Family and kids.

Please do something about families splitting up. And woman "magically" becomes pregnant when no husband.
This ruins a bit for me, as i went from "Banished" to this.
And yesterday a 9 year old grown up MAN, was working. Weird.
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    Saturday, July 01 2017, 04:49 PM - #Permalink
    I agree that the ages should be adjusted. There is a mod for that but it should be in the base game.

    There should also be more of a family concept. Families should carry last names and we should be able to track through the generations. This is one of the BIGGEST things missing from Banished in my view.

    The other day I noticed that I got a Child was born message and immediately paused the game and clicked on the message. The house I was taken to had only a MAN inside. I'm all for equal rights but...
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    Sunday, July 02 2017, 07:07 AM - #Permalink
    Definitely. While the mother doesn't have to necessarily have a husband to give birth, the age at which they do and the randomness of the family distribution is very jarring. Last names would help a lot in many respects. But simply making actual family constructions live in houses is necessary.
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