04.01 patch (


After thousands of man hours and gallons of coffee we have finally achieved a MAJOR breakthrough in our graphics engine. We are proud to introduce an Improved Graphics Mode © ! Due to its experimental nature, you need to activate it manually by pressing Alt+i on your keyboard.


Judgment Patch (

We are doing everything in our power to stay true to our roadmap and provide you with both content updates AND bugfixes. The current patch is an illustration of our intentions.
Judgment Hour is a new setting available for your Worlds. You can set a starting and ending time and a weekly schedule of Judgment Hour in real life hours. While Judgement Hour is active ALL alignment penalties will not be active and claims protection is void. That is time for you to wage war with someone without fear of lowered alignment consequences. Otherwise, killing a member of any other guild will sacrifice some points towards progress of your own guild monument!
Next month we plan to provide you with basic siege weapons, so Judgment hour will be your time to break into someone’s settlement or protect yours from others breaking in.

Warmfixes that are not that hot aka “Friday the 13th lucky patch” (


This current patch is dedicated to providing more fixes to our claims system and to client side performance in general. We have also implemented a Repair Ability, so you can now repair damaged structures and objects with different sized Repair Kits.

Guilds and their claims and ... torches (


We are glad that we have finally achieved a rather stable implementation of the guilds and claims system! From now on, you will be able to build, and later upgrade, a special monument, which will create your guild and will claim an area around it to protect anything that is built there from EVERYONE except members of that guild. To learn more about claims mechanics, we suggest you to take a look at the updated wiki page here:

The decay system has been improved to take claims into account. If your building is FULLY covered by your guilds claim, it will be completely protected from decay. However, if ANY of the building cells are outside the claim,  your building will start to decay and eventually will disappear in 2-3 in-game days. However, decay rate setting is set to 0 (no decay) by default on all servers, so it is up to you to change it or not.

Modding Tool and 2 and 4 packs


We pride ourselves in being close to our fans, so we’re thrilled to be announcing the launch of this fan-made alpha modding-tool created by player, Harmen. This tool - known as ‘Your Own Mod’ - allows you to create your own mod for your own server (for example, you can edit existing object and crafting recipes, or even create new ones)  - it’s the first step to modding-freedom in Life is Feudal, so we made sure to support Harmen in any way possible!

On top of this launch, we’re also introducing 2 and 4 pack purchase options, so get your friends involved and make your guilds and clans aware! If you don’t belong to a guild or clan, now is the time to create one, because: Life is Feudal.

P.S. Mod download link (manual included):

Mod thread: