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Requiem for a client crashes (

After literally months of bug hunting, debugging and code rewriting, we’ve managed to fix the cause of the most rampant client-side crashes we’ve had so far! It definitely won’t fix all crashes at once, but we expect that at least 60% of crashes should disappear. Please do not hesitate to send an automatic crash report if you experience a client-side crash during your gameplay session - it’s a big help! 
Patch notes (ver.

In before first content patch (

In this current hotfix patch we have fixed numerous client crashes that some of you might have experienced. You should also notice some slight - or even significant - improvement to your FPS rates in some scenes. Black textures on terrain are fixed in this current patch too. That is all along with numerous other small to medium bugfixes. 
We hope that this current patch will be the last of the series of our quickfix patches, which were aimed to fix most crashes and rendering issues that some players were experiencing on their hardware. We will provide optimizations and fixes on a continuous basis, but hope that the need for them will be significantly less now. 
P.S. Expect some new content patches to pop up within the next two weeks. We are going to concentrate on community voted features. We remind you that you can take part in deciding what to introduce next into the harsh world of Life is Feudal:Your Own. 
P.P.S Quality settings of water and shadow shaders will require a client restart now in order to be applied properly.

Second Aid (

This current hotfix patch should fix all (or at least most) rendering glitches, as well as some of the crashes that users have experienced on some hardware. You should also notice increased performance in certain places where you may have experienced frame rate drops before. 
Black terrain textures seems to be partially fixed, but they still might exist in some cases on some hardware. We’re looking deeper into it. 
We really appreciate your patience and understanding and are very thankful for it!

First Aid (

In this current hotfix patch we have provided a fix for server crashes when wild animals are enabled. Some minor bug fixes are included too. 
We are aware of numerous performance issues, video render glitches (broken geometry, GUI artifacts, black terrain textures etc.) and crashes that users experience on some hardware and we are working very hard on a solution to that problem. So far, it has been noted that disabling and reenabling of the GUI rendering (Ctrl+H, Ctrl+H) helps to temporarily fix most of them. We are working hard to provide a permanent solution for that issue. 
Expect “Second Aid” patch coming later this week. Thank you to everyone for being patient with us while we tackle these issues.