What’s New with the MMO

Hi everyone!

As you’re all aware, Wave #0 of the MMO is well under way and it’s looking like Wave #1 will be commencing in about two to three weeks (if things continue to run smoothly!) so we’ll be keeping you posted with that.

Currently we’re working on numerous servers and client crash fixes, a proper MMO-scale guild system, as well as a more sophisticated private/guilds property system - the way it is described on wiki ( We are very thankful to our beta testers for their invaluable help and patience!

Keep checking back for more information

Finally! MMO beta Wave #0 has started!

Dear friends!

After six years of development (since May 2010), including six months of alpha tests (first half of 2014), as well as two years of the MMO being on hold while LiF:YO was in development, we are so excited to announce that we’re FINALLY starting the beta tests of Life is Feudal: MMO!

We are starting Beta Wave #0, which will run for a short period of time (a few weeks). Our original backers/donors back from 2014, along with some of our friends, are eligible for this wave. Those with golden and teal nicknames on our boards are the lucky group who are taking part in Wave #0 (all people who qualify for the proper colored forum names are already active).

If you can view this topic (, it means you will be able to participate in all beta waves, including the current wave. We actually strongly encourage you, not only to read this topic, but to study it carefully! We expect to find some bugs/crashes/other nasty things to come up once tests have started, so please be careful not to post multiple reports of known issues.

What will not work in Beta wave#0:
  • Global politics and advanced guild management. Guilds work a similar way to LiF:YO for now
  • Formations and groups are temporary disabled (it will be reactivated in a few days)

Keep your fingers crossed and prepare to CRUSH and CRASH! :)

Oh, we nearly forgot- :) here is the launcher download link:

Moving Studios

Hey everyone,
today’s update isn’t a game dev announcement, just proof that we’re alive and doing something to benefit our continued function as a business!

As you all know, we are gearing up for testing to begin so we really wanted to improve the services we have available for the development team. Therefore, we decided to move to a new office, which is better suited for our needs - hence our quietness the past week!

Obviously, just before the MMO testing does seem an odd time to move - and we agree! Unfortunately for us, our plans to change office was moved up on the list when our landlord upped the rent: money we would, of course, rather be putting into our game!

The new location is a big quality of life improvement for the team - especially since we keep them chained to their desks! We also have improved internet and network performance, which will provide a huge bonus during the testing and development phase.

As always, thanks everyone for your patience and continued support!
P.S. We're 99.99% sure that Beta Wave #0 will start next week.

MMO servers are up - Beta tests incoming!


MMO servers are UP!
See for yourself here:

Don’t start cheering just yet! Currently, we won’t be opening the beta servers up to  anyone outside of our studio for now - but we will soon!

If you’re interested in the MMO version of Life is Feudal, please read the following information carefully:

Sit down and wait for the MMO Beta …please! (

Hey everyone,

We know we said it last time, but this should hopefully be our last patch in the beta branch before we transfer it to the release branch - phew!

We’ve implemented proper sitting mechanics and animation for all you RP lovers in LiF!

We are still working on some issues in the MMORPG build, which is delaying the start of the first phase of Closed Beta tests, so unfortunately, we are unable to give an ETA at the moment - but we will keep you updated! :(

Patch notes (ver.