Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s development news!

Following [Plate armor], we are happy to introduce you to the new Padded armor. It’s super lightweight but with reasonable protection - armor like this was widely used among early medieval warriors.

Padded armor allows you to move faster for longer and carry more weight, as well as giving some decent protection. We are going to introduce an overhauled armor creation system in LiF. Cloth armor will soon become more affordable than the other types and will take its proper place in your inventory.

You might have seen that we launched a [patch] yesterday, that quite a few of our players have been really excited for. We have received numerous requests in the past for Observe Mode to work while moving so you can plan your terraforming needs from every angle.

We are also super excited to let you all know that we have managed to find some code that was not optimal - fixing it resulted in a significant server performance boost!

Check out the patch announcement for the rest of the notes.

Thanks for reading, look out for next week’s post!

- The team