More FPS and more pain (


We had achieved a major breakthrough in a render optimization and are happy to release those in a current patch. It is still a lot of optimizations left to do and our render is far from being optimal. But after current update you should notice overall FPS increases especially while looking at forests and big towns.

Also we had fixed some nasty bug that resulted in a lot of misses both in melee and ranged combat. Hit detection should work properly now, so go forth to inflict more pain to your enemies! :)

Wheels, hooves and claws update


We are proud to announce a major update that should add more color to your Life is Feudal experience. Almost all wild animals are unleashed now. Beware of the wild bears and prepare some tasty food for taming ;)
Wheeled transportation will also help you to fetch a larger amounts of stuff around the world and speed up the economy of your settlement.

More FPS and less garbage (


Today’s patch focuses on some more render optimizations, that should increase your FPS, and introducing a basic decay system, which should clean garbage objects from your world.

Patch notes (ver.
  • Basic decay system is now in place! Gravestones, lootbags, dropped items, animal corpses will disappear in a few game days.We have warned you! Time to build some proper storage facilities and containers to store your stuff in!
  • Made some render side optimizations that should increase your FPS in most gameplay situations. Some texture flickering on distant objects is possible and will be fixed in following patches.
  • Tweaked some container sizes to be more useful

Furniture placement in houses and in tunnels is available! (


With this major update, we fulfill our promises to provide furniture placement in houses and inside tunnels in October. All movable objects still have to be constructed on the ground outside the houses and tunnels, but after their completion, they can be lifted and dropped anywhere inside your house or inside your underground dwelling! Have fun designing your interiors and stay tuned for more furniture and decorations in future patches ;)