Development News #22 - ‘Something strange in the village hut - who’re you gonna call?’

We’ve heard of some rather unusual goings on in faraway lands, and think you all ought to be prepared in case it reaches our Feudal isles!

Talks of ghostly fog and animals with glaring eyes in distant places is probably nothing for us to worry about, and surely won’t reach our humble Island - alas, just in case, there’s no harm in being aware, lest these oddities surprise us unexpectedly!

You may also do well to heed these words:

If you are the type to enter dark, undisturbed waters as though you were walking through a sunshine-flooded valley…

The type who practically sniggers at the mere thought of evil spirits, and storms through bears and boar alike as though passing by rabbits and squirrels…

The type who’s sword, spear or axe is much a part of you as your hand, leg or heart; the rough wood and coarse leather 
is as familiar as seeing the sun in the morning and the stars at night...

...then perhaps the time has come to discover something new about this world - and perhaps, about yourself.

This something new awaits you, deep in the thick of the forest. It is angry, thirsty for blood and extremely cunning, and it is eager to greet you.

Behold, either its blood ...or the colour of your own fear.

May the Sleeping God protect your soul.

We hope these words stay fresh in your mind, but before we go we would like to end on a more uplifting note!

We are also working on objects and decorations for natives’ settlements, which you can check out:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into some of what we’ve been up to!

- Thanks, the team!

Donkeys! (0.9.4513)

Hey villagers!

We’re doing our best to stay true to our roadmap and are happy to announce that we have introduced the first version of warehouse management via donkey-driven transportation! This system is not in its finished state but we are looking forward to your feedback. It is Early Access and we need your feedback, please!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4513):

New features and tweaks:

  • Implemented the initial version of a transport company to manage multiple warehouses and their stocks. Donkeys for transport company must be acquired via expeditions.
  • Implemented new settings screen
  • You can now invert your mouse movement and set up mouse buttons for left-handed usage
  • You can use Q and E to rotate camera
  • You will no longer see buildings, crops, animals in corresponding menus if they are not available to you
  • Implemented selection marker in terraforming, orchard and crop selection modes
  • Added new home decorations

Bug fixes:

  • Multiple optimizations, which should increase performance significantly
  • Multiple fixes to prevent villagers from being stuck

- The team

Development News #21 - ‘Shoot it! Range combat revised’

Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s development news!

If you checked out the last one, you’ll know we’re overhauling melee and ranged combat mechanics. In today’s development news, we’re looking at bows, crossbows and ranged combat!

Check out some of the changes we have in mind:
  • Crossbows. Reload speed, accuracy and range will be increased for all Crossbows. Unlike other ranged weapons, crossbows will require significantly less strength and agility. Crossbow bolts will be possible to equip in a hip slot.
  • Bows. Most changes are planned for simple and short bows, in some situations they may be preferable over the longbow. Agility will also noticeably affect accuracy.
  • Throwing weapons. Throwing trajectories of javelins, throwing axes and throwing knives will be changed, slightly affecting the effective range. All throwing weapon damage will be increased.
  • Projectiles. Stacks of arrows and bolts will be limited in number.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into some of what we’ve been up to!

- Thanks, the team!

Small Changes and Fixes (0.9.4457)

Hey villagers! We’ve released a small patch today, with some bug fixes and minor improvements:

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4457):

  • Minimap now has a tooltip with map ID
  • A mark is now shown under mouse cursor in the ‘Build Road’ mode
  • You can now build on terraformed tiles that intersect with water
  • Small changes in fire balance
  • Added new home decorations
  • Reduced the severity of damage on the damaged models for schools, hunter’s cabin, mine and healer’s shop
  • Some minor bugfixes
- The team

Development News #20 - ‘Combat Mechanics Overhaul'

Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s development news!

We are working on overhauling melee and ranged combat mechanics. Check out our short-term goals:
  • Enhanced shield importance. Shields will give a more significant defensive advantage. We are going to increase blocking speed and passive protection, as well as improving shield bash by making it easier to hit with.
  • Changes in pounce mechanics. We will improve the effectiveness of this ability against foes with shields, and at the same time, we will reduce its jump force.
  • Extra damage. We plan to set a certain weapon group with a special feature of increased stun chance.
  • Parrying system change. Parrying should be an immediate action to counter your opponent’s moves, rather than a permanent defense like blocking. We are going to overhaul the parrying to make it possible to deflect blows, as well as make it impossible to stay in the parrying state permanently. We are also going to make parrying chance dependent on the particular weapon you use.
  • Speed bonus. We plan to make speed bonus depend more on player’s movement speed rather than weapon speed for certain strike types.
This will be the melee combat changes that we plan to introduce in the near future!

Next week, we’ll be talking about our plans for bows, crossbows and ranged combat mechanics.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into some of what we’ve been up to. We’d just like to let you know that we are fully aware of the problem with overpowered damage when the direction of a strike switches while you’re attacking.

- Thanks, the team!