New default tab for recruiting

I suggest
1) Create a separate tab in which recruiting is possible
2) Completely exclude (ban) recruiting in the worlds chat (#godenland)


1) Recruitment messages are very long and interfere with communication.
2) Even a large number of short messages interfere with communication.
3) It will be convenient for a beginner to go to the recruiting tab and select the option that he likes.
4) The remaining 1000-1900 people do not need to be seen by recruiters ads. Even if they find one person per hour, 99% of users do not need it, for them it is just spam.
5) Players who are not in the guilds are also entitled to a clean chat without advertising. Guilds players use this chat primarily for advertising, and they themselves communicate in discord - without an advertising. Not very fair.
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    Tuesday, May 07 2019, 12:43 AM - #Permalink
    Thanks a bunch for informing us about this problem as now we can be vary of the spams. Recruitment messages sure hinder in communication for which many have been launching an advertising campaign on the Internet to better understand this. The essay writing services and your post here surely helped me a lot in that dimension.
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