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Development News #10 - Animals and Algorithms

Hey guys,

Welcome to this week’s dev news! There’s lots of reworking some older mechanics on top of everything else so we thought we’d elaborate on some the new mechanics you can look forward to.

After we released LiF:YO, we decided we’d like to completely rework animal behavior mechanics. Our goal was to achieve better code clarity, extensibility, and an easier way to modify parameters in realtime.

The new pathfinding algorithm removes the old manual implementation, and instead takes advantage of the well-known recast/detour library. This allows us to provide walkable surfaces (Navigation Meshes), not only on the ground, but on the stairs, buildings - everything with proper collision geometry. It’s also fully tunable: maximum angle, impassable area size near walls, etc.

After we had taken care of the new pathfinding, new animals (and the native NPCs in the future) would still be lacking good behavior implementation and proper spawn logic. Therefore, after many discussions, we decided to move forward with the ‘behavior tree’ approach. This technique showed great adjustability and was really clear to understand.

This screenshot shows an approximate behaviour tree for predatory animals, such as bears, boars and wolves.

Spawn logic was the last feature to add for our overall animal AI improvements. We originally divided the whole territory into regions.

256 regions in one terrain
256 x 9 regions in one server

However, now civilization rates are taken into account, it reduces the chance for animals to spawn so we’ve made the animals appear more randomly in their respective biomes (wolves on forest soil for example) and the spawning algorithm is more adjustable.

At the moment, these new algorithms are present in Beta Wave #0 of the MMO, and are currently being thoroughly tested and continuously improved.

Thanks for reading this week’s dev news, join us next Friday for more!

Please note that we are aware of, and hard at work on, issues that may have affected some users since the latest update. The team are diligently working on fixes and apologise if anyone is affected by these changes

- The team


Long Live LiF:YO! (

Hey everyone,

It has been some time since our last patch - some of you may have even started to believe the one or two doomsayers proclaiming that we’ve abandoned the development of LiF:YO for the sake of the MMO - yikes. We think the best way to prove them wrong is by taking action! So behold our latest patch!

Patch notes (


Development News #9 - New Dangers Lurking in the Wild!

Hey everyone,

Welcome to this week’s development update! We sincerely hope you’ve been enjoying the screenshots and insight into some of the things we’ve been getting up to.

Check out one of this week’s WiP screenshots - this halfplate armour concept art:

We know a lot of you are really looking forward to our native NPCs, so we’re really excited to share some more information and concept art to entice you that little bit more!

According to old chronicles, the fierce tribes are dotted about mountains and mines in both the north and in the south of the Island. They’re vicious, stealthy hunters and have even been known to indulge in cannibalism. Their form seems less than human, leaving many to speculate that they are demons.

These natives may not be too happy with your arrival to the island, it is their homeland, afterall.

Look out for them, they’re coming soon™!

Thanks for reading this week’s dev update - catch us next week for more

- The Team

Dev Blog Incoming

Hey everyone,

We’ve heard you, and so we’re going to be starting a weekly development update to ensure you are all in the loop!

Firstly, you might have already seen posts about ‘Life is Feudal: Forest Village’ - in summary, this game has been developed by a fellow Indie Studio, Mindillusion and published by us under the ‘LiF’ name. It’s recently made it through Greenlight on Steam so you should definitely check it out!

In MMO news, we’re diving full force into the development of the MMO guild system. Check out the wiki ( for more info on how it’ll work), with standings and official wars, battles and sieges.

The highly anticipated native NPCs are also in development - we’re really looking forward to sharing more with you as we progress with that!

And for our amazing wave #0 testers, right now you can roam free and play as you see fit until we have any specific areas we need you guys to test for us. Basically we’ve got a huge amount of feedback and test data for now and we’re making necessary changes according to that feedback

Thank you for being awesome - look out for our dev blog for more information!

What’s New with the MMO

Hi everyone!

As you’re all aware, Wave #0 of the MMO is well under way and it’s looking like Wave #1 will be commencing in about two to three weeks (if things continue to run smoothly!) so we’ll be keeping you posted with that.

Currently we’re working on numerous servers and client crash fixes, a proper MMO-scale guild system, as well as a more sophisticated private/guilds property system - the way it is described on wiki ( We are very thankful to our beta testers for their invaluable help and patience!

Keep checking back for more information