This patch is dedicated to the additional protection of our less-PvP-hungry (and outnumbered!) groups of players. Walls should work better now since it is harder to scale them with improvised pontoons and siege ladders. Regional shields can also give you an advantage on the battlefield.
Along with multiple fixes and tweaks, we are happy to inform you that we’ve managed to find and fix multiple issues with the server node crossing bugs. There is a certain chance that there are still some issues related that still persist, but we hope that they will be much less rampant.

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:

  • All carried objects on the back will be automatically dropped when entering the Guild claim, where you do not have “Can enter” rights. This rule is NOT working during Judgment Hours. We’ve done this to make it significantly harder to get over walls outside of PvP active hours when some guilds do not have the sufficient players online or simply are not prepared
  • Reworked all shield visual geometry
  • Added new regional shields. Blueprints can be acquired the same way as armor blueprints - by crafting a certain shield
  • Targe Shield crafting has a chance to create a Heavy Targe Shield blueprint
  • Heater Shield crafting has a chance to create a Heavy Heater Shield
  • Kite Shield crafting has a chance to create a Heavy Kite Shield
  • Iron Round Shield crafting has a chance to create a Heavy Iron Shield
  • You cannot place a new Guild Monument on top of an existing Private claim. Your newly placed Guild claim needs to be at least 2 tiles away from the nearest Private claim. This is done to prevent griefer guilds that are raiding Private claims in this way. It can STILL be done but will require a couple of days for the realm radius to grow and for Private claim owners to react and move their claim
  • Guild invite cancellations should work properly now
  • Buildings that are partially on a claim cannot be removed by the “Destroy” ability now
  • Bleeding wound bandaging does not take as long now
  • Gather sprout, flint stone, ammo sling, berries and herbs abilities now need “Can Use” permission on Private and Guild claims.
  • Probability of female/male breeding changed from 70/30 to 60/40
  • Tweaked possibility of a blueprint drop in the "Use workbench" ability
  • Updated some Jewelry prices
  • Cooking blueprint possibility added (aprox. 20%). All 5-ingredient food can be crafted only via a blueprint

Bug Fixes and Optimizations:

  • Fixed multiple issues that caused server nodes to lose connectivity with each other leading to a different issue while crossing those server node borders. In some cases your client might lose the connection with the server you’re moving on to. In that case, you will be bumped and the game will inform you that it recommends you to restart the client
  • Fixed a client crash while connecting to the game (related to the equipment slots)
  • Fixed an extreme overweight bug that randomly appeared in certain situations
  • Fixed sling shooting stamina bug
  • Fixed a bug that prevented bags, pouches, and other containers to be put inside of other containers
  • Fixed building kit regional ingredient requirements
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t show the “infinity” button to auto-repeat your “Pour on the ground” ability
  • Implemented server-side optimization of the terraforming process. Server nodes that have been heavily terraformed should not suffer nearly as bad now from lag
— The team