Full Loot

Physics Combat

Free PvP


Skill Cap, Stat Cap

Character Progression Freedom

Persistent Seamless World

Free Terraforming & Building


Your Bugfixing has increased by 3.6 to 89.5! (

Dear players! That patch is dedicated solely to bugfixes and addressing different server and client stability issues. More to go!


Town Crier - Life is Feudal Dev Vlog #2

We've answered a number of questions, given an insight into what the team have been up to, and have introduced our first ever Community Spotlight!

It is time for you to come forward and make your mark on the world of Life is Feudal!

Dear players! It is time for you to come forward and make your mark on the world of Life is Feudal! Please, take some time to read the following text and follow its instructions - if you want to contribute to our development in a creative way and leave your footprint in the game development history:


Astrologers proclaim week of the Bughunter. Amount of bugfixes are doubled! (

We have managed to find and fix a major bug that was affecting several different objects (tanning tubs included) and their states. There have also been multiple other bugfixes and minor changes and players should experience less weird game behaviour.

In addition, we have implemented some new GM Mode commands that might be handy for those who are actually GMs of their worlds. Be sure to check out new commands on our GM Mode page!


Game suggestions page and the way of GUI

Despite being an unknown developer, we have remained true to our word and promises; as you know, so far we had met all Roadmap milestones. We are also working hard to allow our final month of our development process to implement some of the user-requested features and suggestions we receive.

In order to ease the process of picking suggestions that are highly desired by our players, we have created a new interactive page on our site. We need your opinion now! Follow this link and leave your vote for the most appealing interface that will be implemented later in LiF.

We strongly recommend that you leave your suggestions on the page, vote for the most appealing ones and engage in discussions in order to polish and improve initial suggestions.

We will certainly have no time to implement all your suggestions before release, but after release we are not going to stop evolving and enriching our game with new mechanics and features. So your suggestions will still be invaluable and might end up being implemented in Life is Feudal!