A moderate amount of fails

Hey everyone!

We are happy that we have reached this stage in testing, but unfortunately, we have encountered some issues during the current test run. These issues were centered around being able to properly inform our players of their testing status via email notifications and code/functionality of the build.

During the next two  weeks, we are taking a bit of a timeout to properly address the issues that were discovered by our testers during this last test. On the 11th of November we will begin another short test run and will also invite some users to the testing session. We will issue an email newsletter to inform users that were picked and eligible to participate in our next test run once we start it!

Please continue applying to the beta and do not forget to verify your Life is Feudal:Your Own ownership via billing section of our site.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this time,

-The team

Short Beta test run started!

Hey everyone!

We are happy to announce that we’ve picked a couple hundred lucky applicants to participate in current short test run and all the following beta tests. We strongly suggest you to check your email inbox (and probably spam folder) to see if you’re one of those lucky folks!

We plan to end this short test run in a couple of days since its start, so we suggest you to hop in and test as soon as you can ;)

If you have some technical issues with beta tests or want to report serious bugs and exploits, please, address those to our tech support email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Development News #23 - ‘Hallows Eve Approaches and the Sleeper is watching’

During the dark of the night, where the last leaf drifts away from the dying branch,
Where the lost souls of the departed are seeking the Great Tree,
And the glaring eyes of blood-thirsty animals pierce the dark -
This is the night gloom and cold crawl across the land.

The dead maiden departs her domain,
To douse the hot, bright sun
and let the three Ice Princes roam and rule the land.

Look, however, onto the scarlet sky,
Notice the Sleeping God has opened his eye.
You will see the clouds part way,
To allow for his gaze; for he is watching.

So gather all that is ripe on your fields,
Store your harvest away and seek shelter.
Legend states to light a lantern,
from the head of your enemy.

And wait. Wait as your ancestors waited, and their ancestors before that.
Now everyone will remove their masks and show their true face.

The hour is close. Do not sleep.

In last week’s post, we warned off unusual happenings in faraway lands, but it looks like they’ll be reaching us very soon - when the moon is full at the end of this month...

Sign up for the MMO Beta: Updated Info!

Hey everyone!

This announcement is just a heads up to let you know that we’ve implemented a tool in the billing system, which will allow you to verify ownership for Life is Feudal:Your Own.

Applicants who own LiF:YO have a higher chance to get into the beta tests (check out the recent post for more information!)

This is to stop rigging by creating multiple accounts - phew.

Thanks for reading - we’re looking forward to working with you!

P.S. If you experience any trouble verifying your LiF:YO Ownership, make sure to clean your browser’s cache and reload!

- The team

Halloween and advanced donkeys o0 (0.9.4540)

Hey villagers!

Halloween is coming to your villages …along with more sophisticated mules and masters! In this patch, we have also provided some halloween-themed functions, along with tweaks and improvement of donkey-driven transportation.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4540):

New features and tweaks:

  • Crypt implemented. They are used to gather dead bodies for slow decay.
  • Implemented Scarecrows. They will scare birds from your fields and increase growth rates of crops and orchard trees in their radius.
  • Added some Halloween stuff for your amusement!
  • Builders are now able to move in the houses that are closest to their construction site.
  • Caravan Stable workers do not return mules to stables after each trip
  • Caravan Stable workers now ride mules instead of walking nearby
  • Caravan Stables window has been enhanced by adding info about resource amount, plus buttons to travel between warehouses
  • Birds fly around near your village, and want to feast on (and consequently destroy) your crops
  • Villagers now carry more firewood and coal per trip

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a couple of cases where villagers got stuck
  • Optimized fields for better performance
  • Mouse pointer should lag less now on a weak PCs
  • Fixed a bug where workers were unable to finish the terraforming task

- The team