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Early hotfix (

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Today’s hotfix is dedicated to resolving a few nasty bugs that managed to get their early access to LiF:MMO.

Patch notes (ver.

Bug fixes and optimizations:
  • Prepare food on the campfire ability is fixed, let’s fry some game meat and fishes! ;)
  • A few broken crafting abilities that use mini-games and autocraft are fixed (added the option to choose the type of crafting procedure) - We have also changed the look of the autocraft button; it now resembles the infinity symbol. It is time to cut those stubborn trees!
  • Fixed patching issue, which prevented some players from changing the world from Illa-newydd (newbie island) to Abella;
  • A minor tweak of stack dividing interface. Exact quantities of the resulting stacks are shown now;
— The team

CBT #5 is here and will last until... ( MMO)

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Hey everyone,

We’re glad to announce that we’ve just opened the gates for CBT#5!
Among the most important content updates, we’d like to highlight the following:
  • Battle System - Currently launched in testing mode. This means that you will have a one hour timer before the battle commences, starting from the initial challenge (rather than the 24 hours as originally planned). There will also be no consequences to a guild monument of the losing side.
  • Formations - We have greatly boosted formations in general and made them simpler to use. Coupled with the Battle System, we expect that well-organized guilds will wreak havoc with their wedged charges on enemy lines. You can check out our old Devblog to refresh your memory on the Formations system.

We plan for CBT #5 to be up and running for a few weeks, until we are ready for the next important phase of our tests. Please keep in mind that there will be a wipe and a shuffle of resources after the end of the current CBT#5!
Make sure to check out our Devblog tomorrow to learn more details about our testing schedule and further development plans!

Patch notes (ver. MMO):

New features and tweaks:

  • Implemented the Battle System, which is currently in testing mode (shorter timeouts, no consequences)
  • Massive Formation System overhaul - increased formation shapes, sizes and boosted bonuses
  • Added and tweaked a lot of tooltips across the game
  • Special attacks' damage multiplier boosted
  • Grossmesser sword: reduced attack speed
  • Some minor weapon tweaking. Expect a bigger overhaul in the following weeks
  • Added durability checks while interacting with inventory and constructed objects. You will no longer see an ability in the context menu if durability requirements are not met
  • A bunch of crafting recipe tweaks
  • You can deconstruct incomplete buildings on enemy claims during Judgment Hour and if you’re in a state of war. Speed of deconstruction depends on the amount of resources that were invested into that particular building
  • Properly implemented the swimming skill. It can now be skilled up and allows you to swim longer distances


  • Fixed a bug with mortar creation in a kiln that required a user to constantly reopen it
  • Ranger skill abuse with pavis fixed
  • Fixed the quality cap on metal types in the case of chainmail armor crafting
  • Multiple server and client stability improvements
— The team

Bug Hunt and some Tweaks ( MMO

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Hey everyone,

Just a few fixes here and there along with some other improvements.

Thank you!

Patch notes (ver. MMO):

New features and tweaks:

  • Tuned and improved Personal Claims UI and handling
  • Changed minimum support points from -1 to 0
  • Armor effects now properly scale with the armor quality


  • Fixed /stuck exploit, which would allow players to get inside a fortified perimeter
  • Fixed console spam about hunger changes
— The team

Denomination! ( MMO

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Hey everyone,

In today’s patch we’ve implemented a proper currency management system, which allows you to fetch the gold from sold items without using up all your inventory space. :)

Bug fixes (ver. MMO:

  • Fixed client crash on claim removal
  • Fixed inability to use Sacrifice when a monument is being upgraded
  • Blacksmith's shop can be constructed now
  • A few server crash issues have been addressed

Bug fixes (ver. MMO:

  • Fixed wrong food quality multiplier calculation. Now the value of the multiplier is recalculated with hunger increase
  • Date & time in map window are back
  • A few game and dispatcher server issues have been addressed
— The team

CBT #4 is at your gates! ( MMO

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Hey everyone,

We’re glad to announce that we have just started our 4th testing run of our Closed Beta tests! Along with some bug fixes and improvements, we’re glad to also present to you one of the major features of our MMO - the Trading Post Economy!

Everyone can now build a Trade Post that acts as a private, secure storage for all characters on your account and as a point of trade with other players and The Crown.

You must keep in mind that, even though you can browse offers of all Trade Posts in the world, you will have to physically fetch coins and goods between Trade Posts. In order to remove the secure way to fetch goods/coins between Trade Posts, we’ve enabled the setting on the MMO servers, which will force you to drop all your inventory items on the ground before you get moved by a Homecoming Prayer.

Your Own servers admins will be able to enable or disable this setting in the server config, once we release a LiF:YO patch with this feature in the future.

You can buy and sell goods when you’re not in game too! Just visit your Dashboard ( on our site, select a character and browse the market!

We plan to switch all types of monument support to the Crown currency later on. So make sure that you accumulate a good amount of coins for your private or guild claim.

P.S. Battles are about 90% ready and are on the way! Expect these later in this wave.

P.P.S As part of the preparation for the multiple servers in different regions of the world, we’ve delegated character selection to the launcher, so it can patch the game world that is really needed for the character chosen. Make sure that you select the proper character in the launcher before playing the game.

Patch notes (ver. MMO):

New features and tweaks:

  • Trade Post complex feature implemented
  • Implemented a server-side setting that allows to enable or disable all inventory items being dropped on the ground, when player uses Homecoming Prayer. This setting is ENABLED in MMO.
  • Implemented 30 second timer during the logoff process. During that 30 seconds your character will be in game (even if you’ve closed your game or shut off the PC).
  • Ability "Gloomelindhe" - you can now type /suicide (or drag the appropriate icon from General Action skills to your hotbar) to kill yourself in some situations. The ability will take 10 seconds to cast and can be interrupted
  • Camera positions tweaked for different player states. In some cases 'hold to rotate camera' key may need rebinding in control settings.
  • Skinning of an animal carcass will drop all skinned results into your inventory and will remove the carcass from the world
  • You will see an oxygen bar, while under water. Drowning will be more visible and easy to understand now
  • You can now place all tamed animals into carts and warehouses. Tweaked stables’ container sizes and animals food consumption ratio. Stable tick increased to 3 hours
  • "Sow Flax" ability now requires 30 skill level
  • You can erect a monument on paved tiles now
  • You can now eat preparations while mounted
  • “Slow” effect can now be removed by an “Arghh!” ability
  • Optimized server to database communication
  • Slightly optimized netcode
  • You can no longer add fuel to the damaged devices
  • Claims radius shown in tiles now (1 tile side = 2 meters)
  • Added a new Bitbox logo intro
  • Armor textures slightly tweaked and renewed
  • Trebuchet now has lower projectile starting velocity. Inadequate siege projectile behavior also fixed.
  • Grossmesser damage reduced
  • Siege tent decay speed has been reduced
  • New, improved Inspect ability
  • Ability to prospect silver ore is now available from 0 skill lvl. Prospect for gold available from 60 skill lvl.
  • Guild claims rendering distance is lowered
  • Guild and private land maintenance price decreased
  • Tweaked trees growing algorithm. Trees that are planted by players will grow faster now.
  • Added new visuals for Newbie island weather
  • Added a lot of models, textures and other visuals for the newbie island
  • Few building recipes levels and ingredients reworked

Bug fixes:

  • Multiple MMO infrastructure and services fixes. We expect an increased overall stability of things.
  • Fixed improper inventory weight calculation after crossing the border between nodes
  • Optimized collision models of some objects. This should boost servers performance slightly.
  • Fixed an exploit bug making some players invulnerable
— The team

A few fixes have arrived ( (MMO))

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Hey everyone,

We have located and executed a few nasty bugs. These bugs were mainly server side and guild/claim related.

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks:

  • Even the smallest personal claims (25 tiles or less) require sacrifices now - without proper gifts, the Gods will remove your claim on the second sunrise

Bug fixes:

  • Guild leader and minor leader’s rights has been fixed. Both can invite, kick, change roles and rights of any player in the guild. Only the guild leader can delete the guild, change heraldry and the relations with other guilds; minor leader can not revoke the rights of a guild leader or kick him/her
  • A couple of server related crashes have been fixed
  • Reworked neighboring claim interactions

- The team

In before Judgment Hour Weekend ( (MMO))

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Hey everyone,

We’re providing some small tweaks before the weekend that are mostly dedicated to the JH mechanics in the MMO. We want to remind you that JH in the MMO is simply a placeholder mechanic, until we implement proper battles and siege systems!

Prepare yourselves! JH will be active this weekend according to the following schedule:
  1. Saturday — 18:00 UTC (14:00 EDT, 11:00 PDT, 20:00 CEST, 21:00 MSK
  2. Sunday — 18:00 UTC (14:00 EDT, 11:00 PDT, 20:00 CEST, 21:00 MSK)

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks:

  • Implemented a dark Revoking ritual. It works only during JH and allows for attackers to remove a personal claimed area protection from the claims that are placed on top of a defending guild’s claim. The ritual takes some time to cast, is noisy and can be noticed by smoke coming out of the caster
  • All siege equipment, including trebuchets will be vulnerable to damage regardless of where they’re deployed and they will receive damage whether JH is active or not
  • Rope price reduced

Bug fixes:

  • Provided some more cross server border stabilization fixes
  • Fixed unlimited stun bug, when you get stunned while riding a horse
  • Please keep in mind that minor leaders can invite, kick, and promote others, but they currently cannot alter guild claim rules. We’re working on it so sit tight!
- The team

Major server lag defeated! ( (MMO))

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Hey everyone,

The main reason we are releasing this current patch is that we’ve managed to defeat the persistent bug that has caused random server lag on many servers. We’ve managed to patch some servers on the fly, but a proper full patch and server restart is needed. During the process of locating this bug and the effort to minimize the impact, we’ve implemented numerous server side optimizations that we are also including today.

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks:

  • Guild leader can now see the position of all his fellow guildmates on the global map Available in the guild management screen under “Map” link (updates every 30 secs) [link]
  • Guild leader CAN now actually remove personal claims from his guild’s claim
  • You can no longer damage your own guild’s buildings, when JH is not active
  • Primitive rope is not considered an expensive item anymore for monument sacrifices

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an unlimited number of personal claims. One character can have only one personal claim now.
  • Minor guild leaders can kick and promote/demote guild members properly now
  • Optimized physics calculations for idle standing horses
  • Optimized physics calculations in all cases
  • Fixed multiple issues with crossing server node borders
  • Fixed heraldry management button not being visible

P.S Be prepared! JH will be active this weekend according to the following schedule:
Saturday — 18:00 UTC (14:00 EDT, 11:00 PDT, 20:00 CEST, 21:00 MSK)
Sunday — 18:00 UTC (14:00 EDT, 11:00 PDT, 20:00 CEST, 21:00 MSK)

Judgment Hour events will be one hour in duration.

- The team

Some minor server lags patch

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Hey everyone,

We’ve just applied a patch, which will hopefully significantly reduce the amount of server lag that randomly occurs with horses and players in places that are densely occupied by movable objects. You might see that in some cases physical (collision) precision of some objects have degraded, but we do not expect that it will affect your gameplay.

We are still working on finding the exact issues that are causing these problems and hope this offers a better level of playability until a more permanent solution can be found.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! 

The THIRD run of Closed Beta Tests (Wave#1) has started!

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Hey everyone,

We are excited to announce another step that brings us closer to fully completing the game has just been taken - the third test run of the Closed Beta Test has just started!

Most of our efforts were aimed towards bug fixing and the overall game stabilization process, but you will also see one of our important pieces of functionality on the Newbie islands when you create a character in game. You will be able to talk to some of the NPCs on the island, who will let you travel to the mainland, Abella.

This is important technology for us to test, since these newbie islands are a whole new set of game servers united in a separate game world, with the ability for players to have their characters transferred between these worlds.

Similar to past phases, we are expecting this test run to last for around two weeks before we stop to take on feedback and apply any necessary changes! If server stability is good, we will plan to initiate Judgment Hour events during weekends. Start getting prepared for some action!

Regarding future plans - so far we plan to have the Fourth Beta Test run at the end of May to the beginning of June. After that, we will spend time polishing and smoothing out any bumps. You will see the Open Beta Tests (Wave#2) start afterwards!

We are unable to provide an ETA at this time, but we are hoping it will be this summer!

Check out the condensed patchnotes, featuring the most important changes and fixes below:

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks:

  • Personal land claims have been reworked and improved. It should be more clear to the player how to resize it and what is needed for its proper support. Personal land claims protect all unmovable objects that are fully stationed on the claim (it does not have a SINGLE cell blocked outside of the personal claim area). There are only two ways that your personal claim can be removed/deactivated by someone else other than you:
  1. A guild leader of a guild claim, which your personal claim is located on, can remove your personal claim
  2. During JH, a guild that is officially in a state of war with a guild your claim is located on can perform a particularly noisy and lengthy dark ritual, which will deactivate your claim and make all assets vulnerable. Make sure to protect your personal claims during JH raid hours!
  • Guild management and general guild functionality has been optimized. These changes are mostly internal, but you may notice a minor improvement from a performance standpoint
  • Implemented the new world (Newbie islands archipelago) and cross worlds player’s character transition technology. Newbie islands are free from PvP and asset destruction, but are wiped to the original state on a weekly basis using a short JH duration, where you can go berzerk before the next reset! Talk with any of 3 particular NPCs who are standing near the village on the western shore to get to the mainland - Abella
  • You can no longer flatten terrain cells that are close to blocked terrain cells with a different altitude (excluding sloped flattening situations)
  • Minor leaders can change guild members’ roles
  • Removed player counter per server node
  • No more cookies when you start! Hardcore to the MAX! :)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the terrain cell blocking algorithm. It might result in some of your slope walls, which were incorrectly placed before, being correctly positioned - but not necessarily as you might want them to be. Unfortunately, there is no other way to fix that, and there is no way to autofix these incorrect placings. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause
  • Fixed bugs with guild-to-guild standings. Guild system should work more adequately now
  • Fixed rare occasions of a mutex deadlock
  • Fixed multiple bugs while crossing server node borders while mounted. Horses should not disappear while crossing a server now
  • Numerous other server and client side stability fixes

As a heads up, we’d like to let you all know that horse-drawn carts are not here yet, but are closer than ever.

We may patch in the Global Trade System in during this test run. You will then be able to construct trading posts, which will be local trading hubs for your region to trade with other players and sell things to the Crown for gold.

Combat log out 30 second timer is almost ready too, and we also expect to patch this in during this test run.

IMPORTANT. Please, refrain from leaving unattended horses in the world for now. They are causing abnormal amounts of server lag - we plan to find a solution for that issue soon.

- The Team

Private claims and fixes ( (MMO))

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Hey everyone,

In this patch we’re presenting you with an almost fully working private claim functionality. Please, spend the couple of days that are left in the current closed beta to test this mechanic thoroughly.

About the beta test run duration itself, we plan to end it this week after few days of private claim tests. We will make an announcement 1 day before we will shutdown the servers.

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks:

  • Implemented personal claim functionality. These claims can be established both inside and outside of a guild claims and should be able to protect your property from any damage in a similar manner as guilds claims do.
  • Implemented a new object selection algorithm, that should increase your game performance slightly, especially in an area with a lot of objects and trees

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a server crash with the barter window
  • Fixed a deadlock that happened on some clients while connecting the server
  • Some other minor crash fixes and optimizations

- The Team

Quickfixes ( (MMO))

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Hey everyone,

We’ve released a quick patch that has addressed some servers instability issues. Today we continue to improve server stability along with some more fixes of the most important bugs.

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed terrain cells blocking status bug. You can no longer build unmovable structures inside other unmovable structures. It also fixes an issue with some buildings that cannot be removed by a guild leader.
  • You can now use shield bash while wielding a tower shield
  • Fixed Spearman 90 lvl ability. Spear thrusting attacks cannot be parried now.
  • Fixed some server-side crashes

- The Team

The SECOND run of Closed Beta Tests (Wave#1) has started!

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Hey everyone,

We are really excited to let you all know that today, on February 20th, the second Closed Beta Test of Life Is Feudal has started! Everyone who is eligible to participate in the beta tests must start their launchers and make sure to complete all the patching processes.

Check out the condensed patch notes containing the most important changes and fixes below:

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks:

  • 64 bit is now supported by both the MMO client and MMO server. According to our LiF:YO players feedback, it significantly increased stability in LiF:YO - we expect the same to happen in Life is Feudal:MMO!
  • Completely redesigned combat skills tree. Make sure to open your skill book and spend some time familiarizing yourself with it
  • Weapons and armor parameters are tweaked according to the new combat skills tree
  • All types of damage can damage a movable object now
  • Implemented ‘chopping’ type of damage for different axe-type weapons. This type of damage is more effective against small, movable objects and shields than slashing, blunt or piercing damage
  • Power Strike effect now ignores parrying
  • Players that are hostile towards your guild and logged out within your city claim radius will be dropped outside of the city claim radius once Judgement hour commences
  • Implemented parallax effect on terrain textures

Bug fixes:

  • Multiple guilds’ management, guilds’ monuments, standings management and guilds’ claims related fixes. We hope that the overall guild-related experience should become more stable and convenient
  • Multiple combat mechanics-related bugfixes

Also, private claims and newbie islands functionality will be enabled for testing later this week.

-The Team

Merry Feudalism! ( (MMO))

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Hey everyone,

With the release of the current patch we have tried to create a Christmas mood in the game. We've added holiday hats, boots and mittens in this patch! Put them on and wear them with pleasure. Let Santa know, that Life Is Feudal should be the next place for him to come visit!
To create your hats and other items, you must have linen as well as wool or silk cloth. The required materials depend on the type of item you desire. Sew it with the Weaver's Toolkit. For boots and mittens you need just one linen cloth for each item.

The main news for our beta testers is, that we plan to enable Judgment Hour on Sunday at 6 p.m. UTC (10 a.m. PST). Judgment hour will only be enabled for 1 hour and devoted only to testing its mechanics. We do not expect you to inflict major damage upon each other in just 1 hour, but Life IS Feudal :) During Judgment Hour guilds that are in a state of official war will be able to damage and destroy assets on each other claims, loot containers, well, as you did it many times in LiF:YO.

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks (previous patches included):

  • Added Christmas is feudal special set of craftable items - hats, boots and gloves
  • Judgment hour mechanics been adapted for the MMO
  • Updated stamina spending on Collect a bark, Search for Something Edible, Gather Plant Fiber, Fish, Saw out a …, Gather Wild Plants abilities
  • Following abilities have decreased skill raise speed now: Construct, Saw out a Billet, Saw out a Board, Bowcraft, Gather Wild Plants, Get a Sprout, Tame.
  • Grind ability has been buffed a little
  • You can now bind yourself to siege tents and keeps. Resurrecting there will significantly decrease your resurrection sickness. Recommended to do only for important warriors in an events involving sieges/raids.
  • Implemented a shiny new GM robe, old GM robe is called "Believer Robe" now.
  • Torch can now be easily made out of basic materials and does not require naphtha. It does not require Demolition skill and deals VERY low siege damage
  • Added new weapon item "Siege Torch". Made with Warfare Engineering from naphtha, required Demolition skill, has normal siege damage
  • Added a loosen snow substance to avoid steep hills being created with snow
  • Added sow, cow and hind wild animals to the game
  • Decreased wild animals chance to inflict wound/fracture/stun
  • Removed ability to block with a pike
  • Defensive fence: damage now dependent on actual durability instead of objects weight
  • Boar and moose attacks damaging sector/reach increased
  • Wild animals should be properly animated on steep terrain tiles
  • Entities: loot, dropped objects, tombstones, corpses are now excluded from "Inspect Object" ability
  • Shape ability is now back in Material preparation skill.
  • Mortar and pestle can now be crafted with a branch as other primitive tools
  • Players should have a proper invulnerability buff, after log in and recall to home. Effect disappears as soon as player starts movement.
  • Adding support of Czech and Korean languages.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed network behavior of our Dispatcher server. That should drastically decrease all connection related problem our players has suffered from. A full and proper fix will be deployed later next week.
  • Fixed some issues with Guild Monuments not upgrading
  • Players that have fallen under the terrain should be returned back to the surface automatically
  • Fixed rare crashes on tooltips
  • Fixed formations related bug that could result in a huge defense bonus making player almost invulnerable
  • Fixed permanently sliding/hanging horses
  • Optimized wild animals navmesh. That should improve performance during maintenance, but might increase new world creation time
  • Fixed emotes sounds
We hope you enjoy today's patch!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

P.S. Due to many requests we’ve decided to make first JH at Sunday.

- The team

Getting well and better

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Hey everyone,

This weekend was one of the hottest weekends in the history of our team. Servers were going up and down with a steady pace; this current patch is designed to slow that steady pace down, along with some other issues that you guys have unfortunately suffered! We must warn you that some of the issues are still in place, because they have proven to be not exactly easy and fast to fix - but we’re hoping to defeat most of them within the next few days!

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks:

  • Provided some Judgment Hour related fixes. (JH will not be active for now, until we completely fix it. Expect JH to start working closer to this Friday.)
  • Tweaked some combat skill multipliers to slow their progression a bit
  • Soft stamina (that represents your oxygen level while underwater) drains significantly slower now, while you’re underwater
  • Vassal States can not change their political states and can only remove ally to break away from  their suzerain
  • Buildings outside of claimed areas can now be damaged with siege weaponry
  • ‘Trespassers’ no longer works on your enemies (members of the guild you’re officially at war with)
  • Added proper mass players messaging to avoid the whole, ‘Now you are the leader of Beta Testers’ prefix :)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the 2nd main reason for server crashes. The main reason is still being worked on :(
  • Owner timer on movable objects (horses, furniture etc.) is fixed and has priority over the claim. While dismounting your horse on an enemy claim you will have a certain amount of time to remount your horse, while the timer ticks
  • Guilds in official ally and war standings will not suffer from alignment penalties while ‘interacting’ with each other
  • Implemented some server log-related optimization to improve server performance
  • Fixed the monument upgrade progress bar not being rendered in some situations
- The team

The first MMO f*ckup and the first fixes

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Hey everyone,

We are really sorry, but we must confess, that during our rush to start the first run of Closed Beta Tests we forgot to change a shuffled underground resources map. That means, that since the start till now it was impossible to find any resources higher that a quality level of 10 or any underground ore at all. In this patch we will fix that issue and will bring resources back to their proper locations.

Good news is, that we have supposedly fixed a connection issue, when the client hangs on initialization and some server side crashes. If you have modified our client we strongly suggest you to revert those modifications now. (Launcher -> Repair).

We also fixed a guild standings bug with Kingdoms -> Vassals standings. Guild leaders will need to reset those alliances once more.

The Guild monument city claim radius is doubled now (as it originally should be).

We expect that server downtime should not take longer than 1 hour, hopefully less.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

- The team

The first run of Closed Beta Tests (Wave#1) has started!

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Hey everyone,

We are really excited to let you all know that today, on December 14th, the First Closed Beta Test of Life Is Feudal has started! Everyone who is eligible to participate in the beta tests can visit the closed forums section and use a link listed there to download the launcher. This is the same link you should have received in our newsletter.

Patch notes (ver. (MMO)):

New features and tweaks:

  • Skill Progression is set to x2. Your skills and stats will progress two times faster than is originally intended for testing purposes.
  • Implemented Guilds and Politics systems. You need at least 10 members to join your guild and build a monument in order to be able to participate in global politics. Once you have a monument set, you can change your guilds’ standings and adjust them versus other guilds. If you set to Ally standing for another guild and they accept it, it will make your guilds a Kingdom, and the guild that accepted the Ally request will become your Vassal State, losing the ability for that guild to set its own political standings. The Guild leader can setup access rules for different entites. We expect to implement individual per object access rules later this month.
  • Guild leaders can access the guild management web page via their Authority skill ability (check your skillbook) while in game or on our site
  • mplemented minigames feature. More info about how these are supposed to work is here: We will provide you with links on mobile apps for minigames later this week or next, but they should work while in game or on our site.
  • Alignment penalty for a kill is doubled (-20 alignment per murder) But we remind you, that during official wars between guilds their members do not lose alignment for killing each other.
  • Added Primitive torch both as starting item and as basic recipe. You don’t need the Demolition skill to use it, but it is not effective as a siege weapon as a result. You can still use it to scare off wild animals that are hit by it.
  • Added Korean and Czech languages localization
P.S. Pro Tip: You may experience some lag in the central city while we’re still in early days so spreading out a bit is advised!

- The Team