Life is Feudal is like...


Life is Feudal’s combination of features are completely unique and can not be found in any other game at the same time. The game has its own unique features, such as: mini-games; formations; personalized alchemy; a hunger and cooking system; as well as many other features that are exclusive to LiF.

Some players compare our game to other sandbox or simulation/city building games, helping them get a grasp on some of the gameplay aspects - so we’ve put together a list to show our similarities and differences:

LiF is often compared to...

... Wurm Online

Due to the free terraforming of surface terrain and tunnel building underground. 

As well as this:

  • LiF's tunnelling system is 100% 3-Dimensional. If a tunnel overlaps above or under another tunnel, it won't make a shaft (similar to the mechanics in Wurm) but instead, leaves both tunnels intact and perfectly solid without any shafts
  • LiF's free-building system allows the placement of pre-modelled buildings, with free rotation for a more realistic and smoother settlement layouts
  • Plus many new and exciting features!


... The Mount&Blade Series

Due to the similarities in melee, ranged and mounted physics-based targetless combat.  

As well as this:

  • LiF:MMO's world can host 10,000+ players, instead of a more limited multiplayer experience
  • LiF has an innovative Formation system, bringing new aspects into the massive battles
  • LiF has advanced combat aspects, such as full-body swings (hitting someone while both of your legs are planted firmly on the ground causes much more damage than hitting someone mid-run or jump), hit combos, activated abilities for different weapon skills - and so on
  • Plus do not forget about other numerous game features!


... Ultima Online

Due to the skillcap and statcap system, inventory and some other similar factors. 

As well as this:

  • LiF has separate crafting and combat skillcaps so you do not need to choose between combat and crafting or feel the need to create numerous characters to do both
  • LiF is newer and has a full 3D world for bigger immersion into the game
  • And, of course, do not forget about other numerous game features!


... Darkfall Online and/or Shadowbane

in terms of free PvP, massive siege events and global politics.  

As well as this:

  • LiF protects peaceful players and people just starting out from continuous ganking by PvP-hungry players with our alignment system. Bad decisions will lower a player’s alignment, this will cause them to lose significantly more skill points on death and forces them to think twice before deciding to attack
  • LiF's innovative battle system provides a clean, lag-free instanced battleground that cannot be disturbed by people outside of the fight. Statistics will be calculated precisely, and stored in our LiF history records - thus participants will be able to boast about their victories on the forums
  • LiF will contain tweaks on classic siege systems based on our own experiences


... EVE Online

in terms of general sandboxiness and massiveness. 

As well as this:

  • LiF gives the player direct control over their character's body and movements
  • The Medieval setting has proven popular with many of our players