System of Quests

Hi, I've been think something really cool for the game. It'll be something like a mission system, all made by players, basically, every guild would be able to create something like "missions board" I which a person from other guild (preferable a high ranking officer of the guild) could put a mission on that board e.g. to put a mission will have a cost either in raw materials or in coins, and the person asking for the mission could specify what kind is it like a hunter mission, being 10 wolf skins and offering the reward he is willing to pay for it. The person who accomplished the mission would have an increase in his hunter skill depending of the difficulty of the mission. With this leveling up would be less tedious since one would something that's not too repetitive. Just like with the example of Hunter it could be apply to all the professions' branches and even to the combat one. This game is an MMO, so I think mission system could give an extra layer of fun stuff into the game
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