Lore update and a Lore Master

The homer sent a great message for citizens of the Empire:
At first, The Great Lore library opened here, built for the RolePlayers and lone wanderers. This scrolls will be an ultimate guide for you, in the world of the "LIfe is Feudal". Hello and Welcome, feel free to read here the amazing stories and historical facts.
And for the last words, bow to the our new Lore Master  - Kyle aka "Billus"! 
Nice to see you at the Team, Kyle!

The king is dead, long live the king!


Today we had closed our campaign. There are numerous reasons for that and some of them is our fault too, but we could not change it much, since the campaign had started. Still we are going to survive according our Plan "B" ;)

Second stream containing some combat moments of our Sandbox MMORPG is going to be soon. At January 2014 we are planning to start some internal Alpha tests, which should turn out, hopefully into more open Alpha at February-March of 2014.

Live stream of some gameplay aspects


Long awaited live stream with developers will happen at Friday 15th of November at 20:00 GMT (3:00 p.m. EST). We will make a new update with a live link on our stream. Those who will miss that live stream will be able to look through it on our Official LiF YouTube Channel.