cause of the most rampant client-side crashes we’ve had so far! It definitely won’t fix all crashes at once, but we expect that at least 60% of crashes should disappear. Please do not hesitate to send an automatic crash report if you experience a client-side crash during your gameplay session - it’s a big help! 
Patch notes (ver.