Hey everyone,

After some extensive work we’ve completed, we’re finally glad to announce that all of the major changes, which some of you noticed in Life is Feudal:MMO, have been by adopted, and patched to, Life is Feudal: Your Own.

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:

  • Completely redesigned the combat skill tree. Make sure to open your skill book and spend some time familiarizing yourself with it. Note that skillcap setting will be different for crafting, combat and minor skills now
  • Implemented a new object selection algorithm, which should increase your game performance slightly, especially in an area with a lot of objects and trees (note that inside buildings some improperly placed storage items, like crate, barrels etc., may become stuck, you will need GM assistance to get them out)
  • Optimized and partially rewritten AI system. These changes may result in a slight server side performance boost, but they are mainly designed to be a foundation for Natives and horse-driven carts
  • Implemented parallax effect on terrain textures
  • Added ‘Maximized window’ display mode
  • You can change language in Game settings menu now, as well as guid invites, groups and barter requests
  • All types of damage affect movable objects now
  • Implemented ‘chopping’ type of damage for different axe-type weapons. This type of damage is more effective against small, movable objects than slashing, blunt or piercing damage
  • Implemented ‘impact’ type of damage. It is inflicted by horses trampling infantry. Padded armors have increased resistance against it
  • Rebalanced all types of armor. Armor now has a bonus effects according to required skill
  • Royal armor skill requirement has decreased to 90. Royal armor damage mitigation has increased by 5% compared to Veteran’s armor sets
  • Increased blueprints probability to be dropped during crafting actions from 1% to 5%
  • Minimum speed bonus is 1.0 instead of 5.0. That means that a low speed poke with certain weapons will not cause excessive damage now
  • Doubled velocity multiplier in thrust attack speed bonus calculation
  • Thrusting attacks with Spears cannot be parried now (required 90 Spearman skill)
  • All trebuchet related actions require 60 Demolition skill now
  • You need to inflict at least 5 dmg in order to have a chance to cause a stagger or stun
  • Special attacks reshuffled for the purpose of better usability in combat. Make sure to check out skill book descriptions
  • All melee combat combo chains are lowered to 3 consecutive attacks (instead of 4). Make sure to check skill book for details
  • Combo, special attacks and attacks with Power Strike effect properly ignore parrying now (as it was originally intended)
  • Hit damage type transforms to blunt when hit is blocked by a shield
  • Practice weapons do not require a linen rope now in their crafting recipes. That should make practice weapons more available at earlier stages of development
  • New ‘Siege Torch’ weapon
  • Knight sword moved to hand-and-a-half sword group, Grossmesser moved to the one-handed group. Estoc weapon type changed to two-handed sword
  • Nerfed lances damage multiplier
  • Tweaked unit weight of polearms
  • Partisan weapon is shorter now
  • Increased speed of overhead attacks with two-handed pole weapons
  • Swamps and snow now affect horses speed
  • You can flatten paved tiles now to build structures on them
  • Day cycle min to max range changed to 1- 24 (real life hours per in game day)

Bug fixes:

  • Multiple forest and trees related optimizations and bugfixes. We believe that everything related to the forest and individual trees should work faster
  • Pines and spruces have proper collisions now at all growth stages
  • Iron Grip ability should no longer switch player to a peaceful stance
  • Royal horse in an unstoppable gallop state should work properly now
  • Fixed an issue with cooldowns of disabled abilities
  • Fixed a server crash with the barter window
  • Fixed an exploit, which allowed players to shoot volley arrows when angle of sight is lower than 30 degrees to the ground plane
  • Fixed incorrect tiles blocking while terraforming
  • Region audio announcement is no longer sounded when entering the game or returning to already visited region (text notifications are still there)
  • ‘Slaughter’ button is now visible only for players with at least 30 points of Animal Lore skill
  • Fixed huge formation bonus bug. Formation will be dropped on any leader teleport
  • Fixed ‘jump to the sky on a tunnel edge’ bug
  • Autocraft ends when the tool reaches 0 durability
  • Multiple combat mechanics-related bugfixes
  • Fixed some minor chat and chat window related bugs
  • Some other server and client side crash fixes and optimizations

- The Team