Rework of current Instances System.

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I do not wish to see,how this game making the same mistakes,that majority of MMO RPG making nowadays,by making the gameplay more casual. The current system of instances - does not make sence. Sieges and any kinds of battles worked pretty good in "Your Own". Issues with player's teleportation during the battle? Increase the cast time of abilities/spells. Problems with optimisation? Happy owners of "Potato PC" have a low FPS once again? Alright,establish a dedicated server for a battle. But why with this new introduction some realistic parts was cutted out? Why you added a totems to storage loot there,after the battle. Why the hell you do not allowing people to choose the battlefield by themselves?Why all characters dressed up in the same clothes,with color depending on the team? AND FINALLY,IN CHRIST'S SAKE,WHY DID YOU COMPLETELY REMOVED SUCH THING AS ARMY'S MARCH TO THE POINT OF DISTANATION?
Verdict:Me,just like the majority of community,seeing "Life is Feudal" not as WoW,or another Korean MMORPG and thinks that instance systems should be deleted,or changed at it's roots,to became more realistic.
If the trend of making the game easier will continue,what's the differences would be between LiF:MMO and some average Korean MMORPG? And finally,what will keep people playing it? Since many people(Just like myself),are seeing this game as salvation in the current MMO market.
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