In the beginning, there were neither stars nor light, but only darkness.
And behold, in the darkness there awoke Svefnii, who was called Sleeping God, and Slumberer, and Sleeper. And he arose, and shook from himself his Alglemy slumber, and straightened his shoulders of might.

And he looked upon the World On High, where Ereborns sat upon their thrones of fire.
Thereon Svefnii proclaimed, "Hearken, o’ Shining Ones! Why ... and give ..."

But he heard no answer from the Shining Ones, the Ehrideity, the Ereborns, the Wise Ancestors.
For their ears they would not incline unto him, their desire but to strengthen the heavenly dome with their Word.

Then Svefnii arose and placed his legs upon the firmament of Elgwerden.
And the firmament did shake, and was torn asunder. Then did many of the realms and cities of the Lungs fall, and great was their ruin, when the Reaping came into the world, the Maiden of the Red Scythe, Jodenande.

And lo, Svefnii gazed upon Elgverden, wreathed in flame and covered in the Sparks of the Lungs. With his eye of flame, he gazed upon it.
And he saw what manner he could use it to his own end.

He did rend Elgverden asunder. One piece was named Sparksvaard.
And Sparksvaard became a land of strife and slaughter.
A land replete with collapse, loss, separation, suffering, pain, fear, and death.

Svefnii stretched forth his hand and gathered the brightest sparks from the chiefest of powerful lungs. He gathered the sparks of thousands of thousands, and myriads of myriads.
So numerous they were, that in Svefnii's hand there was not found place for them. And so the stars were fashioned.

And behold, Svefnii formed a sword from the sparks of the lungs, and it became a ray of light in the darkness. A sword like unto the sharpest, Vallum Tusenrost itself.
And he gave this blade a name.

The name of it was Vallum Blaiddchimlenn.
With his sword forged, the Sleeping God called to his brothers and said,

And thus appeared Rivelim, the horn of Godernblodblad.


Sparksvaard shuddered in agony as the Red Scythe of Jode burned in the heavens above.


In those days, the Maiden of the Red Scythe reigned over the world of the lungs.


The worlds fell from their places, and the Great Tree shook, and the stars ceased to give their light.
At the cry of Rivelim, the silver foundation of the sky cracked.
Then did the Sunmaiden release it’s braids of flame, whence came all manner of fire and light.

The horn of the fire-haired Terskel sounded, summoning all to a great battle.
Behind him, the innumerable host of the New Ones arose, unshackling their chains. And thus the Era of Fire began, the time of Vallum Blaiddchimlenn.


The Ehrideity, The Ereborns, the Wise Ancestors, arose from their thrones of flame.


Then Master Aori took up his hammer, and with one swing he did smash one of the braces of the celestial sphere, which then did crack, opening the first breach. This breach is called in the Götlung tongue Evigrat, and in the Unvir tongue bhanne, and in the Slavard tongue Khollu, and in the Hurs tongue Yallga.

And the First Light of the Creator did pierce through into Elgverden. And so it all began.
This light did blind Aori, Forger of the Braces. He was cast out by the Ereborns into the world, and was seen no more.

The light did furthermore blind the Ereborns, the Wisest and Shining Ones.
And so the Jester did take the sword of the Ereborns, Vallum Tussenrost.
But he was not strong to hold it.

So the sword was taken by Svefnii. In one hand he held Vallum Blaiddchimlenn, and with the other he sang the song of the end of Vallum Tussenrost.
Then was spilt the first of the blood of the Ehrideity, the Ancestors.


The upper and lower heavens both did run red with the blood of the Ereborns.
The New Gods fell to Elgverden, and their legs and arms and heads did rain down.
The wrath of the Ehrideity was terrible.


And then the Sovereign was revealed to the world.
Hitherto neither see nor known, he came to make the weak ones strong, and to make that which was rent asunder whole once more. He it was who brought together the peoples of the North, the West, and the East.
And prosperity came upon the land for a time, and Westfield, called the Western Hills, began to be called Götland, which interpreted is "God's country." And the Lungs were called Göttlungs.