wild plant fiber increase, easy fix

Hey, I don't know if this have been suggested or mentioned before, if so, my bad. If not, shame on you ;)

It's sort of simple, in my (simple) mind, the wild plant fiber gathering is.. horrible really. there is a chance to fail even when mastery is achieved, meaning you can look at your character swinging away.. at grass for three attempts before actually gathering .. one piece of ''wild grass fiber''. I wouldn't say that is a feature at all... So, as an easy fix, how about adding an algorithm, making it possible to colect, say 0-3 pieces of ''wild grass fiber'' instead of one at the time.. I could make a long argument of the pro's and con's but I think it's pretty self explanatory, that new players in particular would agree that a grass slapping simulator doesn't contribute to a fun game. It's rather tedious when it doesn't have to be. Furthermore, adding the possibility of gathering 3 at the time and still keeping the option of failing, would still keep it realistic would it not? Again 0-3 or 0-X doesn't really matter as long as X>1 in order to avoid the tedious lawnmower simulator.

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    Sunday, October 22 2017, 10:32 AM - #Permalink
    I would have already agreed with you before, but since one of the latest patches, you now need 10 plant fibers in stead of 3 for a rope.

    Our village has a number of constructions using platforms, but expanding any of it has become a great pain now. For building one large platform, I'm finding a suitable tree, cutting it down, sawing different types of wood out of it, all stuff that makes this game great. And then: I look at the 'grass slapping' for at least double the time it took me to collect the wood.

    Either use the suggestion above or make a minigame out of it, cause there is no fun in the current situation.
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    Thursday, October 26 2017, 04:51 AM - #Permalink
    What about the giant herb plant that gives you a tiny flower... wouldn't it be logical to keep the rest of the plant? plant fiber + herbs cant go wrong there
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