Development News #17 - ‘Sashes, Silk and Scales: a Khoor Design’

Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s development news!

As a follow-on from last week, we’ll be looking into more of our upcoming armour improvements that we’ve been working on.

Scale armour has the best defence against piercing attacks, and is also pretty good against slashing. Its design allows better mobility than plate armour, but not as much as padded or leather.

You can see the armour below, handcrafted by Khoor artisans, using rather specific elements, such as horse tails and sashes - plus silks and furs for the more elite. 

As always, we hope you’re enjoying the insight into some of what we're working on - look out for next week’s update!

- The team

No sleep weekend and some weekday results (0.9.4267)

Hey fellow villagers!

We proudly present another quick patch with some fixes that we’ve accumulated during this weekend. We hope it will run well, at least as well as our QA tells us! :) 

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4267):

Bug fixes:

  • A LOT of different crashfixes
  • It is now easier to find a good spot for the Fisherman's lodge and Port
  • Well now regenerates water a bit slower. Make sure that you have enough of them!
  • Added some fences to better visualize borders of some buildings

P.S.  Some of your video settings (vsync, resolution etc.) might be reset after this patch. We are sorry for the inconvenience that it might cause.

Some visual improvements (

Hey everyone,

If you follow our development blogs, you’ll probably have seen that we’ve announced some visual changes in our game! If not, don’t worry - you can take a quick glance at those [here].

This current patch brings those visual changes live to your PCs!

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:

  • Reworked the HDR system completely. Make sure to try playing with different settings in the Video options menu
  • Nights have become darker now. Be sure to wield a torch before you go for a wander
  • Eye adaptation effect has been implemented. You can see it while entering or leaving buildings or darker parts of world
  • Ambient lighting has been tweaked to provide better visual quality in shaded areas
  • Added some more minor visual effects and improvements
  • Increased warehouses window size for easier inventory management
  • Repair ability duration changed from 5 seconds to 10-8 seconds
  • Fortifications are harder to repair now
  • Large repair kits are now 10x more effective than the small one
  • Added new trophies (boar, wolf, bull)
  • Reworked some existing models: Campfire, Forge and anvil, Potter's wheel, Quern, Deer Trophy, Masterwork vase, Vase, Winepress, Stone wall sections, Wooden wall sections, Loom, Bed, Bench, Chair, Decorated bed, Expensive bench, Table, Wall Shelf, Sleeping Bag, Throne, Wooden mill, Big Plaster house

Bug fixes:

  • Provided a couple of serious client side optimizations, which should increase your FPS in crowded areas
  • Some potential/rare crashes have been fixed
  • Fixed a vulnerability that allowed game servers to be crashed remotely (“Death Star” found by Alakar)
  • Short Pike and Long Pike "wall of pikes" attacks now works as intended

Fixity-fix! (0.9.4221)

Hey fellow villagers!

Just another quick patch with some fixes. We want to thank everybody for giving us feedback, which really helps us out.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4221):

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug causing pasture slaughtering working not as intended
  • Pasture workers now properly prioritize food/water depending on which animal in the pasture needs more at that given time
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect village resources window information
  • Application log does not grow in size that fast now
  • Roads related issues should be fixed now
  • Builders getting stuck and freezing has been fixed

On top of this, you’ll be happy to know that we will be releasing a development roadmap as soon as we have stabilized the gameplay experience and have fixed major bugs in the current build.

MMO related partnership announcement

Hey everyone,

For those of you who are interested in the future of Life is Feudal: MMO, we are happy to share some news with you!

We position ourselves as developers and indie publishers, but we obviously lack resources and expertise in other fields of publishing knowledge, like PR, marketing, user acquisition and distribution. Especially on a worldwide MMORPG scale. It became obvious for us that we needed a partner to back up and support us in the aforementioned activities.

Thus, after much consideration and lengthy negotiations, we’ve decided that Xsolla is the best launching partner for us! Their team members have proven to us that they feel and understand how our game is different from many other MMO titles that are currently on the market. We really feel that we’re truly on the same page with them, especially since some of them are veterans of UO gaming. We are really excited and looking forward to launching our MMORPG along with them!
We also want to underline the fact that they WILL NOT be our publishers - but rather, partners that support our MMORPG launch by providing us with all necessary publishing tools, PR and marketing expertise and tech that will be useful. So, don’t fear: the vision of our game and key mechanics will not be desecrated! :)

Launch related activities are being planned at present, and we will announce major beta/release milestones to you as soon as they’re ready and set in stone. One thing that we can hint about is that you can expect the next wave to start in late October 2016! ;)