Nowhere to hide (or logout in combat) (

Hey everyone,

Along with some other features, bugfixes and tweaks we’re glad to introduce the 30 sec logoff timeout. There is no way for your enemy to disappear right before he dies, because he logged off instantly.

P.S. Check out our new company logo ;)

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:
  • Implemented 30 second timer during the logoff process. During that 30 seconds your character will be in game (even if you’ve closed your game or shut off the PC).
  • Honorable Death - you can now type /suicide (or drag the appropriate icon from General Action skills to your hotbar) to kill yourself in some situations. The ability will take 10 seconds to cast and can be interrupted
  • Camera positions tweaked for different player states. In some cases 'hold to rotate camera' key may need rebinding in control settings.
  • Skinning of an animal carcass will drop all skinned results into your inventory and will remove the carcass from the world
  • You will see an oxygen bar, while under water. Drowning will be more visible and easy to understand now
  • You can now place all tamed animals into carts and warehouses
  • "Sow Flax" ability now requires 30 skill level
  • You can erect a monument on paved tiles now
  • You can now eat preparations while mounted
  • “Slow” effect can now be removed by an “Arghh!” ability
  • Optimized server to database communication
  • Slightly optimized netcode
  • Added a new Bitbox logo intro
  • Armor textures slightly tweaked and renewed
  • In GM mode you can speed growth of crops in the targeted cell by typing /growcrops in the console
  • Trebuchet now has lower projectile starting velocity. Inadequate siege projectile behavior also fixed.
  • Grossmesser damage reduced
  • Siege tent decay speed has been reduced
  • New, improved Inspect skill

Bug fixes:

  • Removed a /stuck exploit that allowed you to get inside houses while relogging on their roof
  • Fixed several coop issues, both mechanics and GUI
  • Removed a client side deadlock
  • Fixed some of the problems with terraforming without a tool in your hands
  • Primitive tools no longer stack bonuses of better equipment
  • Rare alchemy/herbalism crash fixed
  • Fixed a gameplay bug where you could cook on a broken campfire indefinitely
  • Fixed improper birch log durability
  • Homecoming cooldown can no longer be refreshed by relogging
  • You can no longer flatten an already flat tile for additional skill gain
  • Mining time for copper vs iron has been tweaked
  • Chances to find rare minerals and gems at level 60 and 90 of Mining skill are as intended now
  • Blacksmith outfit now grants a proper bonus to the skill
  • Trebuchet max fire distance adjusted
  • You can no longer track other player’s activity via the console
  • Armorsmith and Ranger skills trivia updated to correctly describe the skills
  • World selection button removed from the character selection screen
- The team

Steam Achievements and Comparison with the Other Game (1.0.6205)

Hey, villagers!

Firstly we would like to announce that Steam Achievements are implemented now. We accidentally seemed to overlook them in the initial release!

We also wanted to answer multiple topics and reviews that compare us with another game that was ‘banished’ from development a long time ago. It is true that we were inspired by that game, but we firmly believe there are many key differences, new features and more gameplay options that make the game stand out:
  • We did not abandon our development and, of course, do not plan to!
  • First person view mechanics, which can turn into a whole new gameplay option or simply an interesting way to get up close to, and wander around, the village you’ve created or hunt wild animals
  • Terraforming for additional complexity and variety of your gameplay
  • Better graphics
  • Wild predators wolves that threaten your cattle and foxes that raids your coops
  • More modding freedom almost everything can be modded. Just wait a few weeks and you will see some astonishing mods - we’re quite sure!
  • As well as multiple other features (transport company, complex ecosystem, expeditions, upcoming Viking incursions, many decorations for your villages, etc.)
- FV team

Release! (with long awaited Steam Workshop support) (1.0.6191)

Hooray, villagers!

After a busy early access schedule and many improvements, the long awaited release of the game - along with Steam Workshop support - is here! Feel free to play the wonderful game with all the new features added and share your awesome mods with the community!

Be sure to check out our new trailer on the Steam store page!

We want to also assure you, that release of the game is not the end of its development. You can expect more new features and bug fixing in the future from us. We encourage you to suggest new features or balance tweaks on our Suggestions page!

Patch notes (ver. 1.0.6191):

New features and tweaks:

  • Implemented and enabled Steam Workshop support. Modding API updated
  • You can hunt with a bow now
  • Added an entirely new music soundtrack along with many new ingame sounds
  • Improved quality and performance of our rendering engine
  • Implemented Castle Keep. We have future plans to implement tech trees, these will be available within the Castle interface
  • Implemented upgradeable Castle walls and Castle Towers that protect from wild animals …for now *cough* Viking raids *cough*
  • Castle Smithy implemented (more effective)
  • Castle Barn implemented (more effective)
  • Implemented village statistics via the Accountant's house
  • Implemented the Market and trading
  • Donkey farm can now be constructed to boost your village transportation capabilities
  • Improved tutorial
  • New landscape and landscape generator algorithm implemented
  • Some small balance tweaks
  • Added a lot of new textures to the game

Bug fixes:

  • Significantly optimized game performance, especially in a multithreaded environment
  • Optimized RAM consumption
  • Fixed a few bugs that forced villagers to randomly get stuck and die
  • Fixed name generation related crashes
  • Fixed few bugs in multithreaded calculations
- The team

Development News #53 - Guilds are Feudal!

Hey Feudalists!

As many of you already noticed while testing the MMO, our Guild system is more complex than the current YO version. We would like to introduce this system to you all properly.

What is a guild?

A guild is an entity, which contains a list of guild members with their roles, a list of standings against other guilds and heraldry. In other words, a guild is a hierarchical community of players united to achieve game advantages with displays of politics, warfare, trade and symbology to identify themselves to other guilds and the rest of the gameworld.

Guild - land - claim

Lands are a separate entity, which is a part of the system. Lands connect territory and physical entities situated inside it to a landowner, which may be a guild or a person (guild land and personal land).

Lands connect a landowner to a set of customizable rights called “claim rights”. Ultimately, a claim is an entity that defines what every player in the game can do with land entities. Every ability in the game is marked by “claim usage type”, which defines a type of rights this ability belongs to, for example, the “open container” ability is marked by a “use” type of right. Some claim rights may be affected by other game mechanics - “destroy” can be granted to any person and allows that person to damage buildings inside of that land.

Guild lands and personal lands both have claim rights, but in a case of personal land, only the landowner can manage it, whereas guild land can be managed by a leader and a minor leader of a guild that owns land.


Political standings are a part of a guild’s life; guilds may ally or declare war on each other. War affects claim rights on guild lands; it overrides them during judgment hour (or in future battle sieges), it also allows guild members to kill and loot enemies with no effect on their karma.

A powerful guild can persuade another guild to become a vassal, “vassalage” is a special type of guild relation. A master guild becomes a kingdom and if it is drawn into a war by other guilds all vassals to the master guild automatically receive war standings towards this guild. Also, if this enemy guild is a master guild, all vassal guilds will be included in the war as well.

Guild management

All guild management for the MMO version is moved to the game’s web interface, the main reason to do so is to offer broad access - you can manage your guild from any place, and even when your game server is down, all web interface functionality is duplicated with server commands and client slash commands.

MMO and YO guilds

During the MMO Beta wave testing, we will have two completely different guild systems emerging. The YO and the more complex MMO guild systems - supporting both versions will consume a lot of dev time. Therefore, the complex guild system eventually will come to the YO version, less the web interface, but with the same core functionality. The behavior of these adapted guilds will be similar to the current YO version, but with extended functionality like custom guild roles, claim rights, even political standings will be available through server and slash commands.

We also want to thank everyone who participated in our recent ‘Emotions Gatherer’ contest! We are reviewing all entries and will contact winner(s) soon.

- The team

Development News #52 - Beta Test information and introducing Lore!


Hey Feudalists!

The third closed beta test run has officially come to an end. We want to thank you all for your cooperation, feedback and patience - you’ve helped us to amass important data that we’ll use to better your future experience in significant ways. Thank you!

Having analyzed the data and issues we've encountered during this test run, we decided that we are going to have a fourth run with the start date somewhere near the end of June.

Meanwhile, we have finally prepared the first pack of lore material. The Scriptorium has been opened on our website. We are going to fill it up with stories, manuscripts and other work related to the Life is Feudal universe!

At first, we are going to tell you a little bit about the mythology of our world. You can read it on our designated page:

The lore section of our forum will be supported by our new loremaster, Mark Rhainer. Everyone - especially role players - are welcome to ask any lore-related questions in our lore section. Please remember that filling out the vast world's lore is a long, ongoing process and we are going to do it step-by-step, as it is impossible to work out all the aspects simultaneously (but we are working very diligently on this project).

Stay tuned for updates; there are a lot of interesting things ahead!

- The team