Major server lag defeated! ( (MMO))

Hey everyone,

The main reason we are releasing this current patch is that we’ve managed to defeat the persistent bug that has caused random server lag on many servers. We’ve managed to patch some servers on the fly, but a proper full patch and server restart is needed. During the process of locating this bug and the effort to minimize the impact, we’ve implemented numerous server side optimizations that we are also including today.

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks:

  • Guild leader can now see the position of all his fellow guildmates on the global map Available in the guild management screen under “Map” link (updates every 30 secs) [link]
  • Guild leader CAN now actually remove personal claims from his guild’s claim
  • You can no longer damage your own guild’s buildings, when JH is not active
  • Primitive rope is not considered an expensive item anymore for monument sacrifices

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an unlimited number of personal claims. One character can have only one personal claim now.
  • Minor guild leaders can kick and promote/demote guild members properly now
  • Optimized physics calculations for idle standing horses
  • Optimized physics calculations in all cases
  • Fixed multiple issues with crossing server node borders
  • Fixed heraldry management button not being visible

P.S Be prepared! JH will be active this weekend according to the following schedule:
Saturday — 18:00 UTC (14:00 EDT, 11:00 PDT, 20:00 CEST, 21:00 MSK)
Sunday — 18:00 UTC (14:00 EDT, 11:00 PDT, 20:00 CEST, 21:00 MSK)

Judgment Hour events will be one hour in duration.

- The team

Some minor server lags patch

Hey everyone,

We’ve just applied a patch, which will hopefully significantly reduce the amount of server lag that randomly occurs with horses and players in places that are densely occupied by movable objects. You might see that in some cases physical (collision) precision of some objects have degraded, but we do not expect that it will affect your gameplay.

We are still working on finding the exact issues that are causing these problems and hope this offers a better level of playability until a more permanent solution can be found.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! 

Development News #49 - Third CBT Run Launch + Emotions Gatherer Contest Reminder

Hey feudalists!

We’ve launched our third Closed Beta Test run yesterday! It didn’t go as well as we had hoped, unfortunately; there are some server lag and connectivity issues - but we are aware of them and working hard to fix them as soon as possible!

We want to ask you - our players - if you could refrain from massive PvP activities this weekend.

Instead, we can assure you that there will be two more weekends for you to enjoy, with Judgement Hour enabled for additional fun!

In the meantime, don’t forget to participate in our Emotions Gatherer Contest. Send your funny, serious and crazy reactions, showcasing the variety of emotions felt while playing Life is Feudal via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Horse-drawn carts are also coming soon, check out this teaser concept art:

- The team

The THIRD run of Closed Beta Tests (Wave#1) has started!

Hey everyone,

We are excited to announce another step that brings us closer to fully completing the game has just been taken - the third test run of the Closed Beta Test has just started!

Most of our efforts were aimed towards bug fixing and the overall game stabilization process, but you will also see one of our important pieces of functionality on the Newbie islands when you create a character in game. You will be able to talk to some of the NPCs on the island, who will let you travel to the mainland, Abella.

This is important technology for us to test, since these newbie islands are a whole new set of game servers united in a separate game world, with the ability for players to have their characters transferred between these worlds.

Similar to past phases, we are expecting this test run to last for around two weeks before we stop to take on feedback and apply any necessary changes! If server stability is good, we will plan to initiate Judgment Hour events during weekends. Start getting prepared for some action!

Regarding future plans - so far we plan to have the Fourth Beta Test run at the end of May to the beginning of June. After that, we will spend time polishing and smoothing out any bumps. You will see the Open Beta Tests (Wave#2) start afterwards!

We are unable to provide an ETA at this time, but we are hoping it will be this summer!

Check out the condensed patchnotes, featuring the most important changes and fixes below:

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks:

  • Personal land claims have been reworked and improved. It should be more clear to the player how to resize it and what is needed for its proper support. Personal land claims protect all unmovable objects that are fully stationed on the claim (it does not have a SINGLE cell blocked outside of the personal claim area). There are only two ways that your personal claim can be removed/deactivated by someone else other than you:
  1. A guild leader of a guild claim, which your personal claim is located on, can remove your personal claim
  2. During JH, a guild that is officially in a state of war with a guild your claim is located on can perform a particularly noisy and lengthy dark ritual, which will deactivate your claim and make all assets vulnerable. Make sure to protect your personal claims during JH raid hours!
  • Guild management and general guild functionality has been optimized. These changes are mostly internal, but you may notice a minor improvement from a performance standpoint
  • Implemented the new world (Newbie islands archipelago) and cross worlds player’s character transition technology. Newbie islands are free from PvP and asset destruction, but are wiped to the original state on a weekly basis using a short JH duration, where you can go berzerk before the next reset! Talk with any of 3 particular NPCs who are standing near the village on the western shore to get to the mainland - Abella
  • You can no longer flatten terrain cells that are close to blocked terrain cells with a different altitude (excluding sloped flattening situations)
  • Minor leaders can change guild members’ roles
  • Removed player counter per server node
  • No more cookies when you start! Hardcore to the MAX! :)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the terrain cell blocking algorithm. It might result in some of your slope walls, which were incorrectly placed before, being correctly positioned - but not necessarily as you might want them to be. Unfortunately, there is no other way to fix that, and there is no way to autofix these incorrect placings. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause
  • Fixed bugs with guild-to-guild standings. Guild system should work more adequately now
  • Fixed rare occasions of a mutex deadlock
  • Fixed multiple bugs while crossing server node borders while mounted. Horses should not disappear while crossing a server now
  • Numerous other server and client side stability fixes

As a heads up, we’d like to let you all know that horse-drawn carts are not here yet, but are closer than ever.

We may patch in the Global Trade System in during this test run. You will then be able to construct trading posts, which will be local trading hubs for your region to trade with other players and sell things to the Crown for gold.

Combat log out 30 second timer is almost ready too, and we also expect to patch this in during this test run.

IMPORTANT. Please, refrain from leaving unattended horses in the world for now. They are causing abnormal amounts of server lag - we plan to find a solution for that issue soon.

- The Team

Development News #48 - ‘CBT News + Torture Room Flashbacks’

*Drum Roll*

The third test run of CBT Wave #1 will be starting next week

Hey feudalists!

Firstly, we hope you all had a great Easter weekend; and that the eggs your rabbits and chickens produced were plentiful (and adorable, obviously).

We are starting the Third Test Run of the MMO CBT Wave #1 next week - remember you and your friends can dive into the vast medieval world, explore the lands and perhaps even check out potential real estate early with the Believer Packages.

We also want to take this time to thank everyone for the support; we wouldn’t be able to do this without you so, genuinely, thank you.

In the meantime, take a look at our Torture Meeting Room Interview sequel

If you managed to miss the original video, make sure to check this out first!

- The team