Time to polish your lance before ladies arrive(

Dear Players! Efforts of our development and art teams have resulted in long work days with a strong focus on new player models, DX11 implementation and seamless integration of all of that into LiF. You can see a small glimpse of what's coming in our E3 trailer. Together with continuing bug-hunts, overall fixes and tweaks to gameplay mechanics it takes a lot of time. That unfortunately has postponed character customization and female models in our game. :( We know that a huge part of our community, especially the female players are waiting for it desperately. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and will do everything possible to put female models in the game ASAP! 
Nevertheless, now we almost have properly implemented mounted combat mechanics with lancing and a HUGE amount of different bugs and crash fixes in this patch! You are definitely going to like it! 

5th Vlog with a new DX11 look and old superstitions

We have something extra exciting to share in our fifth 'Town Crier' Dev Vlog; as some of you may be aware, we announced a new graphical overhaul and new models at E3, but if you were unable to attend, don’t worry, as we share the footage with you in the video! [Show Video]
On top of the usual development news and general updates, this week Bobik chats to you about some pressing issues, and clears the air on some recently brought-up concerns. [Show Video]
We hope you find this both informative and enjoyable, and we will see you next time for Town Crier #6.

Moderately quick fix patch with moderate amount of content (

This patch is mostly devoted to fixing several old and new bugs in Life is Feudal. We have also implemented collision detection of your hands with your victim - so if you swing your two-handed sword against your enemy at a point blank range, you will hit them slightly with your hands, rather than missing completely and performing a full swing into nothing. Clinching some two-handed weaponry is a more viable tactic now ;)

Town Crier - Life is Feudal Dev Vlog #4


In Dev Vlog #4 we talk about the latest patch and discuss what our players can expect in the upcoming month. 

40% discount + 40% of horses + 100% drunken brawl + 100% lucky rings = 280% of fun! (


Dear players! According to your responses votes we are releasing a slightly unfinished version of basic horse mechanics. They are stable and you should not have any serious issues with them - still, it is Early Alpha after all, so be prepared for anything. We have warned you!

Along with horses, we are presenting alcohol brewing (mead and honey making will be introduced later). Alcohol is a necessary ingredient in alchemy and excessive use of spiced alcohol will result in certain effects for your character ;) We all know that a large amount of alcohol might lead to some bar brawls, that is why we have implemented unarmed combat: a good way to solve your disputes without killing someone accidentally!

Alchemy potions are now in fact alcoholic cocktails, which can provide you with a set of positive or negative effects. These can also be used to poison melee weapons!

Jewelry now provides you with an increased “Luck” effect, and affects almost EVERY action that you perform in your world. Now is a good time for you to level up your Jewelsmith skill!

Oh, and we have a weeklong -40% discount for our game. This could be the last chance to get a HUGE discount on our game before we have our full release launch. Make sure to let your friends know!