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Our gamedesigner Luca aka Fenris answered some questions for

You can check out his interview here

If you for some reason is not familiar with Italian language, you can read English translation below: 




You might be interested in listening to that podcast: 


Besides some interesting stuff you might want to listen to, you can check out an interview with Vladimir aka "Bobik", who's answering alot of project related questions. 


Thanx to Coolit for making that happen!

Site and forums are up again!


I'll explain what had happened with us during those days and what an incredible stupidity we had stumbled upon during those days. 

Without any warnings our hosting provider (mochahost) had stopped supporting of InnoDB storage engine. That resulted in like half of our tables to become unreadable=corrupted (since MySQL don't know how to read them without that engine running). 

We have realized that fact like in few days after server went down. But before that we've tryed every imaginable way of recovering our database tables to save all the data we had. And we've failed in that, since we needed filesystem access to our base files. 

2nd tech demo released!



We have just released 2nd technical demo of our ingame features: surface terraforming, object placement and construction. Check it out here. 

You can ask questions or post your suggestions regarding that video in that topic.