Hey, Feudalists!

We have promised many times on different occasions that we were going to tweak and boost one of our original game features - the Formation System. We’ve decided that now is a good a time as any, especially since we plan to test the Battle System this weekend!

In today’s devblog, we would like to talk about our new vision for the Formation System and explain some details for you guys.

First of all, we’ve decided to increase (x1.5) the area that members of the unit must step into in order to be ‘considered’ entered into the formation. We did this in order to ease the usage of formations for less organized/drilled players. Some of the ideas for future development we have considered implementing are ‘Spread Out!’ and the ‘Stay Close!’ commands, which will increase or decrease the size of formation with a more tight formation providing a bigger boost to the members of the unit, but those are distant plans.

Secondly, we’re shaping formation type and formation command bonuses in such a manner as to get them closer to the golden game design balancing standard -  rock, paper, scissors.

Formation types: 
  • Wall Formation(counters Circle Formation). Effects: Defense, Slowed.
  • Wedge Formation (counters Wall Formation). Effects: Momentum (multiplies damage that players inflict by their movement speed), Penetration (lowers Defense effect magnitude of a struck victim).
  • Circle Formation (counters Wedge Formation). Effects: Accelerated, Balanced Breath.
Formation commands:
  • Hold your ground! (counters “Move, move, move!”). 20 second duration, does not affect mounted players. Effects: Defense, Slowed.
  • Chaaarge! (counters “Hold your ground!”). 10 second duration, effect disappears after the first successful hit. Effects: Momentum, Penetration, Accelerated, Hurried Breath (faster stamina drain while running).
  • Move, move, move! (counters “Chaaarge!”). 20 second duration. Speed of all unit members becomes equal to the leader’s speed. Effects: Accelerated, Balanced Breath, Shaky Hands (chance to be staggered if hitting a person with the Defense effect active)
Lastly, but more importantly than the previous aspects - we’ve increased the bonus from the amount of unit members that enter the formation. The more organized your unit is - the more unit members that are inside the formation - the bigger the bonuses each of them receive!

We are looking forward to the closed beta testers being able to test both Battles and the updated Formation system during this weekend test. We encourage everyone to take a part in these tests since there will be NO consequences and no results will be saved.
P.S. In order to get as many battles fought as possible there will only be 1 hour between the Battle Challenge and the battle start itself. During normal gameplay you will have to wait approx. 24 hours.

— The team