Development News #29 - ‘Horsin’ Around’

Hey everyone!

We know how excited some of you are for horse-pulled carts; it’s still early stages while we ensure they work exactly how we want them to, but we thought you’d like to see a WiP video:

There is still some confusion surrounding exactly how we will be able to implement them. As you can see, we want to implement almost complete turning freedom for them and you will hopefully be able to use them to move one movable object on top of them.

Yes, we know that it has taken a hella lot of time before we were even able to start the development, but we really are super serious about getting it finished… ‘soon™’! :)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this small insight into what we’re up to!

- The team

First person view adjustments (0.9.6005)

Hey villagers!

In this patch, we have provided a bit more functionality and ease of use for the first person view from your villager’s eye. And of course a bunch of other tweaks, fixes and improvements!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.6005):

New features and tweaks:

  • You can now dance and bow in first person view to increase happiness of villagers around you
  • First person view interface tweaked. You can now see villagers data and inventory
  • Player can now gather resources at the same time, until they run out of inventory space
  • You can set mouse sensitivity for first person and strategic view separately
  • You can terraform terrain that is under water
  • New villagers navigation system implemented. There should be no villagers stuck in buildings and overall performance should be better, especially on high speeds (x5, x10)
  • Water quality setting implemented
  • Tweaked terrain, sky, crops, grass, buildings and water visuals
  • Implemented lighting animation on some sources of light

Bug fixes:

  • Increased overall stability of the game
  • Game performance increased
- The team 

Development News #28 - ‘Now I’m a Believer - More Info’

Hey feudalists!

You might have seen our news regarding our new ‘Believer’ packs for the MMO so we thought we’d elaborate a bit for you guys in this week’s news update.

Firstly, the packs are divided into three: True, Devoted, and Zealous (which you can find out more about here)

In order to elaborate a bit better, we’ve picked some useful questions from the FAQ - remember you can check out the FAQ on the forums too if you haven’t already, and submit your questions!


What can you actually buy with real money? Just how much "pay2win" is it?
Answer: It’s mostly cosmetic items and a ticket for character transfer. The original plans to avoid Pay2Win byall costs are still in place, while Bobik is alive and within the project!

Reserving character names for mmo (i guess it is ok) but is guild forming going to be available 2 ?
Answer: Nope, that will work only for character names.

What is God’s favor?
Answer: It's a premium currency that you later will be able to buy with real life currency.

What about those of us who donated in the very early days before the game was even on Steam?
Answer: You still have an access and we want to preserve your unique status by some special unique in-game title or maybe some item. There are no final plans yet.

Are "Tickets to the Mainland of the Realm" in the open-beta available to anyone with YO ownership or only for those who have "Devoted Believer”?
Answer: Tickets will be available at Beta Wave #2 to everyone. But LiF:YO users will have one such ticket for free.

"Ticket to the Mainland of a Realm" and its tooltip is pretty unclear… is that the "character ticket"? and then, if a YO owner buys the zealous pack, they'll have 3 character tickets and then be able to have 3 characters on their account?
Answer: Yes, you need one ticket to move one character on the mainland. 
If you want to buy a pack as YO owner, you will be promoted with $10 OFF and getting package with 1 + 3 tickets on Open Beta.
How long after purchasing a package will an account be credited with the benefits? As an example I've purchased a Zealous package and was informed by a prompt that the keys would be available in my personal account, but have not yet received a key for the extra copy of LiF: YO, nor has my account name changed in color.
Answer: If you activated your pack on your account, you should receive an email confirming the activation.
If you applied for additional $10 discount, you will not receive additional YO key.
In-game benefits will be available in Open Beta (Wave #2).


We hope these Q&As help clear up any initial confusion! We definitely recommend visiting the FAQ on the forums for any questions you may have in the future.

Thanks, as always, for being so great and understanding!

- The team

Fall in, now! (

Hey everyone,

We’re releasing the changes you may have seen in our announcement of the BETA branch patch notes. Now all of these changes are being released along with some few minor adjustments and fixes. Full patch notes below:

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:

  • Falling damage has been re-enabled. Take care jumping now!
  • To satisfy demands of some users we have added new attack direction bindings in the Controls section of the game. You can bind each directional attack to a separate key. Thrusting with a mouse wheel feels so goood :)
  • Added barefoot effect. You need to wear any type of boots in order to reach fully intended character speed
  • Added a server setting, which can alter the speed of tree growth. It is intended that trees now grow slower. Also, server admins are not required to manually run scripts to remove trees stumps from the gameworld. It is possible to speed up forest growth via two ways:
  • 1. by changing TreeAgingSpeed setting in cm_forest_maintenance.xml before server startup (this will be persistent between server restarts)
  • 2. by changing script variable $ForestMaintenance::treeAgingSpeed via server console (the setting will be reset when you restart the server, may be useful for experimentation)
  • Melee attacks with insufficient skill are 25% slower now (instead of 50%)
  • Crops, trees and livestock growth now strictly depends on weather, which in turn depends on the season
  • Added a bunch of new ingredients and items for armor crafting abilities: "Make Armor" and "Leatherworking"
  • Buffed passive defense to a maximum of 70% if block is active and a maximum of 50% if the shield is in hand but block is not active
  • Fixed Shield block animation
  • The speed that you raise your shield is now dependent on shield weight
  • Crossbows should work more adequately now (reload, shooting, aiming). Crossbow bolts can now be equipped in lower slots.
  • Tweaked throwing weaponry projectile speeds to result in more realistic trajectories
  • New training field model added with tweaked recipes for it
  • Reworked alchemy herbs so they are now easier to spot and target in grass
  • Critical equipment weight is now dependent on Constitution
  • Critical equipped weapon weight is now dependent on Strength
  • Changed parry mechanics. Parrying has a limited duration and stagger chance depending on a weapon’s weight now
  • Added the ability to fight with a spear and shield (Both appropriate skills are required)
  • Added regions and the ability to craft with regional resources has been introduced
  • Veteran and Royal armors are now crafted with blueprints, you can acquire these blueprints by crafting regular armor
  • Inventory no longer has magical healing properties for horses
  • Some weapons now have a chance to stun or knockout an enemy
  • Stun resistance is now dependent on Willpower
  • Each point of Intelligence now gives 2 skill points
  • The quality of metal items is now dependent on metal type. The highest quality weapon is now possible only using Vostaskus steel.
  • Changes made to some building and item recipes
  • WIld animals now walk and turn properly on terrain with proper animations
  • copper ingots, bars, lumps excluded from Common metals group
  • specific metal in some recipes changed to Common metals
  • quality cap of metal items changed to 60-80-100 (iron - steel - Vostascus steel)
  • Sleeper’s moon night has been removed. Perhaps we’ll see it again …someday

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed multiple collision related exploits, where players were able to squeeze themselves through closed doors and gates
  • Multiple chat window related fixes and tweaks
  • Recycling of metals now should provide more adequate results
  • Fixed incorrect wild animal AI calculations that caused excessive lag on servers
  • Wild animals’ tracks now correctly lead you to the wild animal
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect weight calculation when moving containers inside your inventory
  • Fixed a rare network related crash
  • Fixed a rare shadows bug, when observing terrain from a high elevation
  • Implemented new webkit support. We expect that ingame tutorials should work properly and be faster and more stable.
  • “Pour on ground” ability will only work in a hostile claim area during Judgement Hour
  • Client runs more smoothly when launching and added a splash screen while the client is loading

-The team 

Feeling enlightened now!

We have received an overwhelming amount of a feedback and questions since our previous news announcement, and would like to clarify few things for you - our players!

On the 25th of May, we made an announcement about Life is Feudal: MMO beta testing stages. Those plans got stretched by reality (cruel world!) and we later reviewed them with our new publishing partners. But we want to clarify that, generally those stages/waves plan will be executed, just with a few corrections. The new rough plan should look as follows:

Beta Wave #0

This test was completed quite a while ago.

Beta Wave #1

Who is eligible: All our current Life is Feudal:MMO testers + those who had purchased any of supporter packs on our site or has won access
Start date (aprox.): We plan a couple of testing runs for this wave with the first one starting on the 14th of December 2016. Plans for the next testing runs of Wave#1 will be announced shortly after the end of the first one.
Duration (aprox.): A few months, hopefully we will finish late Q1 2017
Wipe at the end?: Yes
Map resources shuffle?: Yes

Beta Wave #2

Who is eligible: Everyone who has Life is Feudal: Your Own in their Steam library or who purchased supporter packs or who have acquired a ticket for their character in-game
Start date (aprox.): In a few weeks after the end of Beta Wave #1
Duration (aprox.): 0.5 - One year
Wipe at the end?: No
Map resources shuffle?: No


Who is eligible: Everyone who has Life is Feudal: Your Own in their Steam library or who purchased supporter packs or who have acquired a ticket for their character in-game
Start date (aprox.): A few weeks after the end of Beta Wave #2
Duration (aprox.): Infinite!
Wipe at the end?: No
Map resources shuffle?: No

- The team