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Gameplay quality boost (1.1.6379)

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Hey, villagers!

We’re staying true to our word and continue the development and improvement of our game. In the current patch we present you some goodies that should improve your overall gameplay and modding experience.

Patch notes (ver. 1.1.6379):

New features and tweaks:

  • Minimap improved. You can see where are sides of the world now, icons of disasters, fires and plagues.
  • Statistics improved. Implemented heatmap visualization of created/consumed resources.
  • You can now pick starting location by yourself. You can choose an option to start with minimum of buildings.
  • You can put residential buildings on pause now. Villagers will not move into those houses.
  • Implemented a Fish Farm building with an increased fishing range in the distant sea.
  • Added a bit of Halloween content here and there
  • Overall modding experience improved

Bug fixes:

  • A LOT of minor and small bugfixes

— FV team

Raiders and more villagers Inc.! (1.1.6322)

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Hey, villagers!

Prepare to see some new faces in this major patch. Some of those faces will be friendly new faces of your villagers, but some of them will not be that friendly. Those will be Raiders! Make sure to build enough fortifications and towers to fend them off!
We have significantly overhauled many internal systems of the game, including rendering. Check out some of the new or reworked eye candy (PBR, DOF, HDR, Bloom).

Patch notes (ver. 1.1.6322):

New features and tweaks:

  • New Disaster added: Raiders!
  • Implemented a random face generation algorithm for villagers. No villagers will look alike anymore.
  • Increased the quality of villagers’ models, textures and animations
  • Visual render tweaks and improvements: implemented PBR, DOF, improved HDR, Bloom and grass rendering is also improved.
  • Completely reworked the statistics system
  • Tweaked and improved the GUI significantly. Make sure to check it out.
  • Worker and resident lists can now be seen in houses
  • Optimized rendering - you should get more FPS now
  • Optimized AI - more villagers without significant lag

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed technology tree progression bugs
  • Fixed many bugs that have lead to the villagers being randomly stuck
  • Fixed a bug that cause workers to die due to freezing while being treated in the hospital
  • Fixed a bug where caravan bags were not being completely filled
- FV team

First major update since release! (1.0.6285)

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Hey, villagers!

We have been hard at work on improvements and new features and as you can see we have been very busy for such a small team. We hope you enjoy these improvements to stability, the visual quality, effects and improvements to gameplay. Many good things still to come in future updates.

Patch notes (ver. 1.0.6285):

New features and tweaks:

  • Completely new grass system, much higher quality and looks great. also, grass trampling and the growing system was repaired and is working now
  • Made terraforming tool more informative and user-friendly
  • Improved and optimized water and sky rendering - improved lighting, especially at night, and bloom
  • Many-many new modding features and possibilities
  • Some new buildings that increase happiness are added
  • Implemented a new school upgrade
  • New tutorial elements
  • Game UI slightly redesigned to be more comfortable on extremely low resolutions (like 1024x768) and 4K resolution
  • Mood system is redesigned and we are balancing this system at the moment
  • You will see a proper icon over the pasture if there is sick animal on it. “Slaughter” button will slaughter diseased animal first.
  • Resources in market will be included into total town resources statistics. Tweaked marketplace trading balance
  • Students now always pick a closes school to visit
  • Rain and water are no longer gets inside the buildings
  • If you zoom close enough to a worker you will be able to see what kind of food he wants to eat
  • Modding documentation extended

Bug fixes:

  • Save-process optimizations and bugfixes
  • Game statistics fixed
  • Pathfinding and navigation system were optimized and are 15-30% faster now
  • Fixed save/load window bugs
  • Villagers on donkeys does not extinguish fires now
  • Fixed first person camera bobbing bugs
  • Many bug fixes and many less noticeable changes

— FV team

Steam Achievements and Comparison with the Other Game (1.0.6205)

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Hey, villagers!

Firstly we would like to announce that Steam Achievements are implemented now. We accidentally seemed to overlook them in the initial release!

We also wanted to answer multiple topics and reviews that compare us with another game that was ‘banished’ from development a long time ago. It is true that we were inspired by that game, but we firmly believe there are many key differences, new features and more gameplay options that make the game stand out:
  • We did not abandon our development and, of course, do not plan to!
  • First person view mechanics, which can turn into a whole new gameplay option or simply an interesting way to get up close to, and wander around, the village you’ve created or hunt wild animals
  • Terraforming for additional complexity and variety of your gameplay
  • Better graphics
  • Wild predators wolves that threaten your cattle and foxes that raids your coops
  • More modding freedom almost everything can be modded. Just wait a few weeks and you will see some astonishing mods - we’re quite sure!
  • As well as multiple other features (transport company, complex ecosystem, expeditions, upcoming Viking incursions, many decorations for your villages, etc.)
- FV team

Release! (with long awaited Steam Workshop support) (1.0.6191)

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Hooray, villagers!

After a busy early access schedule and many improvements, the long awaited release of the game - along with Steam Workshop support - is here! Feel free to play the wonderful game with all the new features added and share your awesome mods with the community!

Be sure to check out our new trailer on the Steam store page!

We want to also assure you, that release of the game is not the end of its development. You can expect more new features and bug fixing in the future from us. We encourage you to suggest new features or balance tweaks on our Suggestions page!

Patch notes (ver. 1.0.6191):

New features and tweaks:

  • Implemented and enabled Steam Workshop support. Modding API updated
  • You can hunt with a bow now
  • Added an entirely new music soundtrack along with many new ingame sounds
  • Improved quality and performance of our rendering engine
  • Implemented Castle Keep. We have future plans to implement tech trees, these will be available within the Castle interface
  • Implemented upgradeable Castle walls and Castle Towers that protect from wild animals …for now *cough* Viking raids *cough*
  • Castle Smithy implemented (more effective)
  • Castle Barn implemented (more effective)
  • Implemented village statistics via the Accountant's house
  • Implemented the Market and trading
  • Donkey farm can now be constructed to boost your village transportation capabilities
  • Improved tutorial
  • New landscape and landscape generator algorithm implemented
  • Some small balance tweaks
  • Added a lot of new textures to the game

Bug fixes:

  • Significantly optimized game performance, especially in a multithreaded environment
  • Optimized RAM consumption
  • Fixed a few bugs that forced villagers to randomly get stuck and die
  • Fixed name generation related crashes
  • Fixed few bugs in multithreaded calculations
- The team

Massive Bug Fix Patch (0.9.6156)

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Hey villagers!

We hope this patch will significantly increase the quality and satisfaction of your gameplay, by removing almost all crashes some of you might have encountered. We have quite literally provided over 100 crash fixes in this patch! We really hope you’ll be happy to see the difference!

We also started the development of the HOW TO modding guide, which is available here.

You can expect a patch with full Steam Workshop support to be released soon!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.6156):

New features and tweaks:

  • Added some sounds for different activities and buildings
  • Tweaked gatherers to be less effective
  • Tweaked farmers to be more effective on fields
  • Added some cosmetic improvements to lighting and PBR algorithms
  • Added Spanish language localization

Bug fixes:

  • More than one hundred different code bugfixes and crash fixes
  • Provided a lot of fixes in scripting API. API has changed. This might result in some mods no longer being compatible
  • A lot of optimizations, especially for x5 x10 gameplay speeds
  • Pastures operation optimized
  • Fixed a bug with slow animals slaughtering in pastures
  • Fixed hotbar shortcuts bug
  • Fixed a problem with early harvest button on the fields interface
  • Game should require less RAM now
- The team

MAJOR Overhaul and update (Part 2): Kids are here! No kidding! (0.9.6118)

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Hey villagers!

After a few months of development, we’re glad to announce that children will have new models now. You will now be able to distinguish them from adults! Check out the visual improvements and client optimizations included in the update.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.6118):

New features and tweaks:

  • childrens’ models added to the game
  • new lightning system (models will look slightly different now)
  • shadow quality significantly increased
  • barrels, lamp posts and a few other items have a physically corrected shine applied, this is our first step in implementing the PBR method[]
  • where shoreline intersects with water is damp and glistens in the sunlight
  • the moon has been added to the night cycle and affects lighting and shadows
  • day/night transition has been reworked
  • water reflections close to the horizon have been tweaked
  • mule animations have been tuned
  • camera angles are adjustable now in certain parts of the tutorial
  • many general optimizations have been applied to the game.

Bug fixes:

  • fixed tile visuals being rendered incorrectly when placing a new building

This is part two of our major overhaul and update, but the update is not complete. Stay tuned for part three in a few weeks!

- The team

Quick fixes and more updates (0.9.6112)

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Hey villagers!

We’ve fixed a large amount of bugs, plus added some really neat tweaks in today’s patch.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.6112):

New features and tweaks:

  • You can now change temperature scale type (C / F)
  • You can now set in scripts what types of resources will be stored in buildings (for modders)

Bug fixes:

  • Multiple tutorial fixes
  • Fixed disappearing villagers (The truth is out there!)
  • Fixed some bridges building issues
  • Fixed some post road terraforming visualization bugs
  • Paused construction work will prevent builders already assigned to that building from continuing construction work
  • Fixed occupied by a building cell’s visualization
  • Fixed a bug where F11 did not hide pinned windows
  • Fixed a sound-related bug, where click sounds cannot be heard if some buildings are selected
  • Fixed mine icon not being visible if the mine itself is empty
  • Fixed some crashes
- The team

MAJOR Overhaul and update (Part 1) (0.9.6100)

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Hey villagers!

The development process is not as easy of a task as it might initially seem at the first glance! Sometimes, thousands of hours of development that are done behind the scenes may result in something that is not that obvious and easy to notice by you guys. However, these things are vitally important for the stability, performance and future features of the game - so thank you for being so patient!

In this patch is the first part of a major game code overhaul, which is aimed to drastically increase the stability and performance of the game. The second part of this update is hopefully going to be out in about two weeks, to complete this very important update.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.6100):

New features and tweaks:

  • Major overhaul and optimization of terraforming, AI, scripts and pathfinding subsystems of the game
  • Multiple additions to the modding and scripting subsystems. Modders can now create new buildings, UI elements and even debug scripts
  • You can rotate and place buildings freely now with free rotation angles and automatic terrain smoothing under buildings
  • New terraforming tool allows you to set a height for terraforming flattening
  • Pinned UI windows will now be saved
  • Building window can now be minimized
  • Starting zone is clearer now for an easier start
  • You can block alcohol usage in resource windows now. The same way you block other resources
  • Villagers will eat honey in the same way as other food products
  • Added new grass, environmental props, farm crops, roads and other object textures and model content

Bug fixes:

  • Farms and orchards drainage action has been fixed and works properly now
  • Fixed a bug that would properly restore your game when resuming a PC from sleep mode
  • Fixed invisible mules that allowed for villagers to move resources without them
  • Fixed an issue with toddlers dying and disappearing if they are left without a house (in case of a fire, for instance)
  • Fixed a bug, which caused the ‘Snowflake’ icon to not appear above some houses despite them running out of fuel
  • Fixed a bug that would suddenly move the camera to a random area of the map during the tutorial
  • Fixed villager naming bugs, which would result in female names on males and vice versa
  • Fixed minimap visualization bugs that caused some shore parts to look like water on the minimap

- The team

Modder love and squashing bugs (0.9.6042)

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Hey villagers!

Everybody hates bugs - especially developers! Hence, this patch contains another heap of bug fixes, along with a bit of love towards our modding community.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.6042):

New features and tweaks:

  • Crafting buildings and their recipes were refactored. Modders can create multiple recipes for one item now
  • Some cosmetic art tweaks. Removed Christmas related stuff

Bug fixes:

  • More fixes of villagers’ navigation
  • Fixed several bugs related to villagers’ healing processes
  • Optimized orchards and field rendering
  • Fixed orchards and field harvesting related bugs
  • Fixed bugs with crypts and funeral pyres
- The team

Cause its never late for a patch (0.9.6032)

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Hey villagers!

We’ve packed a lot of fixes, tweaks and some additions to gameplay in the current patch. Stay tuned for more!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.6032):

New features and tweaks:

  • You can now plant trees in first person view mode
  • Construction mode building preview has been enhanced
  • Added some winter/Christmas themed decorative stuff
  • Tweaked some lighting PostFXs

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed multiple crashes and freezes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from dropping fodder for farm animals
  • Fixed a couple of stable bugs
  • Fixed a bug that caused a player to interact with objects beside or behind him
  • Villagers no longer stand on one spot inside the Hospital and School buildings
- The team

First person view adjustments (0.9.6005)

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Hey villagers!

In this patch, we have provided a bit more functionality and ease of use for the first person view from your villager’s eye. And of course a bunch of other tweaks, fixes and improvements!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.6005):

New features and tweaks:

  • You can now dance and bow in first person view to increase happiness of villagers around you
  • First person view interface tweaked. You can now see villagers data and inventory
  • Player can now gather resources at the same time, until they run out of inventory space
  • You can set mouse sensitivity for first person and strategic view separately
  • You can terraform terrain that is under water
  • New villagers navigation system implemented. There should be no villagers stuck in buildings and overall performance should be better, especially on high speeds (x5, x10)
  • Water quality setting implemented
  • Tweaked terrain, sky, crops, grass, buildings and water visuals
  • Implemented lighting animation on some sources of light

Bug fixes:

  • Increased overall stability of the game
  • Game performance increased
- The team 

Bees, honey, bears and lights (0.9.5854)

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Hey villagers!

Beekeeping is available in your villages at last! But make sure to keep bears away from your beehives! Now all the endless process of honey creation and consumption can be lighted with multiple decorative light sources. You should definitely check this out now!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.5854):

New features and tweaks:

  • Beehives implemented. You can produce honey to create some pies. Make sure to protect your hives from wild bears!
  • Implemented light sources (other than the sun). Some houses have them installed already. You can also place decorative objects that use light sources.
  • Completely reworked snow and rain effects
  • Nights are no longer that dark and full of terrors ;)
  • Grass is visually thicker and juicy now

Bug fixes:

  • Large amounts of optimization and bugfixes, which should significantly increase the performance of your game

-The team

Some tweaks and optimizations (0.9.4601)

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Hey villagers!

In this patch we have provided some tweaks and bugfixes, which should optimize your villagers’ movement and resource management. We hope you’re gonna like them!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4601):

New features and tweaks:

  • Gatherers will gather resources until their inventory is full or a more important task appears
  • You can now designate special routes and designate a group of resources to transfer: all resources, only food, everything except food
  • Villagers now bring resources that their household really lacks first

Bug fixes:

  • Villagers should no longer get stuck in different situations (while entering houses for instance)
  • You can no longer create a new route if you have reached maximum route amount
  • Fixed a bug that has caused a part of a number in professions window not to be visible
- The Team

Halloween and advanced donkeys o0 (0.9.4540)

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Hey villagers!

Halloween is coming to your villages …along with more sophisticated mules and masters! In this patch, we have also provided some halloween-themed functions, along with tweaks and improvement of donkey-driven transportation.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4540):

New features and tweaks:

  • Crypt implemented. They are used to gather dead bodies for slow decay.
  • Implemented Scarecrows. They will scare birds from your fields and increase growth rates of crops and orchard trees in their radius.
  • Added some Halloween stuff for your amusement!
  • Builders are now able to move in the houses that are closest to their construction site.
  • Caravan Stable workers do not return mules to stables after each trip
  • Caravan Stable workers now ride mules instead of walking nearby
  • Caravan Stables window has been enhanced by adding info about resource amount, plus buttons to travel between warehouses
  • Birds fly around near your village, and want to feast on (and consequently destroy) your crops
  • Villagers now carry more firewood and coal per trip

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a couple of cases where villagers got stuck
  • Optimized fields for better performance
  • Mouse pointer should lag less now on a weak PCs
  • Fixed a bug where workers were unable to finish the terraforming task

- The team

Donkeys! (0.9.4513)

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Hey villagers!

We’re doing our best to stay true to our roadmap and are happy to announce that we have introduced the first version of warehouse management via donkey-driven transportation! This system is not in its finished state but we are looking forward to your feedback. It is Early Access and we need your feedback, please!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4513):

New features and tweaks:

  • Implemented the initial version of a transport company to manage multiple warehouses and their stocks. Donkeys for transport company must be acquired via expeditions.
  • Implemented new settings screen
  • You can now invert your mouse movement and set up mouse buttons for left-handed usage
  • You can use Q and E to rotate camera
  • You will no longer see buildings, crops, animals in corresponding menus if they are not available to you
  • Implemented selection marker in terraforming, orchard and crop selection modes
  • Added new home decorations

Bug fixes:

  • Multiple optimizations, which should increase performance significantly
  • Multiple fixes to prevent villagers from being stuck

- The team

Small Changes and Fixes (0.9.4457)

tags: fv fvpatch
Hey villagers! We’ve released a small patch today, with some bug fixes and minor improvements:

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4457):

  • Minimap now has a tooltip with map ID
  • A mark is now shown under mouse cursor in the ‘Build Road’ mode
  • You can now build on terraformed tiles that intersect with water
  • Small changes in fire balance
  • Added new home decorations
  • Reduced the severity of damage on the damaged models for schools, hunter’s cabin, mine and healer’s shop
  • Some minor bugfixes
- The team

Forest and terraforming tweaks and The Roadmap!(0.9.4423)

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Hey fellow villagers!

This time, along with multiple crash and bug fixes, we’ve spent some time improving the ‘Forest’ part of our game.

We’ve implemented a better growing algorithm, with proper growing stages for different trees. These changes should create a more realistic looking - and growing - forest around your villages.

We are also happy to present to you our detailed development roadmap, which you can see here

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4423):

New features and tweaks:

  • 3 stages of tree growth (sapling, grown, fully grown) are properly presented using 3D models within the game
  • Trees should distribute more naturally around the island without extensive deforested areas
  • Tweaked tree growth times and amount of wood
  • Tweaked food and herb producing bush generation algorithms. You should expect that foragers will be less effective now, while herbalists are equally effective.
  • Increased wild animals spawn rates and raised their hide drop rate
  • Reworked terraforming tools and their captions and icons to give more flexibility in the way you can form your terrain
  • You can drag select buildings with your terraforming tools. It will not prevent terraforming in general, but land blocked by buildings will not be changed
  • Your villagers can now walk over an area that is being terraformed
  • Reworked some in-game icons
  • Added some more decorations to some existing buildings
  • Tweaked terrain angles that are acceptable for roads
  • You can see babies that are about to be born in housing window

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed some villagers getting stuck occasionally without an apparent reason
  • Multiple small crash and bug fixes
  • Babies will not die now if their family changes housing
  • Resolution changing fixed and should work properly now
  • Fixed “flatten” terraforming filter
  • Fixed some right mouse button related bugs when clicking in and outside of the window

- The team

Fixes and optimizations (0.9.4331)

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Hey fellow villagers!

This patch contains a lot of fixes that should increase the game stability even more. We expect that it should help almost everyone who have experienced occasional crashes. A hefty amount of bug fixes and other slight improvements are also included in this patch!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4331):

New features and tweaks:

  • Elder women can now become pregnant
  • Added a few decorative objects (road signs, stone gates)
  • Added some decorative furniture and objects to some existing buildings to make an overall prettier looking village

Bug fixes:

  • Multiple crash fixes that should significantly increase stability
  • Fixed a bug, which caused significant FPS degradation of larger villages
  • Window size is now properly saved between gaming sessions
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some roads to be built
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to pave one road cell anywhere (even underwater)
  • Field details window now properly update during sowing process
  • Fixed in game log window to work properly
  • You can now properly reset your settings
  • Multiple minor optimizations

Please be aware, due to recent optimization, fixes and changes, the game will need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package. It should be installed by Steam automatically, but it is known to sometimes not work quite so smoothly. If you have trouble running your game, first verify the cache integrity via Steam or simply reinstall our game - this should hopefully work it out for you!

- The team

No sleep weekend and some weekday results (0.9.4267)

tags: fv fvpatch
Hey fellow villagers!

We proudly present another quick patch with some fixes that we’ve accumulated during this weekend. We hope it will run well, at least as well as our QA tells us! :) 

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4267):

Bug fixes:

  • A LOT of different crashfixes
  • It is now easier to find a good spot for the Fisherman's lodge and Port
  • Well now regenerates water a bit slower. Make sure that you have enough of them!
  • Added some fences to better visualize borders of some buildings

P.S.  Some of your video settings (vsync, resolution etc.) might be reset after this patch. We are sorry for the inconvenience that it might cause.

Fixity-fix! (0.9.4221)

tags: fv fvpatch
Hey fellow villagers!

Just another quick patch with some fixes. We want to thank everybody for giving us feedback, which really helps us out.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4221):

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug causing pasture slaughtering working not as intended
  • Pasture workers now properly prioritize food/water depending on which animal in the pasture needs more at that given time
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect village resources window information
  • Application log does not grow in size that fast now
  • Roads related issues should be fixed now
  • Builders getting stuck and freezing has been fixed

On top of this, you’ll be happy to know that we will be releasing a development roadmap as soon as we have stabilized the gameplay experience and have fixed major bugs in the current build.

Patch and Official Guide (0.9.4214)

tags: fv fvpatch
Hey fellow villagers!

We continue the constant struggle to fix the issues with crashes that randomly occur on some PCs. As well as this, to ease your first days in game, we’ve released an Official Guide, which contains some interesting details about the game mechanics that may help you out!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4214):

New features and tweaks:

  • Less workers are needed for terraforming
  • You can build stone roads on top of dirt roads now

Bug fixes:

  • Some more fixes of crashes related to fullscreen/windowed switching and changes of window size and resolution
  • Taverns should work as intended now
  • Fixed occasional bug when builders were not working properly

Fixed occasional bug when gatherers/hunters were standing still and doing nothing

Decorations and some fixes (0.9.4193)

tags: fv fvpatch
Hey fellow villagers!

Over the weekend, we managed to significantly reduce the number of crashes that some of our users suffered from. This process is a pretty constant and lengthy process, but eventually we will iron them out sooner or later. Thank you for keeping faith in us!
In the meantime, we’ve checked out some gameplay suggestions that you’ve provided [here] - and some other good news is that we’ve partially implemented one of the most highly demanded suggestions! You can now add some purely cosmetic objects to make your village a cozier place in the world.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4193):

New features and tweaks:

  • Added a couple of decorative objects to build in village. Expect to see more of them in the following patches
  • You can see villager’s inventory now in their details window
  • Predators have a shorter range of sight now and are less likely to raid your pastures/coops
  • Hunters do not chase their prey beyond hunter’s lodge range now
  • Construction materials searching range has increased for villagers. You can now build new buildings further from a warehouse
  • Bad season icon above Gatherer's hut now appears during low temperature, rather than during winter season

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a couple of crashes that occurred on some hardware
  • Game should properly choose the most effective GPU, if your PC has more than one (typical in notebooks, for example)
  • Fixed this issue causing some crafting buildings to stop working when you change the crafting recipe
  • Fixed bug where the camera occasionally starts to move on its own
  • Fixed camera scrolling speed to be different on different PC specs
  • Some minor optimization and bugfixes

You may also be excited to hear that our development Roadmap should be published later this week for you to check out what we’re up to!

Mega Crash Fix! (0.9.4174)

tags: fv fvpatch
Hey fellow villagers!

We’ve been working tirelessly, late into the night - fueled by takeout food and desperation - to fix the crashes that some of our players were experiencing (thank you for giving feedback, which greatly speeds up the process!). We’ve managed to solve a large amount of the issues that were leading to crashes - phew.

Please let us know if you still experience crashes so we can get to the bottom of them once and for all!

We also released a patch earlier today with a few small features:

  • We slightly reduced the memory usage of the game
  • Little improvements in the view culling system
  • Added some cosmetic models in game
  • Caches for game data (like models, textures, animations) are refactored and now work faster
  • Save process now consumes less memory
  • Some bug fixes on multithreading
  • Miners are now specifically set to either stone or iron
  • Farmers are now specifically set to either fruit or vegetables
- The team

Midweek mid-patch(0.9.4115)

tags: fv fvpatch
Hello fellow villagers!

We’ve just uploaded another patch, which should further increase the game’s stability.
Also, based on your feedback, we’ve included a number of gameplay and balancing features such as: mouse camera movement - just move your cursor to the edge of the screen; villagers’ clothing will last longer and is more durable now; plus the barn and warehouse have doubled in capacity.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4115):

Bugfixes and tweaks:
  • Screen resolution settings do not reset now between game sessions
  • You can scroll view by moving mouse pointer to the edge of the screen
  • Villagers’ clothing now lasts significantly longer
  • Warehouse and barn now have twice more capacity
  • Fixed a couple of crashes

Check out these improvements in game and let us know what you think.

Keep a lookout for more updates to come!