Hey, Feudalists!

You can expect an MMO patch later today. We’re glad to announce that we have reached a significant breakthrough in the client and server side physics calculations optimization (especially inside forests). This should greatly improve performance of both the server and client. Other content contained in the patch is listed below:
  • Client side collision detection optimized. There are some visual side effects possible. Please let us know if you experience this!
  • New Web Map implemented! In the game and on our site you will see the same map now. We plan to add a lot of new functionality to it later on.
  • Reverted back to the “Hollywood night” where you can see things much clearer. We had a lot of discussions about it internally and externally and our decision is final.
  • All minigames are working on HTML5 now. That should add more stability to the client side and better overall performance of both minigames and the game client.
  • You should no longer see camera trembling while turning your horse
  • Added a “Simple Cloth” resource that is available in the early stages of the game
  • Instanced battles list management should not produce much lag now
  • You can use Global Search for all goods across all Trade Posts on the continent now (at last!). The synergy with the new map updates will allow you to see exactly where trade posts are located when travelling to buy or sell your goods.

Stay tuned!

— The team
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