No war !!!

1. Would be nice to be no war in this game, like in Banished. As a player, you have a lot of things to do in the village, why go to war? The essence of the game will dissapear, I will play to get more resources and after that go to war...
I've played banished and I'm playing even now. It's nice to play a peaceful game. If somebody would like to make war in game would be ok to be a mod for that but not the story of the game.
2. bigger map, and different kinds of relief
3. males and females villagers
4. the option to go to another island if you want to grow more your population

This is my opinion. Thanks

P.S sorry for my bad english
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    Saturday, March 04 2017, 11:58 PM - #Permalink
    I have to disagree. Currently there is no closure in the game. You just go through the motions, and nothing else. There's no challenge, once you get a hang of the balance needed to survive then it's all just a never-ending routine.
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