CBT #4 is at your gates! ( MMO

Hey everyone,

We’re glad to announce that we have just started our 4th testing run of our Closed Beta tests! Along with some bug fixes and improvements, we’re glad to also present to you one of the major features of our MMO - the Trading Post Economy!

Everyone can now build a Trade Post that acts as a private, secure storage for all characters on your account and as a point of trade with other players and The Crown.

You must keep in mind that, even though you can browse offers of all Trade Posts in the world, you will have to physically fetch coins and goods between Trade Posts. In order to remove the secure way to fetch goods/coins between Trade Posts, we’ve enabled the setting on the MMO servers, which will force you to drop all your inventory items on the ground before you get moved by a Homecoming Prayer.

Your Own servers admins will be able to enable or disable this setting in the server config, once we release a LiF:YO patch with this feature in the future.

You can buy and sell goods when you’re not in game too! Just visit your Dashboard ( on our site, select a character and browse the market!

We plan to switch all types of monument support to the Crown currency later on. So make sure that you accumulate a good amount of coins for your private or guild claim.

P.S. Battles are about 90% ready and are on the way! Expect these later in this wave.

P.P.S As part of the preparation for the multiple servers in different regions of the world, we’ve delegated character selection to the launcher, so it can patch the game world that is really needed for the character chosen. Make sure that you select the proper character in the launcher before playing the game.

Patch notes (ver. MMO):

New features and tweaks:

  • Trade Post complex feature implemented
  • Implemented a server-side setting that allows to enable or disable all inventory items being dropped on the ground, when player uses Homecoming Prayer. This setting is ENABLED in MMO.
  • Implemented 30 second timer during the logoff process. During that 30 seconds your character will be in game (even if you’ve closed your game or shut off the PC).
  • Ability "Gloomelindhe" - you can now type /suicide (or drag the appropriate icon from General Action skills to your hotbar) to kill yourself in some situations. The ability will take 10 seconds to cast and can be interrupted
  • Camera positions tweaked for different player states. In some cases 'hold to rotate camera' key may need rebinding in control settings.
  • Skinning of an animal carcass will drop all skinned results into your inventory and will remove the carcass from the world
  • You will see an oxygen bar, while under water. Drowning will be more visible and easy to understand now
  • You can now place all tamed animals into carts and warehouses. Tweaked stables’ container sizes and animals food consumption ratio. Stable tick increased to 3 hours
  • "Sow Flax" ability now requires 30 skill level
  • You can erect a monument on paved tiles now
  • You can now eat preparations while mounted
  • “Slow” effect can now be removed by an “Arghh!” ability
  • Optimized server to database communication
  • Slightly optimized netcode
  • You can no longer add fuel to the damaged devices
  • Claims radius shown in tiles now (1 tile side = 2 meters)
  • Added a new Bitbox logo intro
  • Armor textures slightly tweaked and renewed
  • Trebuchet now has lower projectile starting velocity. Inadequate siege projectile behavior also fixed.
  • Grossmesser damage reduced
  • Siege tent decay speed has been reduced
  • New, improved Inspect ability
  • Ability to prospect silver ore is now available from 0 skill lvl. Prospect for gold available from 60 skill lvl.
  • Guild claims rendering distance is lowered
  • Guild and private land maintenance price decreased
  • Tweaked trees growing algorithm. Trees that are planted by players will grow faster now.
  • Added new visuals for Newbie island weather
  • Added a lot of models, textures and other visuals for the newbie island
  • Few building recipes levels and ingredients reworked

Bug fixes:

  • Multiple MMO infrastructure and services fixes. We expect an increased overall stability of things.
  • Fixed improper inventory weight calculation after crossing the border between nodes
  • Optimized collision models of some objects. This should boost servers performance slightly.
  • Fixed an exploit bug making some players invulnerable
— The team

Development News #58 - ‘CBT#4 Rescheduled ‘til July 5th’


Hey Feudalists!

CBT #4 run is rescheduled for next Wednesday - 5th of July

We were not satisfied with internal testing and polishing of some of the new mechanics, which is why we have to sadly announce the delay of CBT#4 for LiF MMO. We are going to solve all of the major problems over the weekend and the beginning of next week. We apologize and hope you understand. We want to give you, the testers, the best possible experience during CBT#4!

— The team

Development News #57 - ‘Trading Posts, Crowns and Taxes’

Hey Feudalists!

Today we would like to share with you a few details about one of the key features of our upcoming MMO. We are going to implement it at the start of the next CBT wave: Trading Posts.

A trading post can be built by any player at any place on the map, however, it is strongly advised to construct it on a personal or guild claim area to save it from decay. Any player who has access to the trading post will be able to store a few items in their personal stall at the post (the slot is shared between all the characters of any single account in any single world).

However, the main function of a trading post is the ability to put personal items from a player's stall for sale at this trading post as well as buying items from other players.

Important feature: to buy items you will have to bring the money to this particular trading post by yourself as well as take care of the delivery of your purchases from the post to your home (yes yes, we know, we are working hard to provide you with horse pulled carts as soon as possible).

Also, there is an option to sell your valuable items to the crown at trading posts to get Crown's golden coins for them. Later these golden coins will be the only way of supporting all types of monuments in the game.

There are also plans to implement the taxation system which will allow players and guilds to receive:
— taxes from private claims on the territory of a guild claim
— a fee for the storage of items in trading posts
— an additional commission for trading post listings

We would like to get to know you all a little better, so it would be awesome and greatly appreciated if you wouldn’t mind spending a few minutes of your time to complete our survey here:
It is completely anonymous and not associated with the storage of your personal data in any way, nor are we going to sell the date to any third party. It is needed only for us to get a better understanding of the community.

Our 'Emotions gatherer' contest is being prolonged!
Send the video and audio recording of you playing LiF to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

You can find more details here.

We would like to specifically highlight that we do not expect any fancy Hollywood-style movies from you, a typical LiF experience and your emotions are all that matter for this contest!

— The team

Development News #56 - ‘Progress on the Newbie Island Experience’


Hey Feudalists!

While the team is super busy improving the game's stability and eliminating bugs, some members of our art team have been working on Newbie Island. Since you saw the first concepts, we have created a lot of new decorations and are currently developing the level design.

We have put together a short video to show you how it looks at the current stage: 

Players' characters will spawn on a vast shallow water bay, amid a graveyard of ships. Not far from there is a local village, where players can learn some basics about the game. A little further — the tower with the Ferryman inside. He is responsible for the transfer of characters from Newbie Island to Abella. The monumental tower can be seen from every corner of the island, so you can not get lost.

There is a lot of strangeness on the Newbie Archipelago. You can not spill blood anywhere on these islands (except for the ancient arena). Crops will ripen faster, but all buildings and mines collapse once a week. The weather is unique on the islands, and the inhabitants are equally as strange. You’ll also find the tide is far too strong for you to swim away from the islands.

Another task that we’re working on is the creation of beginners' quests with dialogue and a new tutorial. In total we plan to introduce around ten NPCs - we'll share more info about them next time!

Stay tuned!

- The team

Development News #55 - ‘New game features and mechanics are on the way!’


Today we have a brief report on previously announced features.

Many of you have asked the perfectly reasonable question: 'why is there so much time between the announcement of new features and their implementation in the game?'

One of the main reasons is that our top priority at the time is eliminating critical crashes and bugs to improve the game’s overall performance and stability. Our developers are busy with fixing key problems and polishing of both LiF: YO and MMO at the same time, alongside implementing new features. So, sadly, some of them get delayed as a result.

Now to more details:

New castle walls
We have finished optimizations and mapping of the models and texturing is being worked on now. The number of modules has increased, their detail level is much higher than the old ones. Also, donjons have been added to the list. The hardest part is complete, so the wait is almost over.

All models and decorations are ready. Animations, sounds and their special settlement level design are underway. However, the AI has been slightly delayed due to more urgent tasks at hand.

The Small Wooden Bell-Tower is ready. The Large Stone Bell-Tower is being worked on and game mechanics for these objects are waiting to be coded.

Destructible shields
Sculpting is finished on these awesome shields and texturing is next in development.

New models are ready and the game mechanics are being implemented.  They will be in place and ready for the OBT of LiF: MMO.

Forest growth
Many players were unhappy with tree growth being too slow. We came up with a solution, after the next patch the trees, planted by players, will have a higher growth rate — thus making the timber less 'expensive' so that the construction of wooden structures will make more sense.

We are also upgrading and improving the game interface. The changes will affect all the main windows and HUD elements. New tooltips are ready so take a peek here: 

(Click to enlarge)

Meanwhile, our Scriptorium has had another addition — two more stories: The Naming of Things, The Ambush

- The team