Horse-drawn Carts and New Walls - AT LAST! (


After countless sleepless nights, frustration, desperation and strokes of hysterical laughter, we’ve managed to merge the four separate types of entities into one: a horse, a player, a cart and movable objects. The result of which has been highly anticipated by many players and is called: Horse-drawn carts!

Now you can fetch large amounts of items and certain movable objects around the map in an efficient and immersive way. Who knows, maybe you will not need a home anymore and can play as a nomad with all your stuff fitting into one cart? It is Your Own decision, after all! ;)

Also, we’ve implemented a new large set of castle wall models and new keeps! Recipes for building these are now available to you. These new walls should be more efficient and provide a wider angle of fire for the defenders’ archers. New keeps can now be built on top of your guild monument to provide an additional layer of protection for the “heart” of your guild.

We also would like to remind you that this major feature was one of the most voted features suggested by our players. We encourage you, our players, to visit this page and browse through the existing features, vote for them, discuss with others and even suggest your own ideas here!

Lastly, we’ve transferred all the current changes and features from the beta branch to the main/release branch. This means that you will be able to play with these features without a need to switch to the beta branch. The full list of features that are transferred from the beta branch and added with the current patch:

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:

  • Horse-drawn carts have been added. You can build a cart, place a riding horse nearby, harness it to the cart. Inventory items AND movable objects can be put inside and pulled out via the context menu options
  • Optimized and reworked the guild code. Added new ‘Guilds’ button in the Character window - which is where you can now create, manage and invite new members to your guild. Political and a Rights system is currently shown via console commands only. Please, take a look here, if you want some politics on your server!
  • Implemented ‘Personal Claim’ system
  • Tuned Volley ability to be easier to use and be more effective (especially against tight formations). Volley ability can be used only if the strength of player is more than `STR need` parameter of a bow
  • Implemented impact damage that is caused by a horse that tramples a player
  • Critical weight influence on hit, parry and shield animation speed changed
  • Armor durability damage buffed. 0.1->1. weaponDurabilityDamage buffed 0.1->0.3 weapon_fracture_min__in_durability_damage 0.1->0.3
  • Berserker skill abilities now raise the skill faster
  • Added new type of resource — 'Simple Cloth'. Novice armors require simple cloth instead of linen now. Added new recipes to “Nature's Lore” skill: 'Wristbands', 'Primitive Boots'. 'Bandage' now craft with simple cloth.
  • Hunters (skill lvl 60) now can craft a hat from fur
  • All clothes now provide a small amount of damage mitigation
  • 1h and 2h sword combos work with one-and-a-half swords now
  • Tweaked almost all special attacks' damage scale. Nerfed some overpowered special attacks (which were found in the beta branch)
  • "Another Hole" combo sequence changed to less spammable (OH-R(L)S-OH instead of OH-OH-OH)
  • Increased the number of bind slots in houses and keeps
  • 3 story plaster house now uses the same number of tiles as the wooden version
  • Capacity of the 'Warehouse' is now the same as the capacity of Wooden 'Warehouse' (5000 stones)
  • Added hudless screenshot key in global key map
  • Implemented the ‘Horse decay’ system in order to minimize excessive server load, which was caused by hundreds of unattended horses being stashed in the attics of residential buildings. A horse without a rider or any interaction within 30 minutes will appear sleeping/laying on the ground, and after an additional 30 minutes, it will ‘run away’ and disappear completely from the gameworld. This mechanism is DISABLED by default. Server admins may to enable this setting by modifying the: $cm_config::Decay::HorsesDecayTimeMinutes preference
  • Implemented a server-side setting that gives the ability to enable or disable all inventory items being dropped on the ground when a player uses the Homecoming Prayer skill ($cm_config::HomecomingDrop = 0;)
  • New tooltips system implemented - you can now see detailed information about items, character stats and active effects
  • Claim radius is now shown in tiles (1 tile side = 2 meters)
  • Guild claim rendering distance has been lowered
  • Guild land maintenance price has decreased
  • Tweaked tree growth algorithm. Trees that are planted by players will now grow faster
  • Removed ignore parry on 90 lvl Spearman
  • 90 level Spearman is now required to fight with spear and shield. Also added special attack after knocking down an opponent
  • Lancers can’t attack on low speed anymore
  • Added durability checks while interacting with inventory and constructed objects. You will no longer see an ability in the context menu if durability requirements are not met
  • You can deconstruct incomplete buildings on enemy claims during Judgment Hour. Speed of deconstruction depends on the amount of resources that were invested into that particular building
  • Properly implemented the swimming skill. It can now be skilled up and allows you to swim longer distances
  • Armor effects now properly scale with the armor quality
  • Archer Stand and Defensive Fence now set up immediately in a complete state
  • Added ‘Load of Mortar’ recipe. Grants the ability to make large amounts of mortar at once, but with increased use of resources
  • A bunch of crafting recipe tweaks

Bug fixes and optimizations:

  • Fixed geo substance duplicating via inventory overweight
  • Player collision capsule is disabled when a player is dead
  • Fixed multiple messages here and there in order to better explain the situation and what is happening
  • Slightly optimized netcode
  • Optimized guild lands drawing algorithm
  • Optimized server to database communication
  • Fixed client crash on claim removal
  • Fixed inability to use Sacrifice when a monument is being upgraded
  • A few server crash issues have been addressed
  • Optimized collision models of some objects. This should boost servers performance slightly.
  • Fixed an exploit making some players invulnerable
  • Fixed a situation where a character was dismounted from a horse after stun. Now a dismount will only happen if a character is knocked dow.
  • Now renaming, opening and dropping bags and similar containers is working properly
  • Ranger skill abuse with pavise fixed
  • Fixed ability to draw a spear on horseback
  • Fixed terraforming related substance dupe
  • You can no longer add fuel to damaged devices
  • Fixed the quality cap on metal types in the case of chainmail armor crafting
  • Fixed /stuck exploit, which would allow players to get inside a fortified perimeter
  • Fixed incorrect food quality multiplier calculation. Now the value of the multiplier is recalculated with hunger increase
  • You can gather silkworm cocoons from medium mulberry trees

— The team

Development News #70 - On the Topic of Sieges


In today’s devblog, we would like to share our vision of the Siege system that we’re currently working on.

After some extensive brainstorming, we’ve developed a method of how we can use, and even enhance, the Instanced Battle system in a way that can also be used as an underlying technology for sieges. This should make the implementation of the Siege system relatively quick and painless!

Once a Siege Totem is placed in the vicinity of a Tier 1 Monument, it will claim a small (12 tile radius) patch of land. Both parties will have approximately 24 real-life hours to gather their troops for the siege event. The attackers will have to spend this time fortifying their Siege Camp, fetching equipment and ammo to stock it, build siege tents, organize storage stockpiles and deploy trebuchets and other weapons of war. The defenders will do well to prioritize disrupting the attackers as much as possible during this time.

Once a Siege becomes active, all enlisted members on both sides will move to the separate Siege server instance. This instance will be a mirror image of the main gameworld in this area. One particular difference is that, upon a player’s death, it will not force that player out of the Siege instance, instead, players will be respawned at their bind point: defenders, if they are bound in the area, and attackers will respawn at the Siege Totem.

The Siege system uses a ticket system and every respawn will cost the team one ticket each. The initial amount of spawn tickets for the attackers depends on the number of siege tents that they have built inside their Siege camp. Defenders’ spawn tickets are calculated as the minimum of two sums: the sum of all rally points (all types of keeps) and the sum of all bind slots (houses) inside the area. The defending team need to make sure they have a balanced layout in the area, or else may have some trouble during the siege!

The Siege will last for either three hours or until one side wins. Attackers will be assaulting the castle until they destroy the Guild's Monument. Defenders are tasked with defending their Monument for three hours or destroying the attackers’ Siege Totem.

When the siege ends, both parties will be moved back to the main gameworld. Those who have died or lost the battle will appear naked at their bind spots; the winning team will return to the spot they are bound to, victorious - and very much clothed and alive, of course!
The winners will have one hour of exclusive access rights on both of the claims (Siege Camp claim and the Guild City claim) for looting and pillaging. After one hour, both claims will disappear, letting those who won to decide the fate of these lands and the property on it.

Our vision of a siege is way more than the pure action of wall-bashing and ‘into-the-breaching’ - we want it to also be a matter of logistics, preparation, economics and careful planning.

Well, because Life is Feudal!

You are welcome to discuss the siege mechanics with the devs and players on our official Discord server:

Stay tuned!

— The team

Raiders and more villagers Inc.! (1.1.6322)

Hey, villagers!

Prepare to see some new faces in this major patch. Some of those faces will be friendly new faces of your villagers, but some of them will not be that friendly. Those will be Raiders! Make sure to build enough fortifications and towers to fend them off!
We have significantly overhauled many internal systems of the game, including rendering. Check out some of the new or reworked eye candy (PBR, DOF, HDR, Bloom).

Patch notes (ver. 1.1.6322):

New features and tweaks:

  • New Disaster added: Raiders!
  • Implemented a random face generation algorithm for villagers. No villagers will look alike anymore.
  • Increased the quality of villagers’ models, textures and animations
  • Visual render tweaks and improvements: implemented PBR, DOF, improved HDR, Bloom and grass rendering is also improved.
  • Completely reworked the statistics system
  • Tweaked and improved the GUI significantly. Make sure to check it out.
  • Worker and resident lists can now be seen in houses
  • Optimized rendering - you should get more FPS now
  • Optimized AI - more villagers without significant lag

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed technology tree progression bugs
  • Fixed many bugs that have lead to the villagers being randomly stuck
  • Fixed a bug that cause workers to die due to freezing while being treated in the hospital
  • Fixed a bug where caravan bags were not being completely filled
- FV team

Development News #69 - Horse Carts: So Close, So ‘Soon™’


Hey, Feudalists!

One of your most frequently requested features, which has been in development for a looong time, is at the finish line right now. You can expect horsedrawn carts to be patched into the game ‘Soon™’.

It is actually quite a complex feature, where four types of entities (horse, cart, player, movable objects) within the game have to interact with each other in a straight and logical way. This is the main reason why this feature has taken so long to implement.

We’re excited to share a peek at the current state of this feature as it looks now:

We have also implemented even more optimizations for the instanced battle servers in order to minimize the amount of lag during these huge battles. We want to thank all of our players, who have regularly organized stress test battles every weekend, and even some on workdays, to help us stabilize and improve this feature!

Stay tuned!

— The team

Development News #68 - Optimization and Improvements - are never enough.

Hey, Feudalists!

You can expect an MMO patch later today. We’re glad to announce that we have reached a significant breakthrough in the client and server side physics calculations optimization (especially inside forests). This should greatly improve performance of both the server and client. Other content contained in the patch is listed below:
  • Client side collision detection optimized. There are some visual side effects possible. Please let us know if you experience this!
  • New Web Map implemented! In the game and on our site you will see the same map now. We plan to add a lot of new functionality to it later on.
  • Reverted back to the “Hollywood night” where you can see things much clearer. We had a lot of discussions about it internally and externally and our decision is final.
  • All minigames are working on HTML5 now. That should add more stability to the client side and better overall performance of both minigames and the game client.
  • You should no longer see camera trembling while turning your horse
  • Added a “Simple Cloth” resource that is available in the early stages of the game
  • Instanced battles list management should not produce much lag now
  • You can use Global Search for all goods across all Trade Posts on the continent now (at last!). The synergy with the new map updates will allow you to see exactly where trade posts are located when travelling to buy or sell your goods.

Stay tuned!

— The team