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Development News #48 - ‘CBT News + Torture Room Flashbacks’

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*Drum Roll*

The third test run of CBT Wave #1 will be starting next week

Hey feudalists!

Firstly, we hope you all had a great Easter weekend; and that the eggs your rabbits and chickens produced were plentiful (and adorable, obviously).

We are starting the Third Test Run of the MMO CBT Wave #1 next week - remember you and your friends can dive into the vast medieval world, explore the lands and perhaps even check out potential real estate early with the Believer Packages.

We also want to take this time to thank everyone for the support; we wouldn’t be able to do this without you so, genuinely, thank you.

In the meantime, take a look at our Torture Meeting Room Interview sequel

If you managed to miss the original video, make sure to check this out first!

- The team

Development News #46 - Emotions gatherer contest

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Hi, feudalists!

Today we would like to announce a surprise contest: ‘Emotions Gatherer!’

Share your emotions and reactions of playing Life is feudal with us!

Record the most vivid moments of you or your guild playing LiF. This may be someone's bright reaction to a gameplay moment, a part of an awesome RP event your guild has conducted, or perhaps someone's epic quarrel, an adorable newbie, in-game wedding, angry fight, commander's pre-battle briefing - anything showing an in-game event and players’ reactions.

We aren’t just gathering emotions that are only wild admiration, hysterics or loud shouts - calm situations are also cool if they are interesting.

Also, the emotions may not necessarily be positive; what we are looking for is genuine, real and not staged footage to truly capture the essence of the immersive and unforgiving world of Life is Feudal.

Winners will get a chance to see themselves in the upcoming LiF:MMO trailer and get LiF:MMO packs.

We will pick our five favourite recordings and give the authors a LiF:MMO Zealous Believer ( pack each. Additionally, we will give away five True Believer's packs for runners up.

Send the recording in any common audio format (from TeamSpeak, Ventrilo and so on) or the combination of video and sound (streams, recordings) to before May 16 2017. The complete contest rules are available here:

We will determine the winners and give away the prizes later in May.
If you have any questions - just leave a comment.

Good luck!

— The team

P.S. Due to your timely reports, we were able to fix the database update problems and related object construction in today's ( patch. Thanks for the prompt feedback!
GMs and server administrators, if you still have any problems after the last patch please contact the tech support.

Development News #45 - ‘Sleeper’s Ale: New Potion to Help You Deal with Foes! (Definitely NOT Snake Oil)’

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Development News #45 - ‘Sleeper’s Ale: New Potion to Help You Deal with Foes! (Definitely NOT Snake Oil)’

Hey feudalists!

Today, after many late nights brainstorming, we have decided to share with you what will be one of the upcoming items in our in-game shop: [b]Sleeper’s Ale![/b] Buy it; drink it and wreak havoc in your enemies' castles, giant steed in hand - nobody will be able to stop you!

You’re welcome.

- The team

Development News #42 - ‘The End of the SECOND Test Run of Wave#1. Now What?’

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The second test run of the Closed Beta Tests is over now.

Thank you!

We’ve gathered a lot of data and will continue our development.

Stay tuned!

The SECOND Run of Closed Beta Tests (Wave#1) is Ending Tomorrow

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Hey feudalists!

The second test run of wave #1 is coming to an end. You guys have all been great and such a big help, thank you for participation!

We have received numerous reports and gathered a lot of data during the run and are now taking the time to process everything and fix any issues.

We were aware of the connectivity issues that haunted a number of you, and we are seriously sorry that some of you had a pretty hard time connecting to the servers, so thank you for being so patient and be aware that we’re taking this downtime to resolve these issues!

This test run will end tomorrow (10.03.2017) at 3:00pm UTC. We are expecting the downtime to be at least one month before the next - third - test run.

We know that it is a rather long time, and that of course you guys want the servers to remain open, but in order for us to smooth the bumps out and improve, fix and tweak, we do need to close them. 

Thank you again for being so patient and understanding - keep checking back for updates and information!

- The team

Private claims and fixes ( (MMO))

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Hey everyone,

In this patch we’re presenting you with an almost fully working private claim functionality. Please, spend the couple of days that are left in the current closed beta to test this mechanic thoroughly.

About the beta test run duration itself, we plan to end it this week after few days of private claim tests. We will make an announcement 1 day before we will shutdown the servers.

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks:

  • Implemented personal claim functionality. These claims can be established both inside and outside of a guild claims and should be able to protect your property from any damage in a similar manner as guilds claims do.
  • Implemented a new object selection algorithm, that should increase your game performance slightly, especially in an area with a lot of objects and trees

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a server crash with the barter window
  • Fixed a deadlock that happened on some clients while connecting the server
  • Some other minor crash fixes and optimizations

- The Team

Quickfixes ( (MMO))

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Hey everyone,

We’ve released a quick patch that has addressed some servers instability issues. Today we continue to improve server stability along with some more fixes of the most important bugs.

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed terrain cells blocking status bug. You can no longer build unmovable structures inside other unmovable structures. It also fixes an issue with some buildings that cannot be removed by a guild leader.
  • You can now use shield bash while wielding a tower shield
  • Fixed Spearman 90 lvl ability. Spear thrusting attacks cannot be parried now.
  • Fixed some server-side crashes

- The Team

The SECOND run of Closed Beta Tests (Wave#1) has started!

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Hey everyone,

We are really excited to let you all know that today, on February 20th, the second Closed Beta Test of Life Is Feudal has started! Everyone who is eligible to participate in the beta tests must start their launchers and make sure to complete all the patching processes.

Check out the condensed patch notes containing the most important changes and fixes below:

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks:

  • 64 bit is now supported by both the MMO client and MMO server. According to our LiF:YO players feedback, it significantly increased stability in LiF:YO - we expect the same to happen in Life is Feudal:MMO!
  • Completely redesigned combat skills tree. Make sure to open your skill book and spend some time familiarizing yourself with it
  • Weapons and armor parameters are tweaked according to the new combat skills tree
  • All types of damage can damage a movable object now
  • Implemented ‘chopping’ type of damage for different axe-type weapons. This type of damage is more effective against small, movable objects and shields than slashing, blunt or piercing damage
  • Power Strike effect now ignores parrying
  • Players that are hostile towards your guild and logged out within your city claim radius will be dropped outside of the city claim radius once Judgement hour commences
  • Implemented parallax effect on terrain textures

Bug fixes:

  • Multiple guilds’ management, guilds’ monuments, standings management and guilds’ claims related fixes. We hope that the overall guild-related experience should become more stable and convenient
  • Multiple combat mechanics-related bugfixes

Also, private claims and newbie islands functionality will be enabled for testing later this week.

-The Team

Development News #37 - ‘Paradox of parallax makes even dirt look tasty!

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Hey feudalists,

Our render developers have implemented parallax mapping technology - now terrain textures look really volumetric. This will not affect performance very much, but will make the visuals significantly more realistic. This effect can be switched on and off in the game options (included in ‘medium’ and ‘high’ texture quality settings).

We are going to continue to add additional textures which utilize this technology as development progresses.

Check out how it looks [here

Thanks for reading!

- The team

Development News #36 - Combat System Feedback + our Reaction!

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Hey feudalists!

This week’s Dev Blog is fully dedicated to your feedback on the current state of our combat system. We’ve got lots to talk about, so if you’re interested in what to expect of the (near) future of combat, you may want to sit back (possibly pop the kettle on) and prepare for a mountain of info!

General combat-related feedback + changes

Firstly, we would like to introduce the bonus from wearing certain types of armor to suit a certain type of class/play-style. Roughly, we see the following meta groups:
  • Padded - bonus to pikes and anti-cavalry polearm weapons, less damage from impact with horses
  • Leather - bonus to bows and crossbows and increased armor penetration
  • Chainmail - increased mounted combat damage and horse maneuverability
  • Scale mail - one-handed weapon damage bonus, plus bonus to shields
  • Plate - bonus to two-handed weapon damage and chance to avoid poisoning from one-handed weapons
We want to underline that bonuses will be relatively small and in no way should prevent other combinations of weapons/armor.

Another issue that you guys have brought up a few times is the difference between combat and peaceful stances, and the fact that you can switch those instantly and without any cooldown. While speed, stamina drain, received damage and other such factors of war and peaceful stances are necessary for our gameplay, we do agree that some kind of cooldown would be beneficial in order to prevent multiple stance changes during combat for certain advantages.

The affectionately named, ‘face hugging’ is another issue that some of our players have reported. This tactic involves being at point-blank range while bending forward, allowing the player to hit an opponent's legs and avoid most damage from their opponent’s attack. We believe it is acceptable for one handed weapons, but we want to provide a countermeasure for it - thus, we plan to implement a ‘push’ ability, which will be available to all melee weapons. Depending on a weapon’s weight, it will push your opponent backward and apply a short stagger; it should be enough to increase the distance and give a chance to distance yourself from the ‘face hugger’ tactic.

Another important tweak that we plan to implement is to add weapon durability into the damage formula. A good warrior should always be prepared for combat, thus we want to boost the importance of the Equipment Maintain skill also.

Finally, we plan to make it possible for melee weapons to be able to reduce certain amounts of damage to movable objects (furniture, crafting devices, containers etc). Additionally, in the meantime we’re planning on implementing a new type of damage: chopping. A variety of axes will deal chopping damage; it will be advantageous for breaking shields and slightly better at breaking movable objects. In terms of armor resistance, chopping-type damage will be in between the slashing and piercing types of damage; not that good vs unarmored enemies and not as good at armor penetration as the piercing damage.

Cavalry Meta

We’ve heard a lot of concerns from our two-legged players about the prevalence of four-legged fighters in the battles during the MMO Closed Beta Tests. First of all, we must state that we do believe it is completely logical and correct that, at this current stage of the Closed Beta Tests, most of the participants prefer mounts and lances for increased mobility.

The thing is, it is completely normal that, once two sides meet each other on the vast open plains of the MMO map, they prefer to keep mobile for advantage - and infantry feels itself like a disadvantage. It is actually completely normal and realistic; skirmishes in open plains are typically more suited for light cavalry due to their mobility. The main reason it’s so beneficial is because there are no objectives that either side have to control in some way, so we’ve come up with a plan to let infantry shine!

In instanced battles, we plan on implementing a King of the Hill system; where a certain zone in the middle of the map should contain the majority of your forces. During sieges, attackers must fight through your forces and reach the monument to destroy it. In this kind of situation, cavalry will not be able to provide a strong foothold on an objective, and that is where infantry can come to play!

We also have heavy cavalry to consider. We believe that heavy warhorses fill a niche where you need to provide a strong charge against enemy infantry frontlines and have the capacity to soak up much more damage than light cavalry types can typically sustain. For increased advantage for cavalry against infantry, we plan to let mounted players wield and use hand-and-a-half swords for increased reach.

Another topic you guys have discussed is the ol’ ‘pocket ponies’ issue; players can ride a horse and still technically hold another horse in their inventory. One of our aims within the Life is Feudal world is to keep the level of realism to a pretty sufficient level, but not to the extent that means crazy, excessive actions that are a total bore just in the name of ‘realism’! So with this in mind, we are going to leave ‘pocket ponies’ in place. In the meantime, we will significantly increase the time it takes (15-20 seconds) to ‘pack’ and ‘unpack’ your pocket pony, making it a lot harder to use them in the heat of a battle. Packing and unpacking via stables will be just as fast as it is now though.

We also want to increase the value of horses, especially of the trained warhorses - therefore using your horse as a living shield will come at a price. Later on, we plan on adding basic AI to horses; they’ll want to run away if they don’t have a rider and are receiving damage, so you may just want to reconsider using your trusty stead as a movable shield!

Formations and cavalry is another issue we want to address for you. Firstly, we plan to tweak the skill tree in a way that formation skills will be available to everyone without any prerequisite skills. Secondly, we plan to tweak and slightly boost mounted formation bonuses, making it possible and beneficial to make a classic wedge heavy cavalry charge.

All the same, we also want to provide a combat order that will affect all infantry inside the formation, increasing their resistance to knockdowns caused by horses. Ideally, we’re picturing a warrior in padded armor, equipped with a pike or anti-cavalry polearm, standing inside a formation that just received the ‘hold your ground’ order,  being able to resist a cavalry charge with an almost 100% chance to do so successfully. The horse knockdown damage will be classified as ‘blunt’ damage.

Bugfixes and Tweaks

Female models are widely used in combat. After some investigation we’ve realized that, due to a pesky bug, female models’ weapon reach is the same as the male models’ reach, while having a smaller hitbox. We plan to fix this issue ASAP to ensure it’s fair.

We fixed a relatively old bug, where a player could swing their pike while doing a thrusting attack, resulting in a huge amount of speed bonus and damage. You will see the fix in the closest patch.

There is also a slight formula bug with a spear’s thrusting damage, which leads to a good amount of damage being dealt even if the actual speed is not that high. We’re working on a fix for that bug soon, along with the Iron Grip ability bug.

We also feel that it is important to tweak the minimal energy/damage that bow users can inflict now, making it possible for them to kite their opponents. They will have to spend some time pulling the string before the bow will be able to deal any significant damage.

Combat preparation objects will become slightly cheaper, with a slightly easier way to build them, so we expect to see those objects in larger battles with some kind of objective for both sides that has to be quickly fortified.

Last, but by no means least on our tweaks agenda, we’re planning on removing the 100% stagger from the handles/shaft hits of weapons. Phew!

We want to thank you for taking the time to read and understand all of this week’s rather bulky dev blog - obviously we now know who are truly devoted fans! :p

Nothing is completely set in stone yet (except for bug fixes, of course) so right now, we’re really open to your additional feedback - so let us know what you think in the comments below!

- The Team

Development News #32 - A Feudal New Year!

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Hey feudalists,

Firstly, we want to wish you all a very happy new year from all of us here! It’s been an amazing year and we’re so excited for 2017.

To conclude 2016, we’ve finished the first testing run of the MMO closed beta tests. We’ve took on board all of your feedback, reports and ideas and are eager to move forward with this information! We’ve also put together a list of statistics we thought would be cool to share:

Thanks for reading this week’s news update - and once again, have a happy new year!

- The team

1st Test Run of Closed Beta Tests is Over!

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Hey everyone,

Today we have officially closed our first Testing run of the closed beta tests (Wave#1). We want to thank our numerous supporters who struggled through bugs and the occasional crashes in order to provide us with invaluable feedback, allowing us to collect crash data and fix our code!

It will take a good amount of time for us to process all that data, refactor some parts of our code that were not optimal enough, fix bugs and crashes and provide some new gameplay content.

As soon as we are ready for test run #2, we will let you know via email, as well as posting news on our site and social media - so keep an eye out! We are hoping this will happen in the beginning of February.

P.S. We are going to make a backup of the current state of the world, so Closed Beta Testers should not worry about their Monuments decay, farm animals dying of starvation or crops rotting. Next test run will be started from this backup.

Merry Feudalism! ( (MMO))

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Hey everyone,

With the release of the current patch we have tried to create a Christmas mood in the game. We've added holiday hats, boots and mittens in this patch! Put them on and wear them with pleasure. Let Santa know, that Life Is Feudal should be the next place for him to come visit!
To create your hats and other items, you must have linen as well as wool or silk cloth. The required materials depend on the type of item you desire. Sew it with the Weaver's Toolkit. For boots and mittens you need just one linen cloth for each item.

The main news for our beta testers is, that we plan to enable Judgment Hour on Sunday at 6 p.m. UTC (10 a.m. PST). Judgment hour will only be enabled for 1 hour and devoted only to testing its mechanics. We do not expect you to inflict major damage upon each other in just 1 hour, but Life IS Feudal :) During Judgment Hour guilds that are in a state of official war will be able to damage and destroy assets on each other claims, loot containers, well, as you did it many times in LiF:YO.

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks (previous patches included):

  • Added Christmas is feudal special set of craftable items - hats, boots and gloves
  • Judgment hour mechanics been adapted for the MMO
  • Updated stamina spending on Collect a bark, Search for Something Edible, Gather Plant Fiber, Fish, Saw out a …, Gather Wild Plants abilities
  • Following abilities have decreased skill raise speed now: Construct, Saw out a Billet, Saw out a Board, Bowcraft, Gather Wild Plants, Get a Sprout, Tame.
  • Grind ability has been buffed a little
  • You can now bind yourself to siege tents and keeps. Resurrecting there will significantly decrease your resurrection sickness. Recommended to do only for important warriors in an events involving sieges/raids.
  • Implemented a shiny new GM robe, old GM robe is called "Believer Robe" now.
  • Torch can now be easily made out of basic materials and does not require naphtha. It does not require Demolition skill and deals VERY low siege damage
  • Added new weapon item "Siege Torch". Made with Warfare Engineering from naphtha, required Demolition skill, has normal siege damage
  • Added a loosen snow substance to avoid steep hills being created with snow
  • Added sow, cow and hind wild animals to the game
  • Decreased wild animals chance to inflict wound/fracture/stun
  • Removed ability to block with a pike
  • Defensive fence: damage now dependent on actual durability instead of objects weight
  • Boar and moose attacks damaging sector/reach increased
  • Wild animals should be properly animated on steep terrain tiles
  • Entities: loot, dropped objects, tombstones, corpses are now excluded from "Inspect Object" ability
  • Shape ability is now back in Material preparation skill.
  • Mortar and pestle can now be crafted with a branch as other primitive tools
  • Players should have a proper invulnerability buff, after log in and recall to home. Effect disappears as soon as player starts movement.
  • Adding support of Czech and Korean languages.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed network behavior of our Dispatcher server. That should drastically decrease all connection related problem our players has suffered from. A full and proper fix will be deployed later next week.
  • Fixed some issues with Guild Monuments not upgrading
  • Players that have fallen under the terrain should be returned back to the surface automatically
  • Fixed rare crashes on tooltips
  • Fixed formations related bug that could result in a huge defense bonus making player almost invulnerable
  • Fixed permanently sliding/hanging horses
  • Optimized wild animals navmesh. That should improve performance during maintenance, but might increase new world creation time
  • Fixed emotes sounds
We hope you enjoy today's patch!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

P.S. Due to many requests we’ve decided to make first JH at Sunday.

- The team

Development News #31 - Christmas is Feudal

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Hey feudalists,

The end of December is one of the most magical times during winter, and here, at Bitbox, it’s almost impossible for us to resist the holiday mood. We have decorated our houses and our office, bought gifts and signed postcards to friends. Now we are just waiting for Christmas Eve.

We have also tried to create a Christmas mood in the game. The main news is that we've added holiday hats, boots and mittens in this patch! Put them on and wear them with pleasure. Let Santa know, that Life Is Feudal should be the next place for him to come visit!
To create your hats and other items, you must have linen as well as wool or silk cloth. The required materials depend on the type of item you desire. Sew it with the Weaver's Toolkit. For boots and mittens you need just one linen cloth for each item.

We hope you enjoy today's patch!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

- The team

Getting well and better

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Hey everyone,

This weekend was one of the hottest weekends in the history of our team. Servers were going up and down with a steady pace; this current patch is designed to slow that steady pace down, along with some other issues that you guys have unfortunately suffered! We must warn you that some of the issues are still in place, because they have proven to be not exactly easy and fast to fix - but we’re hoping to defeat most of them within the next few days!

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks:

  • Provided some Judgment Hour related fixes. (JH will not be active for now, until we completely fix it. Expect JH to start working closer to this Friday.)
  • Tweaked some combat skill multipliers to slow their progression a bit
  • Soft stamina (that represents your oxygen level while underwater) drains significantly slower now, while you’re underwater
  • Vassal States can not change their political states and can only remove ally to break away from  their suzerain
  • Buildings outside of claimed areas can now be damaged with siege weaponry
  • ‘Trespassers’ no longer works on your enemies (members of the guild you’re officially at war with)
  • Added proper mass players messaging to avoid the whole, ‘Now you are the leader of Beta Testers’ prefix :)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the 2nd main reason for server crashes. The main reason is still being worked on :(
  • Owner timer on movable objects (horses, furniture etc.) is fixed and has priority over the claim. While dismounting your horse on an enemy claim you will have a certain amount of time to remount your horse, while the timer ticks
  • Guilds in official ally and war standings will not suffer from alignment penalties while ‘interacting’ with each other
  • Implemented some server log-related optimization to improve server performance
  • Fixed the monument upgrade progress bar not being rendered in some situations
- The team

The first MMO f*ckup and the first fixes

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Hey everyone,

We are really sorry, but we must confess, that during our rush to start the first run of Closed Beta Tests we forgot to change a shuffled underground resources map. That means, that since the start till now it was impossible to find any resources higher that a quality level of 10 or any underground ore at all. In this patch we will fix that issue and will bring resources back to their proper locations.

Good news is, that we have supposedly fixed a connection issue, when the client hangs on initialization and some server side crashes. If you have modified our client we strongly suggest you to revert those modifications now. (Launcher -> Repair).

We also fixed a guild standings bug with Kingdoms -> Vassals standings. Guild leaders will need to reset those alliances once more.

The Guild monument city claim radius is doubled now (as it originally should be).

We expect that server downtime should not take longer than 1 hour, hopefully less.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

- The team

The first run of Closed Beta Tests (Wave#1) has started!

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Hey everyone,

We are really excited to let you all know that today, on December 14th, the First Closed Beta Test of Life Is Feudal has started! Everyone who is eligible to participate in the beta tests can visit the closed forums section and use a link listed there to download the launcher. This is the same link you should have received in our newsletter.

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks:

  • Skill Progression is set to x2. Your skills and stats will progress two times faster than is originally intended for testing purposes.
  • Implemented Guilds and Politics systems. You need at least 10 members to join your guild and build a monument in order to be able to participate in global politics. Once you have a monument set, you can change your guilds’ standings and adjust them versus other guilds. If you set to Ally standing for another guild and they accept it, it will make your guilds a Kingdom, and the guild that accepted the Ally request will become your Vassal State, losing the ability for that guild to set its own political standings. The Guild leader can setup access rules for different entites. We expect to implement individual per object access rules later this month.
  • Guild leaders can access the guild management web page via their Authority skill ability (check your skillbook) while in game or on our site
  • mplemented minigames feature. More info about how these are supposed to work is here: We will provide you with links on mobile apps for minigames later this week or next, but they should work while in game or on our site.
  • Alignment penalty for a kill is doubled (-20 alignment per murder) But we remind you, that during official wars between guilds their members do not lose alignment for killing each other.
  • Added Primitive torch both as starting item and as basic recipe. You don’t need the Demolition skill to use it, but it is not effective as a siege weapon as a result. You can still use it to scare off wild animals that are hit by it.
  • Added Korean and Czech languages localization
P.S. Pro Tip: You may experience some lag in the central city while we’re still in early days so spreading out a bit is advised!

- The Team

The Winner Takes it All!

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Hey everyone,

We are really excited to let you all know that today, on December 14th, the First Closed Beta Test of Life Is Feudal: MMO will officially open its doors for the players! We will make a separate announcement about when the beta will actually start, so look out for that.

Just a heads up that we’ve sent out emails to those lucky 1000 random players who won the LiF lottery so check your emails ASAP!

Thanks again to all of our amazing players for your continued support.

- The Team

Development News #28 - ‘Now I’m a Believer - More Info’

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Hey feudalists!

You might have seen our news regarding our new ‘Believer’ packs for the MMO so we thought we’d elaborate a bit for you guys in this week’s news update.

Firstly, the packs are divided into three: True, Devoted, and Zealous (which you can find out more about here)

In order to elaborate a bit better, we’ve picked some useful questions from the FAQ - remember you can check out the FAQ on the forums too if you haven’t already, and submit your questions!


What can you actually buy with real money? Just how much "pay2win" is it?
Answer: It’s mostly cosmetic items and a ticket for character transfer. The original plans to avoid Pay2Win byall costs are still in place, while Bobik is alive and within the project!

Reserving character names for mmo (i guess it is ok) but is guild forming going to be available 2 ?
Answer: Nope, that will work only for character names.

What is God’s favor?
Answer: It's a premium currency that you later will be able to buy with real life currency.

What about those of us who donated in the very early days before the game was even on Steam?
Answer: You still have an access and we want to preserve your unique status by some special unique in-game title or maybe some item. There are no final plans yet.

Are "Tickets to the Mainland of the Realm" in the open-beta available to anyone with YO ownership or only for those who have "Devoted Believer”?
Answer: Tickets will be available at Beta Wave #2 to everyone. But LiF:YO users will have one such ticket for free.

"Ticket to the Mainland of a Realm" and its tooltip is pretty unclear… is that the "character ticket"? and then, if a YO owner buys the zealous pack, they'll have 3 character tickets and then be able to have 3 characters on their account?
Answer: Yes, you need one ticket to move one character on the mainland. 
If you want to buy a pack as YO owner, you will be promoted with $10 OFF and getting package with 1 + 3 tickets on Open Beta.
How long after purchasing a package will an account be credited with the benefits? As an example I've purchased a Zealous package and was informed by a prompt that the keys would be available in my personal account, but have not yet received a key for the extra copy of LiF: YO, nor has my account name changed in color.
Answer: If you activated your pack on your account, you should receive an email confirming the activation.
If you applied for additional $10 discount, you will not receive additional YO key.
In-game benefits will be available in Open Beta (Wave #2).


We hope these Q&As help clear up any initial confusion! We definitely recommend visiting the FAQ on the forums for any questions you may have in the future.

Thanks, as always, for being so great and understanding!

- The team

Feeling enlightened now!

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We have received an overwhelming amount of a feedback and questions since our previous news announcement, and would like to clarify few things for you - our players!

On the 25th of May, we made an announcement about Life is Feudal: MMO beta testing stages. Those plans got stretched by reality (cruel world!) and we later reviewed them with our new publishing partners. But we want to clarify that, generally those stages/waves plan will be executed, just with a few corrections. The new rough plan should look as follows:

Beta Wave #0

This test was completed quite a while ago.

Beta Wave #1

Who is eligible: All our current Life is Feudal:MMO testers + those who had purchased any of supporter packs on our site or has won access
Start date (aprox.): We plan a couple of testing runs for this wave with the first one starting on the 14th of December 2016. Plans for the next testing runs of Wave#1 will be announced shortly after the end of the first one.
Duration (aprox.): A few months, hopefully we will finish late Q1 2017
Wipe at the end?: Yes
Map resources shuffle?: Yes

Beta Wave #2

Who is eligible: Everyone who has Life is Feudal: Your Own in their Steam library or who purchased supporter packs or who have acquired a ticket for their character in-game
Start date (aprox.): In a few weeks after the end of Beta Wave #1
Duration (aprox.): 0.5 - One year
Wipe at the end?: No
Map resources shuffle?: No


Who is eligible: Everyone who has Life is Feudal: Your Own in their Steam library or who purchased supporter packs or who have acquired a ticket for their character in-game
Start date (aprox.): A few weeks after the end of Beta Wave #2
Duration (aprox.): Infinite!
Wipe at the end?: No
Map resources shuffle?: No

- The team

Now I’m a Believer

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Hey everyone,

We’re super excited to share something that we’ve been perfecting for some time: our new ‘Believer’ Packs!

Divided into True, Devoted and Zealous, each pack allows access to the MMO Beta, the ability to create a character early and a unique name on the forums among so much more!

For more information, check out our interactive FAQ about supporter packs here.

We also want to take this time to let you know how grateful all of us are for your continued support, belief and patience - we hope you enjoy these packages; we’re really excited to hear your thoughts and feedback in the MMO.

True to our word, LiF:YO owners will still get a free character in the MMO when it is fully released - plus LiF:YO owners receive a discount on these packs as a thank you for your long-term support!

We are also proud to announce the global launch date of Life is Feudal: MMO’s closed beta, slated for Wednesday, December 14,

Closed Beta registration has begun so be sure to sign up here and 1,000 lucky fans, chosen at random, will receive full access to the game.

- The team 

‘Most Hardcore MMO‘ award. Go for it!

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Hey everyone!

(Thanks Khan for the great screenshot)

Today is the last day of this year’s Steam Awards. We think it’d be a bit of fun, and also really cool, to get together and cast an extra vote - so we’re calling upon our beloved players to get involved and vote ‘Most Hardcore MMO’ for Life is Feudal!

Cast your vote here, Comment below to let us know you’ve voted!

- The team

A moderate amount of fails

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Hey everyone!

We are happy that we have reached this stage in testing, but unfortunately, we have encountered some issues during the current test run. These issues were centered around being able to properly inform our players of their testing status via email notifications and code/functionality of the build.

During the next two  weeks, we are taking a bit of a timeout to properly address the issues that were discovered by our testers during this last test. On the 11th of November we will begin another short test run and will also invite some users to the testing session. We will issue an email newsletter to inform users that were picked and eligible to participate in our next test run once we start it!

Please continue applying to the beta and do not forget to verify your Life is Feudal:Your Own ownership via billing section of our site.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this time,

-The team

Short Beta test run started!

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Hey everyone!

We are happy to announce that we’ve picked a couple hundred lucky applicants to participate in current short test run and all the following beta tests. We strongly suggest you to check your email inbox (and probably spam folder) to see if you’re one of those lucky folks!

We plan to end this short test run in a couple of days since its start, so we suggest you to hop in and test as soon as you can ;)

If you have some technical issues with beta tests or want to report serious bugs and exploits, please, address those to our tech support email:

Sign up for the MMO Beta: Updated Info!

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Hey everyone!

This announcement is just a heads up to let you know that we’ve implemented a tool in the billing system, which will allow you to verify ownership for Life is Feudal:Your Own.

Applicants who own LiF:YO have a higher chance to get into the beta tests (check out the recent post for more information!)

This is to stop rigging by creating multiple accounts - phew.

Thanks for reading - we’re looking forward to working with you!

P.S. If you experience any trouble verifying your LiF:YO Ownership, make sure to clean your browser’s cache and reload!

- The team

Sign up for MMO beta!

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Dear fans!

You can now sign up for beta! Just follow this link and click the button!

In the following week, we will be collecting your applications and will randomly pick a handful of testers to participate in the next short Beta Test Run, which is planned for the 28th of October.

These testers will be eligible for all following Beta Test waves of Life is Feudal: MMO.

Expect more news about longer Closed Beta Tests Wave in November!

- Thanks, the team

Development News #21 - ‘Shoot it! Range combat revised’

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Hey feudalists!

If you checked out the last dev blog, you’ll know we’re overhauling melee and ranged combat mechanics. In today’s development news, we’re looking at bows, crossbows and ranged combat!

Check out some of the changes we have in mind:
  • Crossbows. Reload speed, accuracy and range will be increased for all Crossbows. Unlike other ranged weapons, crossbows will require significantly less strength and agility. Crossbow bolts will be possible to equip in a hip slot.
  • Bows. Most changes are planned for simple and short bows, in some situations they may be preferable over the longbow. Agility will also noticeably affect accuracy.
  • Throwing weapons. Throwing trajectories of javelins, throwing axes and throwing knives will be changed, slightly affecting the effective range. All throwing weapon damage will be increased.
  • Projectiles. Stacks of arrows and bolts will be limited in number.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into some of what we’ve been up to!

- Thanks, the team!

Development News #20 - ‘Combat Mechanics Overhaul'

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Hey Feudalists!

Right now we are working on overhauling melee and ranged combat mechanics. Check out our short-term goals:
  • Enhanced shield importance. Shields will give a more significant defensive advantage. We are going to increase blocking speed and passive protection, as well as improving shield bash by making it easier to hit with.
  • Changes in pounce mechanics. We will improve the effectiveness of this ability against foes with shields, and at the same time, we will reduce its jump force.
  • Extra damage. We plan to set a certain weapon group with a special feature of increased stun chance.
  • Parrying system change. Parrying should be an immediate action to counter your opponent’s moves, rather than a permanent defense like blocking. We are going to overhaul the parrying to make it possible to deflect blows, as well as make it impossible to stay in the parrying state permanently. We are also going to make parrying chance dependent on the particular weapon you use.
  • Speed bonus. We plan to make speed bonus depend more on player’s movement speed rather than weapon speed for certain strike types.
This will be the melee combat changes that we plan to introduce in the near future!

Next week, we’ll be talking about our plans for bows, crossbows and ranged combat mechanics.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into some of what we’ve been up to. We’d just like to let you know that we are fully aware of the problem with overpowered damage when the direction of a strike switches while you’re attacking.

- Thanks, the team!

MMO related partnership announcement

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Hey everyone,

For those of you who are interested in the future of Life is Feudal: MMO, we are happy to share some news with you!

We position ourselves as developers and indie publishers, but we obviously lack resources and expertise in other fields of publishing knowledge, like PR, marketing, user acquisition and distribution. Especially on a worldwide MMORPG scale. It became obvious for us that we needed a partner to back up and support us in the aforementioned activities.

Thus, after much consideration and lengthy negotiations, we’ve decided that Xsolla is the best launching partner for us! Their team members have proven to us that they feel and understand how our game is different from many other MMO titles that are currently on the market. We really feel that we’re truly on the same page with them, especially since some of them are veterans of UO gaming. We are really excited and looking forward to launching our MMORPG along with them!
We also want to underline the fact that they WILL NOT be our publishers - but rather, partners that support our MMORPG launch by providing us with all necessary publishing tools, PR and marketing expertise and tech that will be useful. So, don’t fear: the vision of our game and key mechanics will not be desecrated! :)

Launch related activities are being planned at present, and we will announce major beta/release milestones to you as soon as they’re ready and set in stone. One thing that we can hint about is that you can expect the next wave to start in late October 2016! ;) 

Dev Blog Incoming

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Hey everyone,

We’ve heard you, and so we’re going to be starting a weekly development update to ensure you are all in the loop!

Firstly, you might have already seen posts about ‘Life is Feudal: Forest Village’ - in summary, this game has been developed by a fellow Indie Studio, Mindillusion and published by us under the ‘LiF’ name. It’s recently made it through Greenlight on Steam so you should definitely check it out!

In MMO news, we’re diving full force into the development of the MMO guild system. Check out the wiki ( for more info on how it’ll work), with standings and official wars, battles and sieges.

The highly anticipated native NPCs are also in development - we’re really looking forward to sharing more with you as we progress with that!

And for our amazing wave #0 testers, right now you can roam free and play as you see fit until we have any specific areas we need you guys to test for us. Basically we’ve got a huge amount of feedback and test data for now and we’re making necessary changes according to that feedback

Thank you for being awesome - look out for our dev blog for more information!

What’s New with the MMO

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Hi everyone!

As you’re all aware, Wave #0 of the MMO is well under way and it’s looking like Wave #1 will be commencing in about two to three weeks (if things continue to run smoothly!) so we’ll be keeping you posted with that.

Currently we’re working on numerous servers and client crash fixes, a proper MMO-scale guild system, as well as a more sophisticated private/guilds property system - the way it is described on wiki ( We are very thankful to our beta testers for their invaluable help and patience!

Keep checking back for more information

Finally! MMO beta Wave #0 has started!

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Dear friends!

After six years of development (since May 2010), including six months of alpha tests (first half of 2014), as well as two years of the MMO being on hold while LiF:YO was in development, we are so excited to announce that we’re FINALLY starting the beta tests of Life is Feudal: MMO!

We are starting Beta Wave #0, which will run for a short period of time (a few weeks). Our original backers/donors back from 2014, along with some of our friends, are eligible for this wave. Those with golden and teal nicknames on our boards are the lucky group who are taking part in Wave #0 (all people who qualify for the proper colored forum names are already active).

If you can view this topic (, it means you will be able to participate in all beta waves, including the current wave. We actually strongly encourage you, not only to read this topic, but to study it carefully! We expect to find some bugs/crashes/other nasty things to come up once tests have started, so please be careful not to post multiple reports of known issues.

What will not work in Beta wave#0:
  • Global politics and advanced guild management. Guilds work a similar way to LiF:YO for now
  • Formations and groups are temporary disabled (it will be reactivated in a few days)

Keep your fingers crossed and prepare to CRUSH and CRASH! :)

Oh, we nearly forgot- :) here is the launcher download link:

Moving Studios

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Hey everyone,
today’s update isn’t a game dev announcement, just proof that we’re alive and doing something to benefit our continued function as a business!

As you all know, we are gearing up for testing to begin so we really wanted to improve the services we have available for the development team. Therefore, we decided to move to a new office, which is better suited for our needs - hence our quietness the past week!

Obviously, just before the MMO testing does seem an odd time to move - and we agree! Unfortunately for us, our plans to change office was moved up on the list when our landlord upped the rent: money we would, of course, rather be putting into our game!

The new location is a big quality of life improvement for the team - especially since we keep them chained to their desks! We also have improved internet and network performance, which will provide a huge bonus during the testing and development phase.

As always, thanks everyone for your patience and continued support!
P.S. We're 99.99% sure that Beta Wave #0 will start next week.

MMO servers are up - Beta tests incoming!

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MMO servers are UP!
See for yourself here:

Don’t start cheering just yet! Currently, we won’t be opening the beta servers up to  anyone outside of our studio for now - but we will soon!

If you’re interested in the MMO version of Life is Feudal, please read the following information carefully:

Heraldry, MMO and another MMO

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We’re expecting the heraldry patch to drop early next week - expect lots of balancing and gameplay revamping in preparation for the upcoming MMO 
With heraldry, you and your guild can personalize your look, which may prove important when identifying friend or foe during battle! 
Once the patch is out, to enable the changes, you guys will have to switch to ‘beta branch’ on Steam - we’ll be giving you more information, and instructions on how to do this, closer to the time 
On top of this, the internal tests are drawing to a close for our MMO; our alpha testers are on standby to get involved in the closed beta of the MMO commencing the beginning of April (they were the original MMO alpha testers back in 2014 - you can recognise them by their gold usernames on our site forum) - stay tuned for information! 
In other news,

Polygons' finding of Life is Feudal

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"Finding civilization: The future of Life is Feudal"

This article is so refreshing for us, as it really delves into the variety LiF has to offer, the details that help it stand out, and what our development goals and ideas are as a whole.  

As well as discussing the game, the interview - with Vladimir Piskunov - is taken to a personal level; Vlad (aka Bobik) talks about his views of the gaming market and what inspired him to begin the Life is Feudal project. 

*Disclaimer: the beta version of the MMO will start around Spring/Summer of 2016


Warmfixes that are not that hot aka “Friday the 13th lucky patch” (

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This current patch is dedicated to providing more fixes to our claims system and to client side performance in general. We have also implemented a Repair Ability, so you can now repair damaged structures and objects with different sized Repair Kits.

Roadmap 2015 and PAX South

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As soon as we saw your overwhelming support on the first day when early access became available, we understood that we have to make a perfect game for all of you! Thus, we started to expand our team of professionals. That process was not instant, we had to tread carefully and test new members’ development skills to ensure quality. We had even organized our own QA team for the same reason. Many doomsayers believed that we would end up on some island paradise with the financial part of your support. Alas! We are still in our office working as hard as ever and hoping to bring tons of cool stuff to LiF at 2015!

To show you what the future will bring we are glad to present our Roadmap 2015!

LiF:YO is coming!

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LiF:YO Steam Early Alpha release is really close and probably should happen at 19th of September 2014! Unfortunately due to our limited server capabilities we have to cease alpha tests of LiF:MMO in order to run official LiF:YO servers on these servers. IF things go good, we plan to bring LiF:MMO servers up and ready for tests as soon as possible.

As a compensation, current Alpha testers will receive CD keys for both testing and release versions of LiF:YO. We really looking forward for your help to test out LiF:YO with us.

Yet another original feature

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From now on active pre Alpha testers can communicate with their colleagues that are currently in game simply by clicking a link: or finding a "Join Game Chat" button on their Account -> Characters page. 

Development is going at full available force and we are still looking positively towards September 2014 Steam Early Alpha Access  for LiF:YO!

P.S. My current wallpaper (100% in game screenshot):

A part of game that is often overlooked

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We want to announce that we have finally finished preparing in-game tutorials for you. These tutorials include short videos and will guide you through the game basics and shortly explain mechanics of the most important features. You can browse those tutorials here:

Development progression and wiki updates

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You have waited long enough for some juicy news, so here we go!

Starting with the big stuff: archery and the thrown weaponry system are at 50% of development goals. Soon enough our testers will be able to shoot some nice headshots from afar. A proper day and night cycle is also coming soon that should raise your impression of the game world even more. There are also some visual postFX system tweaks being produced and a lot of internal systems development and bug fixing is going on constantly. We can confidently say that servers are a lot more stable than few months ago, but there still is a lot of work ongoing to increase their stability.

One last thing. Our gamepedia was recently updated with some new content. This allows you to take a look at every single building, device and furniture in the game via uploaded screenshots. Actual information about recipes and requirements of those objects was also included. Check that page for instance.

Change of plans

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      We want to announce a significant change of plans considering the LiF release. There is really nothing to worry about as far as the plans for LiF and these changes are great news that offer new options for you the player as LiF moves forward in development.

      While working on the server functionality we made a decision to take a different approach as for the way the servers will work for this new option. We explored some new possibilities and decided to change our priorities. Until now we only concentrated on opening one, big server based on our multinode technology, but during our work we have decided to offer a way that will provide players with a lot more possibilities.

Server nodes status page and more...

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We had added a long awaited status page for our Alpha testers:

Currently we're still improving stability of server nodes to be ready to start a proper full force Alpha tests. With a help of our passionate and patient volunteer testers we hope to reach a stable version and release Alpha in a two weeks, but nothing is in stone within a such complex project. Thank you for your patience and that you trust in us!

Introducing new mount!

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We've just finished creation of a new mount to LiF! You can check its in game screenshots here:

On a more serious note. We're working hard to fix all those server side crashes that we all had experienced during our last sneak peek test runs. We really hope that we will be able to provide all necessary fixes in time and start next pre-alpha tests at 9th of April.


Two News for the Price of One

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Two quick news announcements!
First, we have some new stories from our Lore Master! They’ll be exploring the Terrun religion, the main religion in Acaelia. So check them out in the Lore section of our website!
Additionally, we’ll be running some closed server tests before our Alpha. These will take place on Thursday evening (aprox. 4 pm GMT) and they’re the start of us gearing up for our Closed Alpha testing.

International sections of our forum

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We have just created international sections so our fans can participate in discussions and ask their questions using their native language. Though the rest of the forum will still be "English only".

P.S. If you want us to create a forum section for your native language, send a private forums message to "Arrakis09". As soon as we get enough of these request we will create a new section. 

Hooray! Greenlit!

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We've been Greenlit by the Steam community! Thanks to all our fans that have supported us during our short but intense campaign! In a few days we will be announcing the starting date of our Closed Alpha tests. We should have a date for you by next week, so Alpha is very close ;) Stay tuned.
P.S. If you want to participate in closed Alpha tests, you can learn about it here:

Going for some Greenlight

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The color green is lacking from our game, so we’ve decided to go for a Steam Greenlight! Feel free to support us with your upvotes and positive comments.
The first wave of invites to the upcoming Closed Alpha has just passed. All of our donors and some of our most devoted fans have received access to the closed section of our boards reserved for Alpha testers. Log in on our boards and check them out, you might also have been invited ;)
P.S. Alpha is close …
P.P.S PM Bobik on boards if you have donated to us, but for some reason does not have closed section access.

Land ahoy!

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We have finished the generation of underground details and planting of forests on our brand new continent (including newbie island). New lands are waiting to be settled up by the first Alpha testers! There are some stats for your amusement:

Total area (sq. meters): 470 017 800

Land mass area (sq. meters): 306 155 600

Iron ore deposits (cubic meters): 2 686 160 196

Copper ore deposits (cubic meters): 1 585 786 189

Silver ore deposits (cubic meters): 17 192 576

Gold deposits (cubic meters): 8 103 766

Total trees: 2 807 269

Huge Wikipedia Update

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Thanks to the team and our own efforts Wiki about our game is up and updated with a massive amount of articles. We strongly suggest that you familiarize yourselves with our wiki in order to be even more prepared for the upcoming world of Life is Feudal.

P.S. Cheers to Carrol and Benjamin at!

Lady on the Boat, to the good Luck!

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LiF have just acquired new, valuable member. Linda MacGill aka "Methelina"! 
She is great Game Designer that worked on the famous games like a "MechWarrior: Living Legends" and "Fallout Online". She is really friendly person, she will take care of visual effects and graphic quality here. Surely she will do a lot of good things in here.
You can see Linda's working profile at this adress:

Hey, hey! Lets spread the Word Today!

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Attentive player can be a good feudal. So the LIF expansion over the world will start from the small postings. For example of this concept we represent the nice and freindly article about our game, written by a user -  Richard Whelchel. He have a good eye for details and make a nice trip throuth the game features of the LIF. 
Thanks Richard Whelchel, we will contact with you to give a gift of "Personal Alpha Test Code".  

Lore update and a Lore Master

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The homer sent a great message for citizens of the Empire:
At first, The Great Lore library opened here, built for the RolePlayers and lone wanderers. This scrolls will be an ultimate guide for you, in the world of the "LIfe is Feudal". Hello and Welcome, feel free to read here the amazing stories and historical facts.
And for the last words, bow to the our new Lore Master  - Kyle aka "Billus"! 
Nice to see you at the Team, Kyle!

The king is dead, long live the king!

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Today we had closed our campaign. There are numerous reasons for that and some of them is our fault too, but we could not change it much, since the campaign had started. Still we are going to survive according our Plan "B" ;)

Second stream containing some combat moments of our Sandbox MMORPG is going to be soon. At January 2014 we are planning to start some internal Alpha tests, which should turn out, hopefully into more open Alpha at February-March of 2014.

Live stream of some gameplay aspects

tags: mmo

Long awaited live stream with developers will happen at Friday 15th of November at 20:00 GMT (3:00 p.m. EST). We will make a new update with a live link on our stream. Those who will miss that live stream will be able to look through it on our Official LiF YouTube Channel.

Some site updates you might be interested in...

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Our site section MMOs & LiF has just received some beautiful pictures here and there in its articles. Make sure that you've spent some time to get more familiar with those articles and pictures ;)  

Life is Feudal promo trailer released!

tags: mmo

We're happy and proud to announce our first promotional trailer that you can see here:

Stay tuned for more news soon and have a nice day!


2nd tech demo released!

tags: mmo


We have just released 2nd technical demo of our ingame features: surface terraforming, object placement and construction. Check it out here. 

You can ask questions or post your suggestions regarding that video in that topic.

Site and forums are up again!

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I'll explain what had happened with us during those days and what an incredible stupidity we had stumbled upon during those days. 

Without any warnings our hosting provider (mochahost) had stopped supporting of InnoDB storage engine. That resulted in like half of our tables to become unreadable=corrupted (since MySQL don't know how to read them without that engine running). 

We have realized that fact like in few days after server went down. But before that we've tryed every imaginable way of recovering our database tables to save all the data we had. And we've failed in that, since we needed filesystem access to our base files. 


tags: mmo

You might be interested in listening to that podcast: 


Besides some interesting stuff you might want to listen to, you can check out an interview with Vladimir aka "Bobik", who's answering alot of project related questions. 


Thanx to Coolit for making that happen!

Interview for

tags: mmo

Our gamedesigner Luca aka Fenris answered some questions for

You can check out his interview here

If you for some reason is not familiar with Italian language, you can read English translation below: 


Our official IRC channel

tags: mmo

Greetings everyone! 

Since doomsday of our alpha tests is getting closer, we have made our official IRC channel to communicate better with alpha testers and other interested persons ;) 

So, hop in: 

/join LiF 


Cya there :)

Some site changes and general development progress

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As you might have noticed, we've changed our forum engine + we've done some internal site updates to get prepared for a upcoming alpha/beta tests . In next few months you will see our main site to be reworked also.