Will like it if there will be more different fruit trees and not just apples.
Will like there to be berries, we can gather, like Blackberries aso.
Will like there to be a different betwin q89 - 100. so 100 have some kind of little bonus to find.
Will like more outcome in fishing, now its just to hard and boring.
Will like more options for decorations.

Make so we can prospect for granite and marble.
Make so There will be a city bonus if the guild leader makes a FEAST out of many different food materials.
Make the farm outcome back to 4 - 8 - 12. or all people just make fruit farms.
Do so the crops is on the right tile and not on 1½ tile thats just not looking nice.
Make so if u flatten a tile and pave or plov, it will not change from flat to not flat.

The game is getting boring for PvE players when there are so few possibilities to make a beautiful town, plz more art and materials to fill up houses and towns.

:) Hope on some support for the PvE players, because this game is more PvE style right now.
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