Hello everyone, just recently got the game and I'm loving everything I've seen so far. However, it was a really difficult to join up and meet my friends. When I first started out , I spawned way down south while my friends spawned way up north. Needless to say, it was a pain trying to reach them and i spent the next day or so just trying to get to meet them. I feel like the game would be allot more fun if we were given the starting ability to spawn anywhere on the map , only once, however perhaps limited to certain regions , or maybe we cant spawn on plots of lands that have already been owned by current players. Also, it would make sense to have this , as the game punishes you for death by lowering your skill points, however , me and my friends decided to kill ourselves a few times in hopes that we would spawn closer to each other. It worked for a few of us , but some of us even spawned even further away than before. I feel that by having this mechanic , it will allow players to get into the essence of the game much faster instead of looking at a walking simulator for over an hour, as well as fit in to the spirit of the game by not simply committing suicide in order to get a better spawn. Just my 2 cents , thanks for reading ! :D
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    Monday, December 04 2017, 08:22 AM - #Permalink
    Also just had another idea. Perhaps the developers could look into turning the spawn ability into a ticket? Similar to the tickets being sold to switch servers. Maybe the initial ticket could be free, and the next one would be around 500-
    or 10,000 gold. It would go towards supporting the game , as well as a convenient and cheap way for players to meet their friends and actually play the game without wasting 2 hours of their time trying to reach each other. As for balancing and to prevent abuse, maybe limit the amount of tickets a player can buy in a month , or per account.
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