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Combat Balance to replace Health Bar

I realize that the combat system is already well on its way and there is little chance of deviating from it but I want to leave this suggestion here nonetheless. One never knows...

Online combat has latency problems. I was wondering if this might be a workaround. I am no programmer so be kind in your comments as this is me spit balling something outrageous I know.

The idea is that a fight ends when you can string together two or three successful strikes opening a gap in your opponent's defence when he off balance, allowing you to end the fight, as opposed to steadily reducing his Health Bar. In addition I was hoping it might give players with bad latency a chance to not lose advantage due to connection.

- Combat is won whenever you land a weapon strike on an opponent that is not blocked AND pierces armour, let us call this a critical strike.
- When standing neutral a character has a 'balance' or 'footing' value of 100%.
- While a character is 'in balance' he will automatically block any attack from his front. (yes, you heard me... please no death threats ;) )
> The purpose here is that if you have bad latency and did in fact block your loss of balance is refunded when the network catches up.
If you didn't manually block at all your opponent gets an advantage in the fight via your loss of balance.
- Loss of balance occurs when;
> you swing and miss
> when you suffer an unblocked strike (side, rear or when off balance)
> running, jumping or stepping back/sideways
> but most importantly when your character auto blocks for you
- When balance drops below 25% you are considered 'off balance' and cannot block or swing but can move.
- When standing still balance is regained over x seconds. This needs to be longer than most latency delays. Possible? *shrug*
- Loss of balance is influenced by agility, skill and power of opponents strike.
- A successful block always prevents of 100% damage.
- Stamina (short term)/fatigue (long term) can play a vital role but I won't bother going into this now.

- The power of a strike is determined by the character's balance and weapon weight.
- This in turn affects how much balance your opponent loses.
- Power bonus if you are moving in the direction of the attack due to momentum.

- So now you finally landed a strike on your opponent. The power of the strike must be enough to break through the armour rating.
- If power > armour = critical strike = you are severely wounded or dead.
- If not you lose more balance, suffer minor wounds (impacting speed, stamina etc).

- In balance (from perfect to low): the lower the balance the less power output.
- Off balance: cannot block/swing, you are either killed outright at this stage or knocked to the ground.
- Sprawled on the ground, defenceless but your friends can come to your aid before you get ganked.
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    Saturday, April 11 2015, 12:32 AM - #Permalink
    the only thing I would like about the combatsystem would be a way to block or parry hits and not being onhitted every time someone gets in range with a twohanded hammer.

    While your idea sounds interesting to me it also sounds like the combat will become boring and a fight of stats not the actual skill of the player, what the lags do by now but thats something I dont mind in alphastatus. It just sounds like I fight somehow roundbased and thats nothing I would like^^
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    Saturday, April 11 2015, 07:21 AM - #Permalink
    I will have to think on my reply because I don't believe this idea would make it stats based any more than it is now, just in a different way.

    Can you explain on what you mean by "roundbased"?

    As for latency issues, the will be an issue in the MMO as well. It will be impossible to fix it because the issue is world infrastructure not really the game.
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    Saturday, April 11 2015, 07:43 AM - #Permalink

    - You cannot auto block while you are already swinging or blocking.

    - Auto block is a significant balance loss penalty. It would not be viable to try and use it deliberately. It is just meant to give that 1-2 seconds for a network to catch up and even out the advantage/disadvantage of the fight.

    - You as the player will still be moving around trying to dodge your opponents attacks. Skill will still rely on timing and anticipation. There is no intention here to make combat less player influenced. The only reason I mention agility/character skill is so that you have reason to spec a particular character in that way. That is already in the game so does not make the game more stats based that it already is.

    Ultimately the only way to truly know if the actual combat would be fun is to play test it. I believe the fundamentals are sound unless someone has some technical knowledge that says a 'balance refund' wouldn't work to counter latency problems.
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  • Accepted Answer

    Sunday, April 12 2015, 12:47 PM - #Permalink
    So I just misunderstood your idea.
    The problem I see is that by now the fight isnt very skillbased at all. Since you die to fast by the lack of ways to avoid damage (shields are useless and to parry with your weapon is nearly imposible) The moment you can block and parry incoming attacks your idea might be a very good one
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  • Accepted Answer

    Sunday, April 12 2015, 01:03 PM - #Permalink
    Yes blocking 100% of damage would be essential
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    Wednesday, December 11 2019, 07:56 AM - #Permalink
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    Sunday, April 28 2024, 08:43 AM - #Permalink
    Thats a great one and I like it.
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    Sunday, April 28 2024, 08:51 AM - #Permalink
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