Beta testing branch changes ( - BETA)

In this beta patch, we’re proud to introduce to you two systems, which have been completely rewritten from scratch: animal AI and forest growth algorithms. You may come across some small bugs and glitches here and there, as it is the first time we’ll be testing these new systems on a massive scale with real players, so don’t worry!

Patch notes (ver. - BETA):

New features and tweaks:

  • Implemented completely new AI behavior and spawn algorithms. Animals should be able to follow you inside buildings, not get stuck between trees, spawn better with less bugs and generally work more adequately, with better performance server side
  • Implemented a new forest growth algorithm. Bush growth is taken into account and the overall performance of growing forests should be better now. The visual aspect of the growth should look better too. Overall speed of forest growth has also been significantly lowered
  • Cells blocked by buildings/tunnels/forest visualization is now client side only. It should increase the performance of ‘Observe Mode’ and make it more responsive
  • Added new ability - gathering nuts, which will appear as an inventory item
  • Primitive cooking recipes now available on the big cauldron and kitchen

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a notorious and elusive bug with tanning tubs and drying racks being bugged out in certain unusual circumstances. This might also fix similar bugs with campfires and other objects that have lengthy crafting processes
  • Players are now spawned exactly at the same coordinates they logged off from. This is to prevent exploits, which allowed players to log out near castle walls, only to appear on top of it after logging back in
  • Multiple fixes for improper movable objects positioning/drop
  • Traps no longer disable invulnerable players (just spawned on the trap)
  • Fixed mine for copper ability duration
  • Some other minor fixes
We want to warn you that migration from the current branch to the beta branch should be smooth, but you may have some issues migrating existing beta worlds back into the current release state. With this in mind, please save and backup your worlds before you switch from beta back to release!

If you would like to continue to help us with beta testing the new version and new features, please activate the beta using this password: sandboxLUV4evah1

Forest and terraforming tweaks and The Roadmap!(0.9.4423)

Hey fellow villagers!

This time, along with multiple crash and bug fixes, we’ve spent some time improving the ‘Forest’ part of our game.

We’ve implemented a better growing algorithm, with proper growing stages for different trees. These changes should create a more realistic looking - and growing - forest around your villages.

We are also happy to present to you our detailed development roadmap, which you can see here

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4423):

New features and tweaks:

  • 3 stages of tree growth (sapling, grown, fully grown) are properly presented using 3D models within the game
  • Trees should distribute more naturally around the island without extensive deforested areas
  • Tweaked tree growth times and amount of wood
  • Tweaked food and herb producing bush generation algorithms. You should expect that foragers will be less effective now, while herbalists are equally effective.
  • Increased wild animals spawn rates and raised their hide drop rate
  • Reworked terraforming tools and their captions and icons to give more flexibility in the way you can form your terrain
  • You can drag select buildings with your terraforming tools. It will not prevent terraforming in general, but land blocked by buildings will not be changed
  • Your villagers can now walk over an area that is being terraformed
  • Reworked some in-game icons
  • Added some more decorations to some existing buildings
  • Tweaked terrain angles that are acceptable for roads
  • You can see babies that are about to be born in housing window

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed some villagers getting stuck occasionally without an apparent reason
  • Multiple small crash and bug fixes
  • Babies will not die now if their family changes housing
  • Resolution changing fixed and should work properly now
  • Fixed “flatten” terraforming filter
  • Fixed some right mouse button related bugs when clicking in and outside of the window

- The team

Development News #19 - ‘The trees are alive!'

Hey everyone, welcome to this week's development news!

We’ve been working on a new maintenance algorithm for trees.

Forests: they aren’t just a supply of firewood and construction materials at your disposal - they’re living organisms; they need particular weather conditions, and thrive in certain locations.

Just like any living entity, the trees can bloom or wither, or even perish if you so wish.

We’ve made a number of adjustments, including with the models, and will also be adding a number of new options. We are looking forward to presenting you with a new, living forest!

We are also so pleased to let you all know that we've managed to defeat a number of issues that were bugging some of our users:

We found, and fixed, a particular bug that caused some tanning tubs, drying racks, campfires and other similar objects to work incorrectly.

We also fixed an exploit, which allowed the player to log out under a wall and log back in on top of it.

Finally, we’ve stopped grass from growing through your building's floor or above tunnel entrances.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into some of what we’ve been up to!

- The team

Fixes and optimizations (0.9.4331)

Hey fellow villagers!

This patch contains a lot of fixes that should increase the game stability even more. We expect that it should help almost everyone who have experienced occasional crashes. A hefty amount of bug fixes and other slight improvements are also included in this patch!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4331):

New features and tweaks:

  • Elder women can now become pregnant
  • Added a few decorative objects (road signs, stone gates)
  • Added some decorative furniture and objects to some existing buildings to make an overall prettier looking village

Bug fixes:

  • Multiple crash fixes that should significantly increase stability
  • Fixed a bug, which caused significant FPS degradation of larger villages
  • Window size is now properly saved between gaming sessions
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some roads to be built
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to pave one road cell anywhere (even underwater)
  • Field details window now properly update during sowing process
  • Fixed in game log window to work properly
  • You can now properly reset your settings
  • Multiple minor optimizations

Please be aware, due to recent optimization, fixes and changes, the game will need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package. It should be installed by Steam automatically, but it is known to sometimes not work quite so smoothly. If you have trouble running your game, first verify the cache integrity via Steam or simply reinstall our game - this should hopefully work it out for you!

- The team

Development News #18 - Gottlung Plate Masterwork & Armour Crafting Overhaul

Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s development news!

If you haven’t noticed the theme yet, we’ve been showcasing the upcoming armour improvements! Check out the previous news posts to see the scale armour and chainmail improvements.

Plate armor is known to be heavy armour, it guarantees unmatched protection against slashing damage - however, to keep mobile, a warrior must have great strength.

Heavy plate armour of a high quality is the dream of any medieval combatant, and pride and joy of the master who forged it. In our new armor crafting system we have overhauled the production process of all metal armors so they will be more fun to craft but a bit more of a pain to lose.

We’d also like to thank everyone who participated in our recent poll. We’ve decided to not completely remove the halo, but to reduce its radius and brightness. You’ll be able to see your character and the area surrounding, up to the length of an outstretched arm. We’ll be updating this in the next patch!

As always, we hope you’re enjoying the insight into some of what we're working on - look out for next week’s update!

- The Team