LiF:YO Wednesday Patch (


This patch will be live tomorrow (Thursday) at aprox. 1 pm GMT to avoid any possible issues it may cause in prime time. 

Patch notes (ver.
  • Fixed some rare client connection crashes while joining a server with exotic tunnel combinations 
  • Added additional debug info for client crashes to locate them faster 
  • Fixed some of the more frequent client crashes. There are still a good amount left, but we’ll get them sooner or later 

Its a final countdown... doo-doo-doo-doooooo


Steam store page is up:

Current alpha testers will be able to claim both LiF:YO testing and Early Alpha Release CD keys "soon" © :)

LiF:YO is coming!


LiF:YO Steam Early Alpha release is really close and probably should happen at 19th of September 2014! Unfortunately due to our limited server capabilities we have to cease alpha tests of LiF:MMO in order to run official LiF:YO servers on these servers. IF things go good, we plan to bring LiF:MMO servers up and ready for tests as soon as possible.

As a compensation, current Alpha testers will receive CD keys for both testing and release versions of LiF:YO. We really looking forward for your help to test out LiF:YO with us.

Yet another original feature


From now on active pre Alpha testers can communicate with their colleagues that are currently in game simply by clicking a link: or finding a "Join Game Chat" button on their Account -> Characters page. 

Development is going at full available force and we are still looking positively towards September 2014 Steam Early Alpha Access  for LiF:YO!

P.S. My current wallpaper (100% in game screenshot):