Reworking of Instances System

The current system of instances is quite casual for the game, which positions itself as a standard for hardcore gaming.
In addition, it looks very strange when two guilds are located so close, and the battle between them takes place at the other end of the map.
BUT, all this can be avoided trivially causing players to choose the battlefield and go to it manually, without using teleportation.
For example: Guild №1 decided to declare war on Guild №2. In order for the war to lead to anything, it is necessary to conduct a full-fledged battle. Guild №1 assigns a venue and, depending on the desire of its opponent, the battle will subsquently start there. (If the soldiers of Guild №2 wouldn't show up - there will be an opportunity to begin the siege of their monument). So in order to prevent any kind of "RNG" - the players will have to reach the battlefield on their own,at the expense of their own resources. And then,after the arrival of both sides - instance into the battle in the meeting place.
All I proposed should not harm gameplay,but rather add more realism to it. For example,it would return such phenomenon as the long campaign or "Crusade" of the troops and the accompanying devastation of the lands,wich they passed through

What are you think about my idea?

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