Hey guys!

We always love seeing the results of your hard work - including those of you who partake in the type of work that includes an axe and an enemy’s body.

Sparks, splinters and blood droplets: the recipe that inspires the heart of a warrior! And now we’re expanding that list with three new damage stages for shields, which allows you to better evaluate how fast your opponent will die by your hands!


You can see in this screenshot the difference between the new, moderately damaged and severely damaged shields.

To accompany this new improvement, we’ve also reworked some of our shields and even added some new ones!

We also know how much you all want to hear about the MMO - totally understandable! At present, we’re continuing to work very hard on the Guilds/Claims. The mechanics are very complex so we really want them to be of a very high quality for you guys. We’re also currently working on fixing some bugs that affect transition between servers. We’re so excited to progress to the next wave and are so grateful for your patience, support and feedback!

Thanks from all the team