Development News #26 - 'Hunting the Gottlung‘

Hey everyone, we’re sharing a bit of lore with you in this week’s news!

“Earlier today we entered the forest.

I don’t like forests.They breathe danger and frightening ancientry here on this side of the continent. Commander of my “iron-bellied” called it Ulfskargsrann. Wolfish-fright-death-fly - something like this, when translated to the common tongue, does not sounds very encouraging at all. However, the commander is vigorous.

I don’t understand their hard, clunking speech well enough. It is more suited for warfare than for communication.

My brave”iron-bellied” Gottlungs sang their drinking songs under the forest canopy, scaring away all the birds and spirits, up until one of them got an arrow right through his throat.

Oh my, they are good at fighting, these Gottlungs, let Jodenande hug them with her legs.

It is good when there is someone to slash with the long Gottlung sword.
It is good when the enemy is seen.

But here, our enemy was the forest itself.”

A  travel log page
by Torson from Gavranskelle - master of trade
found in bear dung near Rivenspinne.

In other news, we know how excited you are about the MMO as are we, of course! So keep checking back for info next week.

- The team

Development News #25 - ‘Onwards! The testing continues’

Hey everyone!

We’re sorry for the delayed dev news; we’ve been preparing for more tests and were hoping to have some news regarding that yesterday!

So it's a bit of a short one this week, just to let you know that we’re working hard and you can expect some news hopefully this Friday coming up.

Thank you for being so patient and supportive - keep checking back for more news!

- The team

Some tweaks and optimizations (0.9.4601)

Hey villagers!

In this patch we have provided some tweaks and bugfixes, which should optimize your villagers’ movement and resource management. We hope you’re gonna like them!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4601):

New features and tweaks:

  • Gatherers will gather resources until their inventory is full or a more important task appears
  • You can now designate special routes and designate a group of resources to transfer: all resources, only food, everything except food
  • Villagers now bring resources that their household really lacks first

Bug fixes:

  • Villagers should no longer get stuck in different situations (while entering houses for instance)
  • You can no longer create a new route if you have reached maximum route amount
  • Fixed a bug that has caused a part of a number in professions window not to be visible
- The Team

Development News #24 - Marching on: Continuing Improvements

Hey everyone!

As you’re likely already aware, we ran more MMO Beta tests over the weekend and of course, had a blast working with you guys, and have taken onboard all feedback.

We are excited that we’re at this point in testing and we’re currently preparing for the next test run.

Firstly, of course, we’re taking some time to iron out bugs and any issues that were brought to our attention - check out this recent announcement for some more information.

In the meantime, here are a couple of MMO screenshots that some of our awesome testers have shared with us!

Thanks SonofKitt

Thanks Khan

Thanks for checking out this week’s development news, catch us next week for more!

- The team

Halloween when the beta is released! (

The Sleeper’s bloody moon, burning heads on sticks and infernal animals is a sure sign that Halloween has come to Life is Feudal!

Plus, in this patch, we are finally releasing a long tested beta branch with two systems, which have been completely rewritten from scratch: animal AI and forest growth algorithms with new bushes.

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:

  • Implemented completely new AI behavior and spawning algorithms. Animals should be able to follow you inside buildings, not get stuck between trees, spawn better with less bugs and generally work more adequately, with better performance server side
  • Implemented a new forest growth algorithm. Bush growth is taken into account and the overall performance of growing forests should be improved. The visual aspect of the growth should look better too. Overall speed of forest growth has also been significantly lowered
  • Cells blocked by buildings/tunnels/forest visualizations are now client side only. It should increase the performance of ‘Observe Mode’ and make it more responsive
  • Added burning heads on sticks
  • Added Sleeper’s moon visuals. Wolves have demonic eyes now too
  • Added new ability - gathering nuts, which will appear as an inventory item
  • Primitive cooking recipes now available for the big cauldron and kitchen
  • Grass will not grow under buildings, around tunnels and on cells that are blocked by construction or tunnels

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a notorious and elusive bug with tanning tubs and drying racks being bugged out in certain unusual circumstances. This may hopefully also fix similar bugs with campfires and other objects that have lengthy crafting processes
  • Players are now spawned exactly at the same coordinates they logged off from. This is to prevent exploits, which allowed players to log out near castle walls, only to appear on top of it after logging back in
  • Multiple fixes for improper movable objects positioning/drop
  • Traps no longer disable invulnerable players (I.E. spawning on top of the trap)
  • Fixed mines for copper ability duration
  • Some other minor fixes

Happy Halloween from the team!