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Server nodes status page and more...

We had added a long awaited status page for our Alpha testers:

Currently we're still improving stability of server nodes to be ready to start a proper full force Alpha tests. With a help of our passionate and patient volunteer testers we hope to reach a stable version and release Alpha in a two weeks, but nothing is in stone within a such complex project. Thank you for your patience and that you trust in us!


Introducing new mount!

We've just finished creation of a new mount to LiF! You can check its in game screenshots here:

On a more serious note. We're working hard to fix all those server side crashes that we all had experienced during our last sneak peek test runs. We really hope that we will be able to provide all necessary fixes in time and start next pre-alpha tests at 9th of April.



Two News for the Price of One

Two quick news announcements!
First, we have some new stories from our Lore Master! They’ll be exploring the Terrun religion, the main religion in Acaelia. So check them out in the Lore section of our website!
Additionally, we’ll be running some closed server tests before our Alpha. These will take place on Thursday evening (aprox. 4 pm GMT) and they’re the start of us gearing up for our Closed Alpha testing.

International sections of our forum

We have just created international sections so our fans can participate in discussions and ask their questions using their native language. Though the rest of the forum will still be "English only".

P.S. If you want us to create a forum section for your native language, send a private forums message to "Arrakis09". As soon as we get enough of these request we will create a new section. 


Hooray! Greenlit!

We've been Greenlit by the Steam community! Thanks to all our fans that have supported us during our short but intense campaign! In a few days we will be announcing the starting date of our Closed Alpha tests. We should have a date for you by next week, so Alpha is very close ;) Stay tuned.
P.S. If you want to participate in closed Alpha tests, you can learn about it here: